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  1. keep watching...rabbit hole starts month 2
  2. Staying in Oceanside June 1-4. I got a TPI fitting on the 3rd but want to play the day before. Any suggestions for the Oceanside/Carlsbad area? Not looking for anything super nice but I don't wanna play somewhere thats in bad shape. Would spend 50-100 bucks haha I know thats a broad range.
  3. I am so ready for this trip....gonna get a tee time set before this week is over and map out the breweries/food places I wanna try during free time.
  4. Collecting got a lot less fun over the last two releases...
  5. Uhhh I paid 150 bucks for the membership kit....cant even get the site to load sometimes. Im not grumbling bc I miss out on things. Would like things to run somewhat smoothly and have maybe a tad bit of consistency
  6. Are wanting to buy post allowed in here? what would be the best way for me to get it out that I am looking for something. Currently getting scolded on TCC for posting the wrong thing. Im just a guy searching for a cinco cover....sad sad day
  7. I have never been upset with SC until now. Like I expect big companies to screw over the consumer...why in the heck was this a monday drop? Cinco was the only head cover I wanted this year to commemorate my first CC purchase. THIS SUCKS
  8. What would someone have to go through to get a black shaft in the new 5.5
  9. I appreciate all the input. I am definitely going to get a round or two in while I’m in town. I got everything booked so the only thing left to do is wait. I haven’t read anything bad about the fitting experience and this is going to be my first time getting fit for clubs so I anticipation grows by the day. Figured I’d list whats in my bag now and update this after my fitting. Reading the many reviews and experiences on here made booking the trip easier with every read. Driver This is the only driver I’ve ever owned. It is going to be a sad day when my red baby gets taken out
  10. My head cover shipped yesterday....heading to Oceanside, CA in June. Anyone in this thread been to the SC Gallery?
  11. I was able to snag a cover finally. Went off my iphone not connected to wifi. I like it. I have a dog that looks like that and my scotty is stamped with the name of my old dog. So I couldnt pass it up lol
  12. How often does the Custom Shop change themes or accessories?
  13. No book/manual. The Foundations "curriculum" is presented in monthly modules. Each month has a handful of videos that vary in length from 5 to 25 minutes. Each month came available every 2/3 weeks after purchase it seemed. There is also a separate dashboard that has random videos Scott has made and recordings of podcasts he has done. There is a ton of content as well as the yardage book generator (one of the best features IMO) and the stats analysis portal. Birdiefire seems to have an EXTENSIVE dashboard but thats separate form DECADE
  14. I would say that I have had much more consistent play. I focus more on process and managing expectations rather than results and that has been a huge factor in shooting some lower scores. I think the biggest thing was just the psychological shift I had in how I approach all things golf related. Practice, aiming, understanding variance and pattern, and also that golf is hard and even the very best in the world are going to play terrible. Having a turn key "why" system eliminates everything but the non negotiables. Specifically: Off the tee - Making better decisions on w
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