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  1. I have a question regarding sizing for Nike golf shoes, especially TW shoes. I used to wear 10.5 in TW71' because they felt tight (minimum movement on my feet during my swing). My normal Nike shoes size is 11. But more I walked in 10.5, my pinky toes felt uncomfortable, so I started wearing size 11 for TW20' this year and it felt much more comfortable. How much is wide version wider than the normal? I was wondering if 10.5 Wide would actually feel better. I don't have wide feet.
  2. Here is my mysim2. It looks alot better than stock sim2 imo. ETA was initially 6 weeks, but got delayed due to the shaft not being available. So I just decided to get whatever shaft they had in stock (diamana s) since I already have diamana d+ 60g TX and ventus Black 6x.
  3. I bought stock 10.5 back in April but sold it. I ordered this one and it arrived 10 days earlier than ETA.
  4. My Black Vapro Fly Pro is back in the bag since I sold my Sim2 10.5. Just hit 305yds yesterday on 18th hole. It still flies far and straight.
  5. Yes, I was actually playing 2 clicks down with Sim which is -1.5° and 3° open. My shots are draws so even with open face I hit a little draw or push and with 10.5° 2 clicks down even with 3 clicks down, it still had too much right to left for me.
  6. I had 9 on OG sim. I went with 10.5 on Sim2 and I can't hit it straight. It's all going left. Going to sell 10.5 and get mysim2 9.0, hopefully that solves the issue.
  7. I thought sim2 would be less spinny from the reviews I saw. I have about 14-15 launch angle, so I thought 16°-17° would give me more air time. I might have miscalculated. I'm still tinkering with 2 shafts I have. I'll see if I can find the right setting, or I just have to go back down to 9°.
  8. What a pleasant surprise! A box from taylormade was at the front door when I came back from work. It arrived about 3 weeks early. It was still delayed for 1.5month from the original shipping date, but I was happy that it's finally here. So, I tested it out with my current gamer, Sim 9.0(7.5°) with diamana tx 60g shaft. Compared to my sim driver, sim2 was 10-15yds shorter in carry distance and 20yds more left. I tried with both diamana 60g TX shaft and Ventus velocore 6x shaft, but it had similar result. When I thought I hit it solid, the ball went left. Maybe it's the timing issue j
  9. Back TW logo is a must for TW sweater. Front swoosh logo is a plus.
  10. Finally they are making TW sweaters again! Where the Frank version of TW shoes? I have been waiting for that one since it was released last year in South Korea.
  11. They were available a few years ago. I found them on Ebay. I have Black, blue, and maroon. I also have the previous model TW Engineered sweater in beige. Just found TW engineered 2.0 sweater in red! Shot 73 with 4 birdies and 14 GIR in that sweater last weekend. Must be the sweater lol
  12. Get Clearview covers. I used them on my vapor pros and they still look mint after 6years.
  13. Mine came on Monday. They look good, but the shafts were little sticky and the oil finishes didn't look clean on the club head. These are custom orders not the special box edition. I didn't compare it well with the special box specs, so mine came with TM tour velvet grip, not GP tour velvet cord grips.
  14. Alphard said Tether system is coming in 2nd shipment, which is in early October.
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