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  1. My irons are actually standard right now. So there will be a 2 degree lie change. Based of online charts I always thought they should be 1 degree flat but when I got them checked it turns out they need to be 2 degree flat.
  2. So my irons are actually standard right now and my miss is a big pull draw. Based of the online lie charts using wrist to the floor and height, I thought my irons should be 1 degree flat. However when I got them checked I actually need my irons 2 degrees flat.
  3. Lie board and trackman
  4. So I finally decided to get my lie angles changed today. I had always thought they should be 1 degree flat, however after today I learned that they should be 2 degree flat. How much of difference do you guys think I will notice with the correct lie angles?
  5. Explain please The horizontal videos are the first swings The horizontal videos are the first swings
  6. The horizontal videos are the first swings. The head movement most go. Actually I hit a baby draw with my irons, and with my driver I sometimes draw the ball, but actually its mostly straight. Still working on leading with my right elbow.
  7. Still a lot of work to be done! But I think I have come a far way.
  8. Current USGA handicap 9.4 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific) SLDR 4-PW KBS V-90 C-Tapers. 52 Vokey Wedge thats old, rusty and dented, 56 cobra oversize wedge from 1999 Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? No State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf I began playing golf 3 summers ago and I feel in love. I made the high school varsity team and am a self taught golfer. My new irons I bought was my biggest golf purchase yet, I saved up some caddy money to get them on eBay, I love them and would be heaven at Taylor Made golf kingdom getting fit for irons.
  9. they most likely are long and upright. Being 5'6 and with a wrist to floor measurement of 31 they probably do need to be altered. Can a club fitter change the clubs I have now or would I have to get a new set?
  10. I think that picture shows what you do and what Monte is talking about in his "cure" drill to fix it. I totally see what your saying. I looked up impact of Tiger Woods, Bernhard Langer and several others and all of them have there left arm away from body.
  11. High draw around tress into the green
  12. So Monte I watched your Hip Turn and Knee Flex-Golf Swing and leading with elbow video and I think I have made some progress. Change does not happen overnight but I do think I made some strides. What are your thoughts?
  13. Currently I have 11 handicap but I am struggling with my iron play right now. I am hitting my driver pretty well actually. Please let me know your thoughts I appreciate your feedback.
  14. The most important parameter in a shaft after play length is shaft WEIGHT, so thats the question really, do you fit to play this shaft weight? is weight more important then flex?
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