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  1. Not sure, the guy I bought it from said it was in A headcover in his garage
  2. Thank you, that is more of what I was looking for and definitely cheaper after spending $700 on it anyways. Will play it as is and go from there
  3. Is it just stripped? And where would I need to send it?
  4. It putts fine, my OCD is the only reason I ask if there’s an easy fix. I bought it used and knew there was some rust/patina there but when I got it I polished it up which made the spots more evident
  5. Any advice on how to go about fixing this?
  6. So I bought a T22 on eBay for a good deal, as I was looking for a soft insert and loved the look. to my dismay, it is firmer than my ping redwood and Scotty special. I did buy it with a super stroke grip so I’m hoping when I put the studio grip on it that it will make a difference but kind of thinking it was a mistake at this point...
  7. Based on the YouTube it looks legit, that makes me feel better! Thanks
  8. I was a little skeptical because of the patina and the darker finish on the TeI3 face, thoughts?
  9. Looking for some insight on an original TeI3 vs restored vs T22? I like soft putters and want the softest I can get. I know the original was carbon and the T22 is stainless but the insert should be the same ?!
  10. I figured I would share. I played a full set of HMB, but could never get comfortable with them like I did the day of the fitting (part of this is likely due to the shaft, dg120, x100). update today, I bought a combo set 4,5 MMC, 6-P Mb was amazed with the results. All shots feel more solid, MMC was just as easy to hit as HMB but felt a tad better. 8-P went half a club further with better trajectory. Now granted, the combo set has X100 tour issue so back to the 130 gr weight I prefer. Shocked at this because during the fitting i didn’t even dream of touching the blades... there ya go!
  11. I guess the main thing is do you feel like the PW is different than the rest of the set? I know the P and 9 are different construction but can’t help but have different feels when making contact
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