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  1. Use PGA Value guide and add 15-20% on top of whatever value they say
  2. Just looking for one to try out so not looking to spend more than $100. X-stiff, tour x-stiff, or tour stiff. Prefer graphite shafted. 2 or 3 iron loft. Thanks in advance for the offers!
  3. Big thank you to the OP! You da man!
  4. Anyone here plan on ordering a Speed or Speed Triple Diamond w/ an x-stiff shaft? If so, what shaft are you going with???
  5. I feel like they're going to have to give an extension because of the backlash they would get from people if they didn't. It wouldn't be a good look for them at all. But who knows, fingers crossed.
  6. Not really, it was quick, they just asked me to confirm my name and DOB. Had to call a few times though because if you're on hold for 10 mins or so they'll direct you to voicemail and you have to hang up and call back. Only took me about 3 tries to get through though.
  7. Just called and they confirmed my submission
  8. Looking for a driving iron, x-stiff shaft or close to it only. Not looking to break the bank so nothing over $100.
  9. Better dispersion for sure! wilson fg V4 4-pw w True Temper DG stiff shafts
  10. Baltimore Golf in Timonium, MD 21093 I’ve never tried anything other than a traditional putter shaft so it would be really cool to try something new and see if it helps my game. firm flex please
  11. Yeah I’m thinking this Friday is when people should start getting emails. We’ll see.
  12. based purely on comparables I think the Max LS is closest so I guess it depends what you’re looking to get out of it. If you just want low spin and adjustable then the max LS is the one. If you make consistent center face contact and are a better player/low handicapper you could gain the most benefit out of the speed. You’d be best off trying them all out and looking at numbers.
  13. You probably want the Epic Speed, not sure about shaft though.
  14. Hi all, looking for a driver upgrade for my buddy but his budget is pretty low. Would love something $70 or less. He plays a Cleveland hibore right now so he’s a few years behind technology lol looking for something forgiving with a stiff shaft. Nothing too beat up please.
  15. I don’t expect to hear anything until next week. If nothing by Friday then I may be a bit concerned. Fingers crossed
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