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  1. If his HS is anything like the HS my son attended recently, the JV team was all about having fun. I heard they didn’t even keep score (my son played baseball instead but his friends played golf). His MMV…
  2. Look at some of the pro’s WITB’s. It’s not uncommon to see 1 wedge totally different than the other 2-3. I feel each wedge has a unique function. Gap wedge is exactly that: a tweener between PW & SW. Sand wedge is all around versatile utility club around the greens. Lob wedge is for emergency use (short sided, high lip bunker, flying all the way to the hole). Usually the SW or LW can be from a different OEM or series.
  3. Question is: how to make use of this info? We all know the key to scoring is fairways & greens… and making putts. It’s not like you can practice your 7-iron shot and ignore the rest. Unless you play the same course from the same tees over & over again, you’re going to need to hit all your clubs equally well.
  4. Cool experiment knowing very well there is essentially zero resale value.
  5. Your approach shot strategy will probably depend on the club you have in your hands & the lie. For me, 5-iron (with a nice flat level lie in the fairway) through wedge, I can narrow in on a specific quadrant of the green. Hybrid or FW wood or any tricky lie (side hill, downhill, rough) with a mid iron, middle of the green is acceptable.
  6. Interesting thought. Composite barrel baseball bats are known to get hotter over time until it literally reaches a point of failure. In baseball bats, the resin holding the layers of carbon together weaken with each hit & springlike effect occurs.
  7. Handicap differential = (Adjusted gross score (79) - Course rating (58.2)) x (113 / Slope (99)) = 23.7
  8. My young adult son is a pretty good athlete. He’s been playing competitive baseball throughout his teens & had some college offers. He currently plays on a D-1 college club team. He only plays golf occasionally but when he does, his iron play is pretty good, woods/hybrid is decent, but his driver is laughable. His driver impact is consistently very near the hosel. In fact he broke one of my old driver shafts right at the hosel from repeated impact. I can see his upper body dipping towards the ball on the downswing & have been trying to correct this flaw. Everything I’ve tried hasn’t helped, he just can’t hit the ball in the center or on the toe side. He has trouble hitting with a neutral or positive AoA, even with ball position across from his left heel. His DTL path looks Ok (not over the top/outside in). He’s going back to school soon but during the summer, I’m going to get him a lesson. Any quick tips or thoughts? Sorry I deleted all his videos from my phone.
  9. My eBay saved search list has about 15-20 golf related items, most of them older stuff, but a few new (wedges, Autoflex & other shafts). I’d like to think I know a bargain when I see one & I’m not the type that will overspend, but at the same time am not frugal by any means.
  10. I have two 6” by 6” by 48” cardboard boxes full of driver shafts, not including a third box of older shafts (Grafalloy ProLite Red, EI-70, ProForce Gold, Vista Pro, etc).
  11. My higher lofted wedges get changed out before each season due to wear, but other than that, I only buy brand new if I see a deal I can’t refuse.
  12. I went back to an LTD after Bryson did last year (right after his RadSpeed sucks comment), so I guess for me, newer isn’t necessarily better. The right shaft for me makes as much as a difference as the head.
  13. Your journey is not unlike most of us weekend warriors. It’s interesting to read the parallels. All of us are trying to reach that next scoring tier.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I do have a 3* bounce lob wedge in my garage that I may need to put in my winter bag. I will need to practice this technique.
  15. I believe the knock on Srixon’s are their ball-to-ball quality control/consistency. That being said, the XV is a good ball & easy to identify versus all the Pro V1’s that are being played.
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