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  1. Heading out for our annual trip tomorrow. Here's a quick schedule: Thurs pm: Tribute @ Otsego Fri am: Legend @ Shanty Fri pm: Cedar River @ Shanty Sat am: Schuss Mt @ Shanty Sat pm: Hawk's Eye Included a pic of my final party favor selections...we'll probably have 15 bottles between the whiskey drinkers in the group
  2. Ludington and Manistee have a couple good courses each. As far as a home base, I guess it depends on how close you want to be. We rented a beach house in Onekama and it was only 15 min to AB. It wasn't a golf trip, but the short drive made it easy to sneak away for some evening rounds. The Heathlands is a decent nearby golf option as well. Frankfort is also a cute town not far away. Not sure what courses other than AB are close by though.
  3. Get the smoked old fashioned at AB after your round. It's $22 but the presentation makes it well worth it and pairs incredibly well with almost any cigar 20210616_165606.mp4
  4. The term "affiliate" is what they use in place of "member". You have to purchase an annual membership to become an affiliate, so they are the same thing. Full time students and faculty can play Katke at a reduced rate. Sharf is just flat-out private. Alumni get no rights or discounts.
  5. @metrodetroitgolfers to the rescue!
  6. Absolutely. I would totally be there if it wasn't a holiday weekend. We, and everyone else we know will be heading "up north".
  7. It's the first day without significant rain here in over a week. People are probably out playing lol.
  8. You were probably a huge Sergio fan back in the day
  9. Doctors don't recommend getting the shot immediately after recovering. My wife was told wait 90 days since you have fresh antibodies.
  10. Arcadia Bluffs, Forest Dunes and Bay Harbor are your big three of public golf in the state. I'm also partial to Black Lake and Cedar River.
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