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  1. Good advice above. Only thing I will add is every putt breaks hard towards the canyon. Best leave is below the hole.
  2. For those who complain that the inland holes at Pebble are disappointing, what would you like to see? I mean all 18 can’t physically be ocean holes unless you want to start in Monterey, hug the coast, and end in Cambria/Morro Bay…
  3. Wait… 8 year old clubs are considered old school now?? I still have full sets of black oxide 545’s, 745’s & 945’s in my garage.
  4. Real golf should contain some variety. Not all par 3’s are the same length. Challenging but fair. Bailout areas as options. Chance to use each club in your bag, but not tricked up where your only option is mid iron off the tee & a longer approach to the green.
  5. Average price on a decent course here is close to $100 on weekends. No way am I quitting after 9!!
  6. Did the club pro play all 18 with you? Most playing lessons are 9 holes max in my area. What types of mental tips did he give you? Those are usually more valuable than mechanics.
  7. Epoxy the tip first, install the head, then butt trim last to desired length, then add grip.
  8. Unless you’re playing for a $15M FedEx Cup grand prize, who cares if you shoot a high score? What better time to test what you learned under pressure? Most of us are 3-5 strokes better on the range than on the course so even if you groove your new swing on the range, can you take it to the course? Why go backwards if your new swing is theoretically better?
  9. Is this the same course you shot close to 110-120 last time? So a 98 is a huge improvement. I would feel happy about that as a 20-cap if I were you, esp. the 5 pars.
  10. If golf wants to model themselves after the big 4 pro North American sports, then they should have the few players remaining in the finale start at 0-0. No other sport gives the favorite a touchdown, 3-run, 5-basket, or 2-goal advantage before the game starts!
  11. Same here. Other channels were ok, was it NBC then?
  12. Accra TZ5 55g is a very good low/low shaft. Or check out the Autoflex KHT thread.
  13. I used to be in the utility iron camp but I have had better luck with a small head hybrid or a SGI/GI long iron instead. I can’t seem to figure out the best ball position hitting the UI off the turf.
  14. This probably doesn’t apply to the typical X flex WRXer, but I am finishing up a family vacation where I played 2 rounds of golf & rented clubs both times (too much of a hassle bringing my own set). I can play either R or S flex clubs (my gamers are S). My first rental set were Callaway Mavrik’s, and I wasn’t impressed at all. But my 2nd set (different course) were a combo of Epic Flash woods & Rogue hybrids & irons. I had one of my better ball striking days of recent memory esp. the driver. While my gamer set includes the SZ version of the driver, I think the shaft (stock EvenFlow Green) in the rental was great (for my swing). But the true star of the set were the Rogue hybrids. TLDR: after the round playing the rentals, I went online & ordered the same driver shaft & the hybrids (with a different shaft). BTW I bought a new car years ago after test driving their service loaner so I tend to be influenced by rentals in general LOL. Anyone else have similar experiences?
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