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  1. Who needs grooves way out there anyway?
  2. Loft should be 57.5° Eye 2+ was 53°
  3. Yes they were available I have the whole set
  4. Supposed to be very similar to the Project X flighted model
  5. I just gave the screws away to a buddy. I had two of them. Maybe somebody will have one laying around as the magnetic strap is so prevalent now
  6. Gpsquickclip is what you’re looking for, one word, on Amazon
  7. Core size could be the difference you can roll the end back and look both should be 58 or 60
  8. Project x will, essentially, have the same profile as the Modus 105. Get on a Mizuno shaft optimizer if you can, that will get you 90% of essential info you need to get the right shaft for you
  9. The Iomic midsize is similar to others standard size i can take some specific measurements if you let me know what you want
  10. I would look at dispersion with any offending clubs and then try shafts to tighten that up with a shaft shootout.
  11. The stiff handle shafts I know about have higher launch like the KBS Tour V and Modus 130
  12. Hazards and pin placement would dictate laying to a number, otherwise I would get as close as I could.
  13. The X7 8 iron shaft should play a hair softer due to head weight increase and being butt trimmed more, meaning the stiffest part of shaft(butt) being removed and the longer tip(softest part being increased).
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