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  1. Get some craftsman metal picks with the black cushioned handles. $9 well spent and leave the screwdriver to drive screws
  2. Ordered a MySim2 with Ventus 60 x black Just got this; Valued Member of Team TaylorMade, Thank you for pre-ordering Custom Sim2 product. Due to unexpected inventory delays, we are unable to deliver this product within the previously announced timeline. The new ship date is Feb 26th, and we sincerely apologize for this delay
  3. I think today’s round was the same way he used to play. Poor driver and got considerably better the closer he got to the green and other worldly putting.
  4. I haven’t seen one that says “pro” on it. The K in CK will be colored and boron tip and tx flex only in pro thats what I found when investigating
  5. Anybody else have login issues on the Taylormade site? I haven’t been able to login to check status of orders or past orders. I’ve reset password a few times trying to get in, but it says info provided not correct, I didn’t know if it’s down and not a priority. i can check order status but can’t login to see “my account”
  6. I have a bag of old white t-shirts that I keep handy for this task exclusively. I cut them in strips and use plenty of acetone and pressure if trying to turn down. I’ll actually lightly apply with a finger to get a good shine.
  7. Inject naphtha, slide right off
  8. Don't wanna sh*t on your ad, but per the BST rules, "in hand clear photos"... is necessary Good luck, that putter probably one of the top two putters I'd like to own soon
  9. If you’re going to pull graphite spend the $250 and get the spring loaded one. Destroy one shaft and it’ll cost you what the puller cost to replace a premium shaft
  10. My normal group relies on one guy to name the game and keep track of the bets. The problem is when he’s not there, it’s not as smooth and nobody wants/can keep track. What apps are useful for keeping track of say, wolf, skins, junk(dots), points?
  11. When my word is not good enough... *edit- more than one asked for it after I replied yes. No worries @Army_golfer not directed at you. I didn't price like it was anything special and wasn't trying to add tour cred to it, so it was a non issue to me whether it had it or not. That was not the selling point in my eyes, just a very fairly priced head.
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