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  1. Played the Proto+ set to big minus & 12.5 weight forward. Got the apex down to my liking (I have a +3 or +4 AoA). Couple of toe hits went nowhere but middled strikes were great. Had the RipTide CB in it today, but have a 1” longer Oban Devotion on the way.
  2. jBEAM (JDM) makes good drivers using DAT55 material. Their FX BM 435 model is considered classic. I have one but don’t like the feel (very hard).
  3. Do you have to have the latest model? Nothing wrong with OG 2016 M1 3HL...
  4. Not sure I follow, but I think you add 1.5” to the grip to tip length to get playing length for 0811X drivers. Hopefully someone else can confirm.
  5. Had a decision to make yesterday. Short tight hole. Choices were DI, mini driver or hybrid. Wasn’t hitting my hybrid well yesterday so immediately ruled it out. Just bought the mini driver last week and first time out on a course so I went with that. Hit it towards the heel but it cut back into the FW so mission accomplished. DI came in handy a few holes later as I had to hit a low cut under some trees branches and pulled off the shot. I can see 1-2 shots per round where either the mini driver or the DI will be used. Not versatile enough to keep in the bag normally.
  6. Sorry no experience with 903 or 906
  7. How could I forget this classic? Had it in my bag until I hit a hidden FW bunker rock & dinged it all up!
  8. They did... Miura Giken ICL-601 https://miuragolf.com/blogs/blog/miura-icl-601-driving-iron-review?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=DynamicBlog&targetid=dsa-39587879683&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9LqHqOOh7gIVxz6tBh0Y7g-1EAAYASAAEgL_pfD_BwE
  9. Fourteen and PRGR started the DI craze many years ago. Ernie Els had a Fourteen HI-858 in his bag winning the 2002 British Open. PRGR 200i was Titanium with Tungsten weight plugs. Yonex Zero iron Z01, Honma TW-U, A Grind CMB, ...
  10. Here we go, hang on tight... A Grind, Akira, AFD, Asahi, Astro Tour, Baldo, Benock, Buchi, Chikara, Crazy, Crews, Dance With Dragon, Design Tuning, Epon, Fourteen, George Spirits, George Takei, Gauge Design, Grand Prix, Grandista, Hiro Matsumoto, Honma, Itobori, Jade Adller, jBEAM, Jean Baptiste, Justick, Kamui Pro, Kamui Works, Kasco, Katana Sword, Maruman, Masdagolf, Miura (Giken), Muziik, Mystery, OnOff, Orion, PRGR, P-Tune, Progress, RC, Roddio, RomaRo, Ryoma, S-Yard, Three Luck, Vega, XXIO, Yamada, Yamaha, Yonex, Yururi, Zodia
  11. Short tight holes, I usually opt for 3W or hybrid. DI’s to me have too small a sweet spot & misses go nowhere whereas 3W/hybrid is more forgiving. Any slower SS players use a DI off the tee?
  12. Dozens of JDM brands if you want to explore something different (and expensive)...
  13. I built a set of these a few years ago with Quadra 4AX SOF 100i graphite shafts. They are not my gamers but I take them out for a spin on occasion. They feel very soft at impact, similar to most forgings. Top line is razor thin. Forgiveness is average, distance is average. Sole is thin with some leading edge relief ( rounded). I actually didn’t play my set that much, so my experience is somewhat limited in nature, take it for what it’s worth!
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