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  1. Mine came on Monday. They look good, but the shafts were little sticky and the oil finishes didn't look clean on the club head. These are custom orders not the special box edition. I didn't compare it well with the special box specs, so mine came with TM tour velvet grip, not GP tour velvet cord grips.
  2. Alphard said Tether system is coming in 2nd shipment, which is in early October.
  3. Yeah this is the one with a large TW logo on the back. Older model has smaller TW logo.
  4. This one? I have them, they are not comfortable around the neck area. I have blue one in medium without chest swoosh and one with swoosh.
  5. My friends Original pro combo vs my Vapor Pro Combo. My friends 2015 platinum cart bag vs my 2016 platinum cart bag.
  6. I'm using the same shaft from my old driver diamana d+ so it's not the shaft. SIM head does feel heavier for me, so it could be that or my swing. But with my normal swing error I never had this type of ball flight before, so it seems odd to me.
  7. I'm also in the honeymoon phase with SIM 9°. I played Nike Vapor fly pro limited for the past 4 years, and my normal ball flight is a draw. I have occasional duck hooks, so I was hoping get rid of that with SIM driver. But I've been getting a ball flight I never experienced before. On a good swing, the balls goes straight left flying only about 2-3yds off the ground. It felt really good off the face, but when the ball flies that way, it's really frustrating. I had one good teeshot that was about 320yds on par5, but other than that my teeshots were low/straight or straght low/left. It might be
  8. It looks like an offspring of Vapor pro and p7tw. It looks really good.
  9. I just ordered 3 boxes of 2020 bxs. I still have a few boxes of last year's bxs, so I can compare them once I receive it.
  10. I'm trying to see what color swoosh would look nice on my second set. Thinking about keeping the black fill and paint just the swoosh with either Black or white to match the swoosh my modern cart bag.
  11. I also have V1 and ordered V2 2 weeks ago. I didn't want to spend money on another one but V2 looked really good and upgraded I'm selling my V1 now, if it doesn't get sold then I will just let my wife use it.
  12. How much was it during ther campaign? I have v1 and was hesitant to buy another one. But does v2 drive straight without me keep pushing left and right? I don't want to keep locking the front wheel to go straight with my rovic.
  13. These are from Nike Korea. They released the bags earlier than the U.S. too.
  14. I play both vpc and vapor pro. Vpc in x100 and pro in s300. Vapro pro feels softer but vpc is slightly more forgiving but 1/2club longer due to angles and rzn materials. I play vapor pro on my golf simulator and vpc on the real course now
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