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  1. 3 different sets black and white handmade knit pom pom head covers that I’ve had for several years. All sets are in great barely used condition, click the pics for larger images. One set is from Ju Ju (set #3), and the others I don’t recall who I had make them. Set 1 includes a driver, one wood sized, and three hybrids sized covers (5 total head covers). $65 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. SOLD---Set 2 includes a driver, two wood sized, and three hybrids (6 total head covers). $85 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. SOLD---Set 3 (made by Ju Ju) includes
  2. I believe it's right around 5:00, but to be honest it's been sitting in the corner for so long I can't remember. It's boxed up at the moment, if the interested party doesn't go through with the PayPal I'll unbox and check for sure. [u][b]SOLD[/b][/u]
  3. Sizemore SB-1 High Polish Finish with Plumbers Neck Very nice SB-1 35”, 350g head, with large blue Iomic grip installed as well an original. Head cover included and certificate of authenticity from the custom shop. Putter is in fantastic condition, please let me know if you have any questions. $100 shipped CONUS SOLD
  4. They just sold for $305+shipping. Hope this helps anyone trying to get a handle on actual sale prices.
  5. [quote name='Sonic' timestamp='1335875287' post='4822742'] If they were left-handed, I would have offer you $300. How much is the cost of refinish? $200? [/quote] I don't recall the cost, I'll have to dig through my records. I haven't been club hoing over the last couple of years, and have kind of lost track what the market is doing. I appreciate the "I wouldn't pay over $XXX" comments. What I'm trying to sort out is if that's the going rate or what someone personally would pay. It seems like a personal limit, which may or may not be the going rate, never the less I appreciate the f
  6. I took a look at the forum description, and it looks like it's ok to ask worth/value questions here. What kind of value would you put on a 3-PW set of Eye 2s with guyson finish with matching serial numbers, new dynamic gold lite shafts + 1/2" and new midsize grips? They have not been hit since refinish at Ping. I've not kept up on the prices, and just wanted to get some opinions. Collecting dust, so I'm thinking about ebaying them.
  7. [quote name='ashleybz2012' timestamp='1333469681' post='4639377'] [quote name='Aithos' timestamp='1333469217' post='4639299'] It depends on what "reasonable" time is. Was it three minutes later? 10? An hour? I think Someone should lean toward not putting negative feedback for something like this unless it is eggregious. People change their minds, it happens a lot and just because you're upset you didn't get a *great* deal doesn't mean you should hit someone with negative feedback. It isn't like goods exchanged hands and THEN he asked for it back. But I'd need more info to be sure, if
  8. Big Moss ORIGINAL 3' X 9' 1 CUP SOLD Orange Whip SOLD Leadbetter Swingsetter SOLD Putter Rack 18 Slot SOLD Ogio Straight Jacket Travel Cover $35 + actual shipping costs.
  9. [quote name='Onita' timestamp='1308148744' post='3309126'] [quote name='Pepperturbo' timestamp='1308147967' post='3309096'] [quote name='RJRJRJ' timestamp='1308091640' post='3307528'] [quote name='Pepperturbo' timestamp='1308066404' post='3306357'] as for having something boxed up and ready before the ad, not needed, as the item might not sell. [/quote] If youre item doesnt sell its because youve priced it too high. [/quote] Thanks.. If it doesn't sell at the price, that's OK by me; reason its not boxed up. Its obvious by reading, some people are retired, others are trying to make
  10. My 2 cents... I've had clubs that were ordered custom come like that (from Ping), I don't know if it's because the WRX department builds them and adds the S/N or what. As far as the lighter color, someone may have tried to clean it up. It looks like someone has polished it with Flitz or something.
  11. Obviously his swing is scary to watch, but I give him credit for being out there. The easy choice would be to just quit, but he won't. The results aren't good, but the mental toughness he shows is unbelievable. I hate seeing someone so passionate, struggle so much.
  12. [quote name='poorputter' timestamp='1303096719' post='3163376'] Hi have any of you had experience with opticsplanet.com?? I'm about to buy a bushnell pinseeker medalist rangefinder from them at a great price any feeback appreciated. TIA [/quote] I've used them on the gun side, with out any problems. I'd call to verify stock and make the purchase.
  13. AP2 710 3-PW with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts +3/4" and 1 degree up. Brand new 3-8, and PW (not hit). 9 iron was used to hit a few balls off a mat and looks new. Golf Pride Multi Compound white mid-size grips. Clubs look great, and have been sitting in my bag this winter. I purchased new from GolfSmith, and I believe I still have the build sheet from Titleist. Guaranteed real clubs with serial numbers on each head. SOLD----$725 shipped CONUS. I will ship to Canada, but we will need to talk about costs.
  14. [quote name='TitleistFreek' timestamp='1301201959' post='3092081'] I have thought of that! I think I just might do that, it just might raise questions at the ol CC, ya know. [/quote] I'm pretty sure I can hear them talking about you now...
  15. [quote name='dxdgenert' timestamp='1301281434' post='3094921'] Wife made me do it She likes to take ridiculous pictures of my Craig's List purchases so she can email them to coworkers and have a few laughs t me on Monday mornings. You should see my collection of guitars and road bicycles... Anyone have the foam wedges/blocks that some staff bags have in them to help keep shape and structure? [/quote] I've had a bag do that, turned out fine. This may sound odd, but wait for a warmish day. Stuff the pockets FULL with towels, and put it in the trunk of your car for an afternoon. A l
  16. Sizemore SB-1 Putter Player Series Length 34-1/2" with magnetic head cover, and large Iomic red grip (old style) Only used to putt in my basement, it was never taken to the course. No indications that it’s not brand new. SOLD Sizemore KB-1 Putter Signature Series 1st run 218 of 250 Length 35" with head cover, and large Iomic black grip (new style) Only used to putt in my basement, it was never taken to the course. In great condition, has a slight color variation on the copper face. If you hold it at the right angle you can see a slightly lighter area. SOLD
  17. [quote name='jblough99' timestamp='1283366676' post='2673869'] A few weeks ago i got an Iomic midsize putter grip to try out on ebay. Feels great but I have one concern. In looking around I have noticed that it seems like my grip is missing the little "dimple" at the top and bottom of the grip for alignment purposes. Has anyone else gotten a grip without the dimples. I have another coming from an authorized dealer and it has the dimples. Are there fakes popping up? I hope this may be something Iomic added at some point so maybe mine is just old stock. If not then the ebayer I bought th
  18. For me, I just have to get back to basics. I had my personal best 9 hole score my first round of this season. Life was good, and I felt confident heading on vacation with my clubs. Some nice resort golf after a long winter in Indianapolis was just the ticket. I get to Florida and go out to the range to warm up, I hit everything but a decent shot. Fat, thin, shank, toe.... you get the picture. If I had not paid for my round, I probably would have walked back to the car and not even played. After a few initial bad holes, I decided to back off and take nice easy 1/2 to 3/4 swings. Didn'
  19. [quote name='Tmiller72' timestamp='1282514286' post='2655258'] Is the X really too big to carry in your pocket? I keep hearing that. [/quote] I'd say go to a store and try one out. I don't think it's too big, but your opinion might be different. Decide if you need a physical keyboard, and go from there. I don't care for one, so it was a choice between the incredible and the x for me. I won't take shots at the incredible, but the x was an easy pick for me. I've had mine since launch day and I have no regrets. If it doesn't fit in your pocket, we'll need to have an intervention and g
  20. [quote name='LONGBALL02' timestamp='1282523375' post='2655527'] Ok guys someone out there has to know how I can get my hands on a USA stand bag....with a big flag on it or very large USA on one side! Help [/quote] You'd probably get a better response in the ye old cart and bag form, but I did a quick search for you and didn't come up with much. Here is a Sun Mountain, but it doesn't have a big flag [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280542714690&rvr_id=128659447961&crlp=1_263602_263622&UA=WXI7&GUID=00a89f1512a0a04bd3756285fffae45e&itemi
  21. [quote name='Tmiller72' timestamp='1282503516' post='2655014'] I'm due for an upgrade and I'm looking at these 3 Verizon phones. If anybody has knowledge or pro/cons of any of these, please let me know. [/quote] I had the original droid and just recently got the droid x. You'll need to decide if a physical keyboard is important to you, if it isn't the X is hard to beat. Check out this site for more info. [url="http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-x/"]http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-x/[/url]
  22. [quote name='RookieBlue7' timestamp='1282187643' post='2648379'] A member here contacted me about some extra shafts I was talking about I had lying around for a "friend". Said "friend" got him to negotiate a price and we agreed upon it. "Friend" was supposed to pay for the item (which someone else had also asked about in the meantime) last week, then this past weekend. Here it is Wednesday night and I still haven't been paid for them. The other person that contacted me about the shafts no longer wanted them, so now I have a set of shafts I could've sold and didn't because someone's "frien
  23. [quote name='agadawg1717' timestamp='1282156904' post='2647414'] From the way I read this the owner had it made into a buttonback by a sending it to a custom shop for the face insert, buttons and paint fill. Am I reading this right? [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200508051942&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT"]My link[/url] [/quote] Yes, he sent it to a custom shop... not the Cameron Custom Shop.
  24. [quote name='choppstixxx' timestamp='1281020540' post='2620123'] I would not give this guy a refund of any kind. [b]It is the buyers responsibility to ask as many questions as possible before bidding to ensure the product is up to their standards.[/b][u][/u] It clearly stated in your auction you accepted "No Returns" That is a red flag to the buyer that they get what they paid for, especially since they are used, gamed clubs I have been using eBay since its early days and always always always ask all types of questions if the pictures or description is not very good. I think out of over 400
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