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  1. Yea I wouldn't be very happy about that! You weren't able to just return it?
  2. So I ordered the taylormade Sim with a ventus blue shaft and was told 4 days to deliver. Well it has been 2 weeks and nothing, Golf galaxy and Taylormades website says 10 days for custom orders. So I called Taylormade and they are saying 6-8 weeks. Just curious how long everyone has waited for their new driver. Thanks!
  3. would be willing to buy shaft depending on shaft, if the other guy still wants the head
  4. Thank you for your input! Kinda had a thought my hands werent dropping on the downswing. Will definitely practice on that.
  5. I have a problem on pulling my irons. Any help with be greatly appreciated! My target is the white circle just above and to the right of the ball im hitting. I'm using my 56 degree on this shot
  6. Been playing the taylormade speedblades for about 4 years now and got bored with the darker look. Went to golf galaxy and was looking at the JPX900-919 forged and the APEX. Then found these AP2s on the pre-owned shelf. The only clubs hit were the 6 and the PW. Hit them a little and loved the feel, look and flight with them! Felt like a got a pretty good deal on them! I liked how the were sleeker than the JPXs and just hit them better than the APEXs.
  7. I know this is an old post but I have played at winter creek a few weeks ago in Blanchard it was a really nice course had one spot on a few greens trying to fix but other than that was nice. I also have played rose creek and it was a nice course I cant remember if it was a private course( wont tickets tk play there)
  8. We both agreed on moving the ball. Just curious as what is the official ruling on it.
  9. This wasnt a tournament or anything so that's probably why they didnt have anything posted
  10. My ball is 6 inches on the green. Nothing was marked
  11. Sorry didnt upload picture trying to do that now
  12. Hit onto the green and got stuck behind all this. What is the ruling on this?
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