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  1. Been a long time since I sold anything on BST, before I had about 82 transactions with perfect feedback. That means ASK any questions and I am happy to answer :) Apparently i cant figure out this new system, so i dont know how to delete photos. Please ignore the photo of my son and I, he is not for sale. Also if someone can pm me and tell me how the hell to delete a photo i would appreciate it!!! 1) G400 max head 10.5 is really solid condition. Do dummy marks and top line is clean. Only imperfection is a tiny paint chip towards the toe of the club which I show in pictures. SOLD shipped to your front door. 2) Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution V X-Stiff driver shaft TM tip on it. Shaft is standard length from factory, I can measure it if you would like. $99 $89 shipped to your door. No trades at this time, thanks!
  2. Great seller right here gents. Always better then described and always high quality products. Buy with confidence! GLWS!
  3. I know this seller personally and have gotten multiple products though him. Always top quality gear, and in better the condition then described. Beautiful putter and GLWS!!
  4. How is the m3 head still for sale at 210? This thing should've been gone 5 min after list.. GLWS!
  5. this is unreal, this is like an epic most. I have had a crappy day and this just made it better lolz....
  6. How much did he buy this for? $99.97, I "missed out" with one sitting in my cart. I could go to my local store but I really don't need to add any more project putters to the collection (currently 4-5). currently 4 or 5.... i wish i had that problem, i am up to 42.... and cant putt with any of them :0 yes i have problems
  7. At 180 this is a great price got a soft soft putter
  8. what the hell, in for 1, my buddy bought 1 as well so we got the free shipping. For $70, its worth giving it a run and see if she makes the bag
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