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  1. Solid choice. I have a couple aging in my basement. I also just busted this guy out for my birthday after four years of age.
  2. Yep, this is the way to go! As far as my favs (no particular order): Liga Privada #9 CAO carb 660 My Father la flora de antillas Brickhouse Connecticut Padron 1926 or 64
  3. She's beautiful. I especially like the "x" alignment aid
  4. Finally arrived. Should be able to roll it on the practice green today Specs: No. 1 Carbon steel flowneck with 1/2 shaft offset; vintage milling, oil can finish; 350g
  5. This arrived today...Brandon Matthew #1 carbon steel with vintage milling and oil can finish. Weighing in at 350g
  6. I spoke to technical support on Saturday and was told not to leave it plugged in for long periods of time once it's fully charged. I was also told extension cords are fine, as are power strips as long as you use a surge protector. The processed my return for service and I shipped it out Tuesday. It's supposed to be getting an update and will hopefully function better going forward.
  7. I can't like this enough ??? *two of my fav players btw...they just always let me down on Sunday
  8. The liquor license argument is BS, unless you are captain obvious rolling in openly with a case of beer. The key here is to have some class, respect, or at least some tact. Buy something from the beverage cart attendant at least once in awhile, and tip well. I have a buddy who makes roughly $200k a year and his wife is a lawyer, so she can't be doing too bad either; and the dude constantly smuggles and won't buy anything from the bev cart, even though it's obvious he's drinking. That gets on my nerves. A sure way to get busted and ruin it for everyone is to piss off the person it affects most.
  9. I just placed an order for a lefty #1 with a flowneck. I'll post progress pics as they arrive.
  10. At one point I think I had three. After I stopped using that style I gradually sold them off. I'm getting a Brandon Matthew #1, which is a 009 style head.
  11. Haha, same here! I sold my last BB2 and decided to put the money to good use...
  12. Does anyone have any info on Crooked Tree that might help me play well there? Our annual trip is next week and we've added this as the warm-up round for the day we drive up. It's undecided if we'll play the tips or not, but I'm guessing we'll play one set up like we do the other Boyne tracks.
  13. 19th hole game is always strong...
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