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  1. Do you know for sure that the builder actually measured the specs, or did he just give you the stock specs from the manufacturer? I just found out this evening that the AW I've had for almost 4 years and had the same problem with (adjusted for my slower swing speed ), was 2 degrees weak. Instead of 49 degrees, it was 51 degrees, which explains why I was only able to hit it about as far as my 52 degree wedge.
  2. TM sent them to Dick's. They were still sealed in the box. The AW was off eBay, but again, it looks exactly like the rest of the clubs/shafts, so I really don't have much reason to think it's a fake.
  3. In late 2016, Taylormade sent me a set of 2016 M2's as a replacement for a set of defective Adams New Idea's that I had purchased at Dick's. The set came went up to "PW", but at 43.5 degrees I needed something around 48 degrees to fill the gap between it and my 52 degree wedge, so I purchased an AW, 49 degrees, of the same model off eBay. Since the day I received it, I never felt like I got the distance from it I should, but being a 15 index and not wanting to blame my equipment, I chalked it up to my delivery. The range near me recently installed a TopTracer system, and I started to get a pretty good sense that yes, it was probably the club, based on the consistency of the rest of the clubs at the bottom end of the bag. I finally took the set in to get a loft/lie adjustment, and was not overly surprised to see that my suspicions were confirmed. However, I was shocked at how far off both it and the 9i were from spec. I seriously doubt the lofts could have moved that much from spec with my slow, sweeper swing (~85 mph driver). I would have to think the lie angles would move way more than the lofts if that were the case. I'm convinced these have been this far off from the day they left the factory. Also, if it's a counterfeit, it's a darn good one because it's identical to the rest of the set. The 9i came with the set and it was farther off (they couldn't even get it in spec).
  4. A great side-effect of being obsessed with playing is that you (potentially) stop looking at new gear and focus on scoring with what you have.
  5. I'm referring to people who claim the ROG set a max allowable score, and it's different depending on who's saying it: 8, 9, 2x par, etc. Unless I'm completely misreading 21.2.
  6. The best part about this thread is learning that I can post all of my future trolling questions anonymously as a "guest".
  7. From 2016 through 2019 I played 9 to 36 holes per day at least 5 days per week when the weather allowed. My new job put an end to that (it's been worth it so far). If I could, I'd happily play as much as possible until I got sick of it, take a break, and pick it up again when I was ready.
  8. For those of you who have had success going to a stronger grip: Did you adjust one hand only (and which), or did you adjust both hands? My tendency is to fade or slice pretty much any club 5i or higher. I've been told by a few instructors I have a week grip. However, whenever I try to strengthen my grip even a little by rotating both hands stronger, I immediately hit pull hooks. I played with someone yesterday who had an extremely strong lead hand; it was pretty much on top of the club with the back of his hand facing the sky. His trail hand was on the side of the club. Not surprisingly (to me), his miss was left. But it got me thinking ... I experimented in the back yard the last 24 hours with strengthening only my lead hand (I haven't hit any balls yet). Of course it felt extremely weird (as we've been admonished by a well-known instructor on the board to get over), but I'm thinking I should give it an honest try. I'm currently a 17 index, with my biggest problem being a lack of distance (I barely hit my driver 200 yards if I hit it straight). I'm in very good shape physically, but pretty much the shortest hitter in a large skins game I play in with people ranging from 20 years younger to 20 years older than me (I'm 56).
  9. I'd love to see courses change to a number system, with "1" being the longest. I think it would help get people away from the stereotyped color system and get them to start thinking about the actual distance. Plus, there doesn't seem to be a standard anyway regarding which tees are which.
  10. Oooh, I want to play! Zero, I'll be 56 this year. I'm also an 18 index who only hits his driver 200 yards. However, I do have 4 woods: Driver, 4w, 7w, and 9w at 12, 17, 22, and 25 degrees. My first iron is a 25 degree M2 6i. I only carry 13 clubs, with the bottom end of my bag going 44, 48, 52, and 56 degrees. I have room for a 60 degree wedge but I usually just make a mess of it so I leave it home.
  11. I finally got the opportunity to do this today and shot -1 as a 15.8 index. I was down to -3 at one point, but messed up a few holes. My home course was semi-flooded when we showed up for our Sunday game so I went to a course up the hill a few miles away that I've never played and was able to get out. In addition to not knowing the course, the fog was so heavy for the first 6 holes I could only make out the green from 95 yards after I walked up and figured out where it was. Since the fog was so thick I started off taking the total yardage, subtracting 100 yards, and then playing a club that would get me to 100 yards in 2 shots on a par 4 or 3 shots on a par 5, usually a 6i, 7i, or 8i. It was working well enough that I pretty much used that method the entire round and kept myself out of trouble. Takeaways: - Absent any forced carries requiring a driver or 4w, there's no reason I (or pretty much anyone for that matter) should ever shoot worse than +18 unless I'm just having a horrible day. - I have too large a gap between my 44 degree PW and my 48 degree AW (which I really already knew). I may need to get the loft checked/adjusted on my AW. - I'm pretty decent at 2-putting from ~30', but I need to get better at 1-putting from 5'. - I need to get my approach shots closer to the pin if I want to score better from 100 yards and in. - I need to manage my misses better to avoid things like the unplayable on 13 below. 1 aw left bunker, 15', 1' 2 aw front center, 35', 2' 3 aw back right, 12' (-1) 4 aw short front, 3' above (-2) 5 aw front center, 24' below, 1' 6 aw thin hop hit pin, 2' (-3) 7 skipped due to traffic (assume par) 8 aw front center, 37' below, 2' 9 aw front center, 40' below, 6' below, 1 (-2) 10 aw thin bounced over, chip 4' past. 4' 11 pw long left, chip, 4' below 12 pw downhill lie to elevated green bounced off pin high right, 4' (-3) 13 pw left in a bush, drop, aw, 8' below, 1' (-1) 14 aw short, 52 6' past, 6' above 15 pw cog, 8', 1' 16 pw center back, 28', 2' 17 pw front right, 32', 1' 18 pw cog, 4', 0.5'
  12. I walk most of the time, and decided several years back that carrying on hilly courses is much easier than pushing a cart up hills. I strip out EVERYTHING that I don't need, including cutting down the number of balls I carry, assuming I can grab a few more out of my trunk at the turn if needed. One thing I really have to be careful of is to not "pound the ground" with my stride when I walk and carry, or I'll definitely feel it in my hip sockets the next day.
  13. I have an inexpensive plastic tarp in my trunk that's easy to take out and clean up when needed, and folds neatly out of the way when I don't need it.
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