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  1. I threw a Ventus blue 60s into mine today and took it out for a quick range session. Holy balls batman did it come alive! Definitely longer and straighter than the Rogue Silver 70s, at least in this small sample size test. Playing 18 tomorrow with my dad, so hopefully I'll learn alot more but as for now I'm feeling really good about the additional investment ($200 for a used one on ebay).
  2. Hopefully good because we're playing it as our "drive up" course before our Shanty Creek trip in late July. I haven't played it in over 10 years...
  3. They def need to have a couple bottles of whiskey laying around some of the tee boxes to really complete the theme
  4. I hear everyone saying the standard Sim2 is very similar to the original Sim Max. Did you hit the standard or just order the max blind?
  5. How's the Reserva? I was considering buying a 10 pack. *nevermind, just checked and they're out of stock. The 10 year anniversary is available though...
  6. +1 I would never consider going back. With today's stronger lofted set PW's I think it makes even more sense now then back when I made the switch.
  7. Beautiful! Not sure I could handle that shaft tho
  8. I'm playing Arcadia south for the first time this summer. We are renting a house with three other families that is on lake Michigan and only 15 minutes away from AB. We're doing 6:30 super twilight Tuesday at Bluffs course and same time Thursday at the South course. $60 seemed like a good deal and if we can get 15 holes in I'll be happy. This is mid to late June so we'll have max daylight.
  9. The same thing happened to me, but I gave it six months (my own decision; I think I was only suspended for two weeks) then decided to come back...mostly because I wanted to brag about my hole-in-one
  10. Yeah I just wanted a stock head shape (I forget which one now; whatever the 009 look alike is) with a flowneck. No fancy materials, customization, anything...I passed and got a Brandon Matthew for $600 instead.
  11. +1...can't stand to even look at this head shape, let alone putt with it. I'm am very pleased however whenever any golf company adds more lefty options!
  12. That's alot of rounds this early! I've been playing, just in Florida (been three times in 2021...plus one AZ trip ).
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