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  1. I may be doing this all wrong but I typically see the face of the wedge when I use them....not the back?
  2. Renewed my membership this year. I like the color scheme but not a huge fan of the racing theme. Hopefully the '22 releases start off with a bang
  3. Some cool stuff in the catalog. When can we expect 2022 releases?
  4. I talked to Titleist this morning and they are going to send me replacement screws asap. Should be a very easy fix!. Glad the bag is still in perfect condition.
  5. I ordered this bag through a Titleist retailer. I searched the Titleist forums and people have had similar issues. I wish Titleist could just send me a replacement pin. I can imagine shipping them a bag and waiting for one to be returned could take forever right now.
  6. Got a Players 4 Carbon bag last December and one of the legs detached from the bag the other day. The bag / leg are in great condition it seems as if the one of the screws in the pin that attaches the leg to the bag came out. Has anyone had this problem? right now I have a bolt and nut holding it together but really dont like having to rig a brand new bag like this. 0E063F3D-ED01-4307-AB49-85CF0179D526.heic
  7. Saw where Golfworks has a shaft I have been looking for that has been hard to find/ backordered in other places. Anyone used this website and have any feedback? They seem to have DG onxy wedge shafts in stock.
  8. Just ordered a 5.5 X through my club and went with a pistolini plus
  9. I want to order a Phantom 5.5 soon and just wanted to know if anyone has ordered one lately what the shipping time was like. I ordered a full set back in June after my TPI fitting and it took about a month and half to get all my clubs. I hope if I order the putter asap I can maybe get it here by Christmas. Maybe Scotty Clause can come through for me!
  10. what time was the last drop? and what are we speculating as the next drop?
  11. keep watching...rabbit hole starts month 2
  12. Staying in Oceanside June 1-4. I got a TPI fitting on the 3rd but want to play the day before. Any suggestions for the Oceanside/Carlsbad area? Not looking for anything super nice but I don't wanna play somewhere thats in bad shape. Would spend 50-100 bucks haha I know thats a broad range.
  13. I am so ready for this trip....gonna get a tee time set before this week is over and map out the breweries/food places I wanna try during free time.
  14. Collecting got a lot less fun over the last two releases...
  15. Uhhh I paid 150 bucks for the membership kit....cant even get the site to load sometimes. Im not grumbling bc I miss out on things. Would like things to run somewhat smoothly and have maybe a tad bit of consistency
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