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  1. Looking for opinions. I bought a stock studio 28 with some store credit and it he been phenomenal. It has the soft Winn grip on it, any comparisons to the bettinardi Lamkin deep etched armlock grip? I typically play a thin rubber grip (I.e. pingman pp58)
  2. Well, launch monitor days today… sim2 9 1900 spin 13.5 launch 290 yds carry sim2 max 9 2400 spin 17 launch 275 carry so max is a no go regardless of loft. The max was more accurate but not by much once I got warmed up. glad I got to hit it first, didn’t think that would be possible, thanks for the responses
  3. I guess he said he also has a 9* Sim2 max head, just curious as we did not even hit the max during fitting because I have too much spin, but read some on here about the max playing better than the regular
  4. I have Sim2 @9 degrees, x flex tensei white and hit it well. I hit down 2-3, have always been a high spin player, swing speed 112. I have a chance for a good deal on a Sim2 max @10.5. I have been working on a positive attack angle but also read a lot about lifting up, curious if this is a good idea or just sit tight with my current setup
  5. Sim max hybrid, 3/19 degree, x flex 100 gr Thump shaft with z cord regular grip. $180 obo
  6. 35” T22 newport. I added the studio grip. It has some light patina to the toe that was there when I bought it, does not affect play. $850 obo
  7. Not sure, the guy I bought it from said it was in A headcover in his garage
  8. Thank you, that is more of what I was looking for and definitely cheaper after spending $700 on it anyways. Will play it as is and go from there
  9. Is it just stripped? And where would I need to send it?
  10. It putts fine, my OCD is the only reason I ask if there’s an easy fix. I bought it used and knew there was some rust/patina there but when I got it I polished it up which made the spots more evident
  11. Any advice on how to go about fixing this?
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