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  1. This exactly. This situation is the epitome of a free country. The PGA Tour is free to establish rules and policies and run their business as they see fit and accept the consequences. Players are free to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not, knowing these policies and rules, and accept the consequences. Freedom is a beautiful thing and we should be eternally grateful for it. However, freedom of choice does not always mean freedom of consequence.
  2. At first I felt a bit bad for him, then I thought ‘imagine being so wealthy that you could decide not to get vaccinated and risk upwards of a million dollar payday.’ Rahm making that choice is like him giving the ultimate “screw you” to science. So I guess good for him in that respect to be privileged enough to risk that income. I actually really like how the PGA Tour is allowing freedom of choice and not forcing vaccinations while having protocols in place for positive tests. Sometimes the choice you make just doesn’t work out in a particular moment, but be thankful to live in a count
  3. This is for an order of indoor golf tees for my simulator Almost here...I think.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. You should also put his name in the title.
  5. I get the best results using the Callaway Truvis “soccer balls.”
  6. Both new. Open to trades for golf gear. Not interested in splitting so please do not ask. Shipping from Canada. $200 usd
  7. I thought we already did move on from them. Shows how out of touch I am. They do go well with iron covers though.
  8. It actually involves anyone in the BST. These threads are created so the community is aware of seller actions and can proceed with caution when aware of a seller’s history.
  9. Greasy move on the seller. Honor in the game of golf is sadly diminishing.
  10. Sounds like you maybe don’t have yours set up properly. Having both GC2 and a Skytrak I’ve found the numbers virtually identical. If I didn’t want something for use outside, I would sell the GC2 and keep the Skytrak. Fantastic unit, especially at the price point and for use indoors in tight spaces. There are many videos on YouTube on how to get the most out of your Skytrak.
  11. Ball bearing is one of the worst ideas in club building history.
  12. Want to trade this for a new mallet cover that will fit a new Phantom X 11. SWAG, Scotty, TBC etc. Shipping from Canada to ConUS and Canada. WTT. Not interested in selling so please do not ask. Need to post a price so this doesn’t get deleted so 1 million dollars.
  13. It’s just a pieced together set with the leftovers of a combo set.
  14. I’ve had luck with any retailer. Saves them having to break down and recycle them. They’ve always asked how many I wanted and gave them to me for nothing.
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