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  1. PRE-STORY I’m watching the 1st round of KPMG and I see Lexi and Lydia playing the 12th hole (maybe 13th). Lexi, as expected, is miles and miles ahead of Ko. Lydia feathers a long iron in to about 5 ft. Lexi takes her massive divot and flys the green. To compound the issue her short game gets exposed as her chip was awful leaving her about another 7 ft outside of Lydia. The chip was from the back fringe and left her plenty of room with minimal slope. She’s so far from the hole it speaks to her lack of distance control, even if she wanted to spin it back. So all that distance is wasted, kind
  2. Thanks for the replies thus far! I’m also a Mizuno loyalist. My whole bag is mizuno and callaway (not a huge fan of the mizuno drivers). My biggest issue is I play a draw so a “fade biased” DI would not suit me. I do believe in the bias, whether it’s aesthetic or tech, because I’ve had a few bad experiences with certain drivers. Anyway I really wanted to like the mp18 flihi but was underwhelmed by it. I’m not opposed to any company, just saying I really wanted to like the mizuno and I couldn’t.
  3. Title says it all. Looking for opinions from people who use driving irons. I play blades up to the 4 iron but wanted a little extra love for a driving iron. Currently bag an mp-25 3iron on a light (nippon105) shaft. I love it and it gets me out a decent ways but was looking for something with extra meat. Maybe a 2 iron and just toss the 3. Any suggestions?
  4. I’ve had 2 Ogio silencer bags since they came out. Cart bag and walking. No club chatter so no need for pesky iron headcovers. If I’m throwing the bag in the trunk I just snake my towel around them. And yeah you should always do what you want but know that some people will definitely think you’re a tool with iron covers. Not saying it’s me and not saying you should care..but you should know some people will think this.
  5. This is a joke right ? Can anyone honestly say these are better in anyway than the last x forged ? They look like trash, feel cheap, and I love callaway. Just my opinion.
  6. +1. I stuck an mp 25 3 iron bent 1 strong as my driving iron. Couldn’t. Be. Happier. My only criticism...the feel could be a touch better. Where’s that mp64 feel that I haven’t felt since?
  7. Clubs don’t mean sh*t. It’s a piece of steel bent to x degrees. All this bull about irons has gotten so out of control. To the OP. If you played well making a makeshift combo set why not just buy one that flows better?
  8. I’ve been to a few events and I don’t mind the pace of play as a spectator. I think the solution, if you consider this a problem, is to “poll position” the golfers like they do in racing. Hear me out: we have many useless metrics. Why not time golfers and put them out on the course by their average pace of play. Fast players would go out first so as not to run into a slower group in front of them. Going out in the morning is usually seen as an advantage so players would be intrigued to get into these groups. That would carry us into the cut. A shot clock is stupid in my opinion, no offense to
  9. X Forged for worst club? Common now... Maybe the most I’m disappointed with. They’re definitely uglier than their predecessor and yes I think they look cheap. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For all I know you think the rocketballz are a work of art. I think my mp5 are beautiful and I know tons of mizuno enthusiasts that hate them. I could have went with the obvious and said those new Wilson’s with holes all over them but that’s no fun. Anyway, kind of an odd thing to criticize.
  10. +1 ..of course there are exceptions. In terms of posture, short armed players with standard length clubs usually bend a lot from their hips or widen their stance to get the hands low enough to sole the club properly. The benefit of long arms and legs is the most basic form of physics. Longer means bigger arc, more raw power, and generally generates more clubhead speed. This can be negated if the shorter player has proper mechanics, timing, and lag (think Rory). As an ex-fitter I can tell you the number one misconception is that shorter players need longer shafted clubs. Prime example is m
  11. Good topic hope it gains traction. I hate the remake of the X forged irons. The 14s were awesome too! Smh
  12. Fitness, diet, mechanics. It may help to see a pro to help you generate more lag as well. There’s no reason why you can’t GAIN yardage at 50 especially with all the equipment out here these days. If you haven’t been fitted get fitted. I know a lot of 50+ hate graphite but u could benefit from a shaft like the recoil or even a lighter steel shaft like nippon 105. A reduction in shaft flex could also aid in lag. Lastly, if you always played a soft cut you could move over to a tight draw. If you get frustrated just look at Colin montgomerie. Guy is past 50, hopefully in worse shape then u, and he
  13. +1 drink. If it’s a tournament or a round I prepared for sometimes I’ll sit with my phone and document what went wrong, things to work on. If it’s really bad I’ll record a few swings on the range and try to find the flaw myself. Then forget about it and head to the range for a couple days. If contact doesn’t improve I’ll book my instructor. Big thing with this game is the mental side..if you get into a panic and lose your confidence you can forget mechanics..you don’t stand a chance. Also, I wouldn’t self diagnose unless you know your swing really well. 99% of the time bad rounds for me mean t
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