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  1. Bryson has an all around game so hard to "Bryson Proof" anything. How about Rory and everybody else get better? Rory "Rory proofs" most courses with his putting. Nobody cares. Work harder.
  2. Was really cool to see someone who is non-traditional and who owns their unique approach dominate by 6 shots. Bryson is pretty easy to root for.
  3. Woohoo! Just kidding. 0 for 17 now. The streak continues.
  4. 0 for 17 now. The streak continues.
  5. 43-43.5" for me. SS is around 112 with that length but I see a lot more control. I use an Evenflow Blue 65x in a 915 D2.
  6. Are there any youth/school/junior programs in your area you can donate to? We do this quite often up here as golf is still an expensive sport for people to get into. Helps to grow the game. Otherwise, if you're buying something new your best option is to wait for the trade in bonus.
  7. Pretty great release today for you Americans out there. Pass for me, but I'd be all over it if I were from the U.S.A. Too bad the bag is the 4 way pathfinder model again. I wish he'd go back to the 6 way top.
  8. Weird one. I was able to put them in my cart even though I bought them last week, although I didn't try to purchase again.
  9. WTF?! The same headcovers and ball tool I bought and received last week lol.
  10. Skhacker

    2020 US Open

    Whoever hits the most fairways in my armchair pick. If DJ is hitting a good percentage of them, nobody touches him imho.
  11. Well that was easy! Headcovers and ball tool on the way. They look pretty good.
  12. Is there still any benefit to paying for a membership going forward? I've sent a couple emails over the past few months asking about releases but haven't got a response. Is SC getting out of the headcover game now that SWAG has taken over?
  13. Open to trades for other putters like Byron, Mann, Lajosi, anything unique (or a Hoyt compound ?) Had this refinished by BOS (oilcan and deep milled to exactly 350 grams) a while back and never gamed it outside. Only rolled indoors. Just over 33" with very rare Fujikura PT-120 graphite shaft and n.o.o.b. SWAG Thing 2.0 cover. This thing is smooooth but i prefer Anser 2 shapes. $500 USD(want to trade) from Canada. Expect some delays at USA border.
  14. Phil probably just checking his bank account after a few drinks. *edit: beat me to it...
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