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  1. Picked these up at Ross today. In my opinion, a far better glove than the ISO Chill gloves. These are quality gloves for $7.99! No shoes though........
  2. 8 HCP Played the original 770s since they were born with S300 stiff shafts Just got the new 770s with Project X 6.0s and gonna put them in to play today for the first round of my year. Had a couple of range sessions but it's been so windy here, the results have been inconsistent. Just got down into single digits in the last couple of years. Honestly believe the P770s were a big part of it. That and driving it a bit better with a lil more course management.
  3. The only golf shoes in the building. Couldn't believe it.......this store never has golf shoes.
  4. So after checking Ross and Burlingtons regularly on my way home from from work I decided that F it, I'm done. Was hoping to find a pair of Jordan 5's but knew it was a long shot. Just haven't been having any luck here in the Chicago area. Yesterday morning I go to Burlington to return a Travis Matthew polo that I bought the day before and was gonna grab a pair Crocs for my son..........and BOOM!
  5. No TWs at Marshalls but found these. For $25 each in my size, why not. Also found a pair of triple black Roshe's at a Ross!
  6. I have that exact headcover for sure.......problem is I just moved into a new house and honestly have no idea where it is right now. I no longer use it and it's in great shape. I will try to find it and get back to you as soon as I can. Joe
  7. > @MattH522 said: > > @"Chicago Joe" said: > > For the Chicagoland area guys, the Ross stores are flooded with golf shoes. > > > > > > > > > What size were those TWs? > The TWs were a 13 I believe
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