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  1. Have a set of P770s in excellent condition and looking to move for another players set. Would like similar condition/flex and same setup (4-PW). Golf Pride Velvet 360 with only a few rounds on them Standard LLL Message me with any offers $450
  2. Callaway Apex MBs 2018 Excellent Condition, faces excellent and one tiny rock ding on PW Tour Issue DgX100s and brand new DriTac grips Standard LLL Ferrule on 5 iron has a gold ring but if that’s a deal breaker I can replace. $500 OBO. Open to trades for possible XForged or a player’s cavity in X flex Ping G410 Crossover Black Dot Tensei Blue 80hy S Flex Brand new Golf Pride Mcc4 $125OBO
  3. Anyone have any information on this finish? Have this Toulon San Diego, looks to be a Tour satin finish from the Garage, but no garage stamping on the sole. Did they make this putter in a non-charcoal finish after they went to full face mill?
  4. I honestly have no idea, received in a trade. I know that that when they went to the full face milling, the OTR were a charcoal finish....figured maybe it was a custom finish that they offered. Maybe someone with some more knowledge could step in and give some more information??
  5. Toulon San Diego 34” Putter has never seen a course and only been carpet rolled. shows absolutely not signs of use. Just wasn’t for me Would be open to trading for a Sim 5 wood (S or X) or another putter. Condition is key, looking for something in similar condition in both instances. $225 if you want to buy
  6. Spider X Copper 35” Slant Neck Bought on a whim, realized not for me. Been on the course for one round, absolutely no blemishes. Open to trades for other putters. $240 Shipped
  7. Right? I haven’t either. Usually a quick google search pulls up some things but not this one.
  8. I know that Folds of Honor did some limited edition stuff with Titleist but I’ve never see a putter cover before. Was this cover a part of it?
  9. Yeah someone else said fake. I guess there are always full circles in the C and O on the grip. So I’m fairly certain it’s fake after looking for a bit and not seeing one listed as authentic not having full circles. Als trying to have this post to educate once we determine.
  10. I don’t know enough about these to know if it’s fake or not. Feels good. Any experts out there give some feedback based on pics I have shown? Very close to 11” which is only thing I know to check.
  11. Tp Mills Flat T Not original finish, redone by One Augusta (Wrx Member) and been games off and of for a year. 34.5”. 354g. Weighed after refinished to 352g Great gamer, top line and face milling still pristine. Finish is plum brown. Original Headcover Included $300
  12. I believe it’s a Tradition redone in Plum Brown. Love it! If anyone has more info on it, be glad to know more about it.
  13. Minty Rangefinder. No case or box. Just prefer my watch. $400 obo shipped
  14. Came across this set and couldn’t pass it up. Brand new in box and they are beauties! Ive heard anything from 86 to 87-88 as far as the year.
  15. Have a set that I thought I was going to hold on to but willing to part ways with it. Just don’t suit my game anymore 3-GW 3 iron is almost brand new. Rest are in excellent condition GW doesn’t have a shaft, but everything else shafted with X100s. 37” 7iron Lamkin Standard Plus don’t have more than 2 rounds and a range session on them. Custom Ferrules Would be willing to trade for a players cavity but X flex is a must. Otherwise looking for $450 OBO
  16. Hard presses to find another set that looks this good. Very minimal face wear, very minimal bag chatter. Only issue is grips will need replacing fairly soon if not immediately and shaft labels are peeling. Standard L/L/L $500 obo but wouldn’t dismiss a trade for players blade in X stiff in similar condition or an M6 X stiff and some cash.
  17. Wasn’t sure how to get the pics in order but I’m sure you can tell what’s before, during and after. Great work all around!!
  18. Done by one of our own, just wanted to share the quality work of OneAugusta. Some before and after shots. Chocolate Matte Finish
  19. I think I have a pretty decent idea of value thanks to OneAugusta, but lets just say I didnt get a steal, and I didnt overpay.
  20. Thanks, what’s the value in average condition? Just trying to make sure I didn’t overpay.
  21. Can anyone identify this? Having a hard time finding any info on this model.
  22. Just know seeing this, would you be willing to part with one? I can add an extension if needed.
  23. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find one of these? Specifically a 7iron shaft .355 tip. I’m sure I could replace with a current version and not be able to tell much difference (not here for that argument) but want to find one of these specifically. Thanks in advance!
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