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  1. How do you like the tense I pro white? I loved the orange in my 3 wood a while back but the 2 iron I’m looking at has the pro white. I’m a high spin high launch player.
  2. I mainly hit it from the fairway as my 225-230 club but do use it from the tee maybe 2 times a round. I found a 2 iron with tenses white on eBay and was thinking about grabbing it.
  3. I have a mizuno no 20 hmb 2 iron that has steel shaft matching my set, what gains or benefits, if any, have you seen by going to graphite?
  4. I currently have the epic flash SZ and hit it well but curious about Mavrik as I was recently fit into the Max driver. Mainly what distances y’all are seeing between the three different 3 woods?
  5. I fight over the top swing and usually miss on the toe. That’s my swing flaw which is why the heel weight hasn’t done too much for my slice or pulls. would the weight back on the SZ be similar to the max?
  6. I was fitted into the Mavrik Max with weight in the heel. With that said we never tried the weight in the back. With that said I had a bad round recently and subsequently moved the weight to the back because in theory it makes the driver more stable, but I was worried about it spinning too much since I’m a high spin player. to my surprise it appears (on the range) to be substantially longer and very much straighter, but curious to see what others have found?
  7. I just went through an exhausting trial and landing on ping g410 LST with Tensei orange. Hot off the face, easy to hit (I mainly hit it mainly off the deck).
  8. So to update, I bought the lst 3 wood with Tensei orange (same shaft I have in driver) This thing feels like a rocket ship, the sound is more “pingy” for sure but the smaller head is very pleasing to my eye. Hard to say about distance though because I played in 30 mph+ winds today. Shallow face like I line but almost too easy to get under the ball, the ground was wet so things were fat a couple times. Looking forward to what it does as I believe it will fly close to my driver from the deck. the 3 reasons I pulled the trigger.... love the look, smaller faceI wanted something that could “potent
  9. Anyone with feedback on lifting 2 hybrid down to replace 3 wood?
  10. That was always my understanding but I like the small head of my hybrid and was curious if I would do better with the LST. Not worth it in my mind to change from G400 to G410’s regular. I guess a side note is I have no problem elevating fairways, my problem is usually directional.
  11. Do you think it’s easier from the deck than G400?
  12. I like the look of smaller heads but not the best fairway wood player, would the lst be a mistake from g400? Obviously I plan to hit them
  13. I have putted with reverse overlap for years but have recently stumbled upon overlap which feels/seems more stable.
  14. I have tried comparing these on 2 different range sessions. I have used interlock since I started playing golf, and decided to try overlap. I am very very right handed, find a slice but typically play a fade from the tee. My mess is usually over the top, but I also get very Hanzi with chips and putts. What I have found is that I’m going over lap, my hands are able to release more and I am hitting baby draws and straight shot from the tee. I even have better putting stroke by changing to this as it takes more of my right hand out of the stroke I feel and help reduce grip pressure. With irons
  15. Anyone compared 2 iron vs 3 iron?
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