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  1. While watching old US Open footage from the 40’s and 50’s I was confused as to why the leaders didn’t tee off last. Does anyone know the history of why tee times used to be seemingly random? for example in 56, the leader teed off on Sunday in the 4th to last group. When did this change to leaders last and what criteria did they used to use to determine starting time? I couldn’t find anything in online searches, this is a shot in the dark.
  2. Anyone else having issues hitting it off the toe? I can’t seem to shake the toe balls. I’m guessing I’m casting to 6 and not 8
  3. Large Mizuno twice a year better stability and better in wet conditions
  4. Not sustainable IMO, I like the no yelling after tee shots, maybe the tour could just ban that going forward lol
  5. What is your current handicap? 2.1 Current gamer fairway? Cobra Bio Cell+ Current gamer hybrid? Cobra Bio Cell+ 18.5 Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Omaha Nebraska What club would you like to test? The hybrid. yes!
  6. Sport.. it takes flexibility and strength to maintain a repeatable swing and hit with distance. walking 18 holes for 4 straight days can definitely be a challenge as well. Golf also takes hand eye coordination and the ability to hit shots/putts under stress/pressure
  7. Jack said he planned to shake the winners hand on 18 after the final round. I think that’s terrific!
  8. Mizunos are so pure, welcome back to the game!
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