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  1. Looking for a WTB Cleveland Smart Sole 3 or 4 chipper in very good condition, PM with pics thanks
  2. From my experiences trading online, it's most important to trust the individual rather than relying on third party protection. That is done by looking at recent feedback and not continuing if I don't have complete confidence.
  3. Congrats to her! Hopefully the start of a long-term hobby!
  4. Looking at getting a new putter, considering the 2010 Studio Select Squareback 1 (And refinish it) or a Bettinardi QB6. I can't try them out, but the shape looks similar. Other than the looks, is there anything I should take into consideration? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  5. I'm looking to see if there are any July 4th discounts for a new Bettinardi Queen B putter, does anyone know of any sales? Curious if there are any deals throughout the year for these as well as I can wait...
  6. I bought the gen 2 irons last month and love them, definitely a great price now, even after shipping imo.
  7. Hi all, I'm interested in hollow body irons like the P770, which I think have a cast body and a forged face. I want to keep the irons for a long time and am interested if these types of irons can be refinished/buffed like a cast cavity iron to remove scratches. Does anyone know if the characteristics of hollow body irons like thin body thin metals and a forged face prevent this process?
  8. 2014 BMW428i around $16,000, bag worth about $800 (300 is a scotty Cameron putter, clubs are about 5 years old)
  9. Hi all, I've been casually playing golf for a while, but as a lefty, one question as been bothering me. For shot shape terminology like hook, pull, push, etc., does a lefty reverse the terms when describing the shape, or is it universal? E.g. If the ball goes left, is that still a pull, or does it become a push when describing it to an instructor?
  10. I'd go with a 7/10, based on the face. You mentioned the other clubs are much better, so I would be diplomatic about it with the seller depending on how much you paid for them. If I got a good deal for the irons I could let it go, it's still playable, but yeah, 1 club is not as advertised.
  11. Interested in this, does anyone know if they can be kept outdoors?
  12. I broke down and bought a few dozen balls, thanks everyone that mentioned the deal
  13. Does anyone know if there are still green or blue RZN customs at t he Santa Ana location?
  14. For the Santa Ana store, are RZN customs in blue and green available now (in stock)? Or are we still waiting for them to put it out?
  15. Does anyone know if the RZN platinums are the 2015 or 2016 balls?
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