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  1. He’s played left hand low before, that’s reverse overlap though
  2. Could you get a machine shop to saw cut the grooves like Vokey? The process is in one of their promo ads that I’ve seen recently
  3. Roll them together on a flat surface and you should see the wobble and get an idea of the difference
  4. If you want to use the bounce and hit high soft pitches, square face and shaft neutral at impact, meaning ball slightly forward, in-line with left armpit. At that point you can adjust with micro moves of ball placement and face angle to get desired flight/outcome
  5. “I’ve given up hope on golf….on to bowling”
  6. Carbon face = no metal fatigue I hope its a deeper face than the SIM models, I still like the '16 M2 and M5 face depth
  7. Well if it’s any consolation, looks like you were playing “lead” bass with that pick in your hand! Drop the pick and slap the funk out of it, chicks dig it!
  8. I saw them at Thanksgiving Point in Utah in the early 90’s
  9. They don't show up in that condition unless they had work done to them. Normally that topline is almost down to the insert after having dings removed, that's the first thing I look at when searching. You see far more Newport 2's available than the Newport. You could always sell the head cover for a few hundred
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