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  1. Life is good! Golf game is iffy due to some back and hip issues, but what can I really do but ride out the rest of the season the best I can. Currently planning an Orlando trip for late January...
  2. I switched from a 24° hybrid to a hollow 5 iron with a graphite shaft (Cobra forged tec 2020) and it made a world of difference. Hybrid was ballooning up into the wind, while the iron has a controlled flight and is just as forgiving. I absolutely love that thing, just wish I had more opportunities to hit it! *currently playing to a 4.1 fwiw
  3. Still better than suffering through that brutal Lion's loss
  4. Trying to survive a rainy week with no golf...
  5. I don't mind the Berger pick, but I'm not feeling Scheffler. I'd honestly rather have Billy Ho.
  6. There's a mint 6-GW CB set on ebay with a starting bid of $429. How do I say no? FYI I'm currently playing Mizzy 919F's
  7. I was waiting for that lol. My buddy gave it to me after the round and it was actually pretty good.
  8. Damn I haven't been on here in awhile, but I'm loving how the thread is still going strong
  9. The Black Lake I know is a fantastic course, although nowhere near Cleveland
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