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  1. I’m older and maybe somewhat cheap but Swag head covers that cost more then a nice putter.
  2. I have the mirror that works great but without a mirror tile lines work too.
  3. I have the original Phantom and it does what I need from it. It’s accurate for front middle and back. I still have a laser for shooting pins, or water, or any other hazards but for the most part I’m good with just the Phantom. Battery is good for a couple rounds the only thing is if you stick it to a cart make sure you remember on 18 to put it away. Don’t ask I had to make a couple trips back for it. Lol
  4. It’s definitely not over draw bias, most of my shots are straight, and I gained a solid 10 yds on my 2016 M2 I traded in for the b21.
  5. I’ve had mine almost a year and love it, I don’t think I ever worry about missing right with it. Makes the game a lot easier
  6. If I was him I would have waited on my hole till you hit and are gone before I go to my ball on the wrong hole.
  7. I have something similar that I bought from Golf Galaxy it’s really handy when greens are wet and you bring a couple clubs to keep grips dry.
  8. Congrats to all with one, im still waiting for my ball to be built.
  9. I wonder what 10 year old peanut butter tastes like.
  10. All that plus mine has a gate to help with the stroke, mine is made by Eyeline. Dicks sell them as well as all the golf stores.
  11. I have a putting mirror I use off and on that seems to help
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