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  1. The only time I played Pebble, I knocked a wedge on 7 to 2.5 feet (yes I made the putt). Pebble #17 is a much harder shot so that gets my vote.
  2. $3000 doesn’t even cover the cost of 4 Autoflex shafts.
  3. Cleaning grass stains off the soles of golf shoes? Oh boy, now I’ve heard everything. I brush off the soles after each round & range sessions off grass but unless there’s feces, chewing gum or caked on mud, I don’t bother washing the soles. I bought the Boot Buddy but only used it in Winter. https://us.bootbuddy.com/?utm_medium=uk2usR&utm_campaign=uk2usR
  4. #10 is the HDCP 10 hole, right? How do most mid-cappers play that hole? Aim right side of FW off the tee & left side of green on the approach? If you miss the green left, try to get up & down for par?
  5. Learn to swing in control first. Topping, chunking, slicing & hooking the ball & not knowing where the ball is going to go is frustrating. You can play good golf by playing the right set of tees for your distance. But if you want to shoot 108 from the tips while I shoot 79 from the whites or 84 from the blues, be my guest.
  6. Were you fitted for X flex 130g steel shafts? That seems like “pro level” to me. For someone trying to improve ball striking, that seems to be a peculiar choice. I’m not a fitter or golf coach, just an avid student of the game. I apologize if you were properly fitted into those...
  7. Looks like that hole requires a draw tee shot but a fade approach. Hard to tell from aerials. Would have to play it a couple of times myself to give proper feedback.
  8. Which RAC CB models were coveted? Just the TP’s or the LT’s as well? I still have a set of X-300 FCI which have the same mystery of Miura forged vs Mexico forged.
  9. Really being honest about your game (scoring gaps), time & commitment to improve , is the best way. No universal, “one size fits all” answer. For me, it’s “tee to green consistency.” My short game is good enough. But I can go from FW & green on one hole, to wild drive & poor iron shot the very next hole. I guess how to limit my bad shots is really the key for me & 100% of all amateurs.
  10. You’ve upgraded your headcovers (twice since January) because there’s nothing left in your bag to upgrade... at the moment. And one of them is for a backup club.
  11. I used to track “lost shots to par” (nowadays equivalent to strokes gained), but realized after several rounds that there was no real pattern I could develop an improvement plan around. I had to work on every aspect of my game to get better
  12. I tried it on a Flatso 3.0 once. Had my worst putting round ever. I realized I needed both hands to be on flats, not just 1 hand.
  13. 1. The “confession” thread where the guy admits to playing with ugly Mizuno XP cast irons he bought from K-Mart. 2. “Can a 4 handicap beat an LPGA pro?” 3. I periodically check on the “KHT Autoflex” thread. It’s either a true game changer or heading towards crash & burn.
  14. Started playing a 64* this year in addition to a 58*. I’m getting pretty comfortable with the 64*. I feel it’s more consistent than opening up my 58* BUT I know this is controversial & bottom line, there’s no universal right or wrong . Just right or wrong for EACH INDIVIDUAL.
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