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  1. No worries. The more I think about it, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to try to compare the two sets, despite sharing the same name, since they are drastically different designs and concepts. I think OnOff wanted to dip their toe into the hollow body player’s category and did a good job, but for whatever reason they aren’t perfect for me. Perhaps a shaft change may be in order since the heads do feel a bit on the heavy side and I have them in the Modus 125 shafts. May go Modus 115 in them if I keep them around for next season.
  2. I haven’t hit the 2015 Kuros, but have gamed the 2020 for most of this year. Pros: They look awesome. A bit chunkier top line than blades, but not off putting at all. Despite the stronger lofts, they are easy to launch. Forgiving on mishits and not too punishing when strike location goes awry. Balls tend to go straight without a lot of curve. Feel is there despite the hollow body design. Cons: Pricey. Stock set is 6i through PW and 5 iron and up is extra. Not easy to work the ball since the ball just wants to go straight. Haven’t
  3. You can probably get a G400 lst for cheap, the performance difference is small compared with the G410 and the up side is that you can use the same shaft as the G30..
  4. Next month they are releasing a limited edition Modus 115 shaft (2000 sets) to fall in line with the 105 and 125 shafts. Looking at the ei curve, it’s a little stiffer in the tip and butt section than the 105 but with a similar mid section. Weight (uncut) is 118 grams in S flex and 119 in the X flex.
  5. I was going to say the same. From looks, feel, forgiveness and accuracy the Stenson Legacy Black irons are special and are the best imho.
  6. Every time I see the 7MCs they remind me of these Japan only 2009 TP Forged irons.
  7. Only have 2 rounds in with it, but so far so good with the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 9* with a Diamana ZF 70 X. Really liking the stability of the ZF shaft!
  8. The Tour Issue 2016 M2 HL is the best I have hit. Great sound and feel. Extremely versatile and long.
  9. Do they not like money? Seems like a no brainer to me, but it may be a materials issue and the limitations of the qpq process. For sure, I would buy a set in a heartbeat if they came out with it.
  10. Onoff has two club lines aka and Kuro, or red and black. The red brand is more of their game improvement line and their black brand is the players or lower handicap line.
  11. The TSG price is on the lower side that I see in Japan. Not too many used sets floating around and especially if you want the 120 shaft +1/2”, then custom order is the only way you will find them at this time.
  12. I got lucky and found a barely used 7 club set with the shaft I use in them and they still weren’t a deal. But I really liked the feel and ball flight, so I picked them up after demoing them a couple of times. Probably not going to find many sets over standard length unless you custom order them. It’s a shame that you can’t demo them outside of Japan to see how you get on with them before dropping $1k for a 5 club set.
  13. More like the Titleist TMB or Ping Blueprint. “Same same” as they say in Thailand. I will have to ask the Onoff rep regarding the forging when I see him again in my area. Says “made in Japan” on the website, but we all know that is ambiguous. Regardless, the feel on well struck shots is really addictive and on the softer side, which I didn’t expect considering it has the nickel chrome molybdenum steel face. I suspect it is forged at the same place as the PRGR RS Forged irons that 4rheel has since they have the same materials used in both irons.
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