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  1. I get that. But I don’t know how you build that into the cost of a custom built, top quality forged iron for $75.
  2. I think he’s learned a lot. Like make bank and cash in while you can. Then travel the world playing golf. Then marry someone you really enjoy being around who just also happens to be beautiful. R.I.P. indeed haha.
  3. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but what do you feel packing, materials, shipping and insurance should cost? I think Amazon has spoiled a lot of people. And my shipping to Canada was only $50 CDN.
  4. In Canada as well and ordered two weeks ago and received already last week. Emailed and they called me back and refunded the difference in credit so I ordered an 0811x proto driver for $96 CDN haha. PXG has my attention now.
  5. Yes I got them to Canada in 8 days. Hit them Sunday night and they feel great. Was flying at flags all night but was about a half club long all night so need to dial in distance. Also just ordered an 0811x PROTO driver.
  6. Driver, 18 hybrid, 22 hybrid then on to 5 iron works nicely.
  7. Just ordered a combo set of 5/6 DC (1 up, 2 weak) and 7/8/9/p ST (1 up, 1 strong). Also ordered the ST plus 1/2” because the “standard” in the DC is a half inch longer. Will blend very nicely. Also went with the MMT 80 stiff as I’ve recently gone full graphite in all clubs (including wedges) and have never looked back. $720 CDN for a built to order custom set of any brand is a steal in my opinion. Now the wait…
  8. Preferably without adapter. This is the matte black stock option in the current TSi drivers. Shipped to Canada.
  9. Very nice. Feels slightly more solid than a spider and a bit more compact.
  10. I bought about 50 of them a couple years ago when they were a couple bucks each from GolfWorks. I put them on everything. Great grips.
  11. Grabbed 3 this week. Swapped the stock chrome shafts for the cheap $9 Apollo PVD black and tossed on some Lamkins that I have a bin full of. Much better blacked out imho.
  12. Still awaiting my G425 Max with Tensei Orange 65x but traded in a few old clubs during the current bonus at GolfTown and grabbed a G425 LST and can’t possibly see how I could get any more accurate. I’ve got the LST 9 degree in standard setting with a Project x PXv Tour 52 7.0 tipped one inch. It is the nicest flight and sound I’ve ever had in a driver. The only reason I’m playing that shaft is because all they had in store were regular flex but I really wanted a driver and didn’t want to wait, so built it with the “old” PXv. Personally caught lightning in a bottle by pure chance. Will still keep the max when it arrives to compare, but for now I’ve got my gamer. The max was definitely louder when I was being fit for it when ordering a month or so ago. The lst is a much more solid sound. Not sure I have a preference in sound though. Just play based on performance. The G425 series are legit.
  13. Got one in Canada to take to the range. Works nicely. Doesn’t quite compare to my Skytrak setup in terms of accuracy/simulator realism but a great little cheap unit nonetheless. Makes range sessions much more useful and interesting.
  14. Used prices went through the roof up where I am. Went through all of my clubs I’ll never use, some old, some newer, all of it in fairly good condition. Listed it on local buy and sell and sold things usually the same day they were listed. Ended up with over $3500 in my pocket so bought a simulator. Also notice a lot more golfers on the courses, which is a good thing for the courses when you only have a 5-6 month season.
  15. No prob. Driver, 18 hybrid, 22 hybrid, 6/8/P/52/58, putter.
  16. Fashion is cyclical. Remember the pants of the late 60’s and early 70’s? The current pants are loose compared to those.
  17. Strokes gained is a great stat for knowing where you can most improve your game. It's helped me get from a 12 hdcp down to a 4.4 in the past 3-4 years. The thing is, you have to put the effort in to understand and improve. A lot of people do not like effort. Also getting my bag down to 9 clubs and trying to play a different course every weeks has really helped me improve.
  18. No issues finding them in stores here in Canada. YMMV in the U.S.A.
  19. Typical custom set. If you'd ordered a 60 it would have also had the same number.
  20. This exactly. This situation is the epitome of a free country. The PGA Tour is free to establish rules and policies and run their business as they see fit and accept the consequences. Players are free to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not, knowing these policies and rules, and accept the consequences. Freedom is a beautiful thing and we should be eternally grateful for it. However, freedom of choice does not always mean freedom of consequence.
  21. At first I felt a bit bad for him, then I thought ‘imagine being so wealthy that you could decide not to get vaccinated and risk upwards of a million dollar payday.’ Rahm making that choice is like him giving the ultimate “screw you” to science. So I guess good for him in that respect to be privileged enough to risk that income. I actually really like how the PGA Tour is allowing freedom of choice and not forcing vaccinations while having protocols in place for positive tests. Sometimes the choice you make just doesn’t work out in a particular moment, but be thankful to live in a country that allows that freedom.
  22. This is for an order of indoor golf tees for my simulator Almost here...I think.
  23. Thanks for the heads up. You should also put his name in the title.
  24. I get the best results using the Callaway Truvis “soccer balls.”
  25. Both new. Open to trades for golf gear. Not interested in splitting so please do not ask. Shipping from Canada. $200 usd
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