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  1. Like others said no painted tees if you don't want the marks
  2. I use them to and from course or when I fly with my clubs. I have a pickup truck where they’ll slide around when driving and we all know baggage handlers.
  3. I would let the kid decide if he wants to play or not.
  4. If that commercial makes you want to buy one I have some land to sell you.
  5. Its too late for me to go back, I have the new Calloway B21 driver and went with B21 irons with graphite senior shafts. Im sure ill be set for a few seasons going forward.
  6. I bought a putting mirror and 1st thing I noticed I set up shoulders open to line. I worked on setting up straight to line till it felt natural and started putting on line better. Being in lockdown maybe if you have a mirror you could lay it down so when you set up you could see your shoulders.
  7. When it’s really dog days I like my Aussie Chiller or Tilley hat for protection
  8. My son and I played WhiteTail Ridge in Yorkville for the 1st time this past year. I thought for the price and conditions it was really enjoyable.
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