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  1. Good point - These are for me to use and I expect them to last 5-6 years and don’t expect to ever need to take the putty out so I’m not to worried. I believe getting the putty out would be pretty easy if needed with a small drill. The issue wasn’t tip weights so much as the lack of availability of bullet weights to fit the TM weight port. The anal part of me doesn’t like the idea of leaving the port empty and using a larger tip weight in the shaft, even though the logical part of my brain tells me I wouldn’t know the difference.. Even with the putty and no tip weights these are a
  2. I went with tungsten putty. 3.5 grams tamped down into the TM weight port works perfectly. I broke it up into 3-4 small ~1g balls and dropped them in, used an old shaft with a brass tip weight epoxied in to tamp it down. Fits perfectly and gets the heads where I want them without needing big tip weights john
  3. Well that’s an issue! My understanding was that this problem was supposed to be solved with the elimination of face slots. I’m literally halfway through a build of 790s that are going to replace my RSI2’s with caved faces. I don’t swing as fast as you do, but I’m worried now...
  4. I’m focused on 1967 and later MacGregor Forgings because that’s what I grew up playing
  5. All, I grew up in the 80's playing Muirfields as a teenager and loved them. In the 90's I gravitated towards playing different irons but always loved MacGregor forgings. Over time I started poking around online with the idea of finding and playing the Muirfields again for fun. That led me to start collecting vintage (post 67) MacGregor forgings and I now own about 25 sets, including 67 and 68 VIPs, muirfields, VIP remakes, customs and custom limited and 20ths. Most are in good condition and at least half are brand new and many of those are simply stunning. Some of the ra
  6. Got it - thanks and that makes sense - the P790’s I have definitely have the shorter bore as there is less than 1/2” of space from the ridge to the bottom of the bore.
  7. I have never taken them out. I bought heads with no shafts and a T serial and none of them have the weight added yet. After exploring multiple options for aftermarket weights that would fit I’m leaning towards tungsten putty and brass tip weights if needed. I think you are right to be a little concerned about the impact of heat on the speed foam but don’t know for sure.... john
  8. So in looking at the images Jim shared above and then at my P790 heads tonight I believe the shorter weight is designed to fit all the way down in the port so it finishes below the shaft tip. The larger weight appears to me to be designed to finish up into the shaft, thus avoiding the need for a tip weight - or at least that’s what I’m seeing... john
  9. Thanks! This is exactly the info I was looking for - I would never have guessed that they could have been that large. Huge help for me! john
  10. Thanks! I was going to buy some on amazon but I wasn’t sure what dimensions (diameter, length) would fit in the bore below the shelf where the bottom of the shaft sits
  11. Can anyone tell me the approximate size of the TM bullet weights they use to achieve swing weight in some of their iron heads? Looking to understand what aftermarket bullet weights might fit in the bottom of the bore. (Yes I have brass tip weights and know how to use them but want to explore this option as well)
  12. I'm playing the D3 with the Titleist VooDoo - Swingspeed ~105 - I'm pleasantly surprised by the performance of this shaft - I got fitted on a launch monitor and launch angle and spin were almost perfect for my swingspeed. It may work better for a swinger vice a hitter, but it is a nice shaft. Here is a link to some info on the shaft on the titleist website. http://forum.fittingworks.com/2009/03/19/f...-voodoo-shafts/ John
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