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  1. Unless this stash has an electronic barcode search , I have neither the time nor patience to sift through this stockpile hoping for some old Scotty Cameron or Cobra Greg Norman inverse muscleback set, etc.
  2. Only clubs I bought twice were purely intentional, as a backup, never as a mistake. The guys that do so unintentionally crack me up…
  3. Send it to Continental Golf for a makeover
  4. What about flashy shafts & headcovers, and colorful grips? Are people who play yellow balls extroverts or do they just have poorer vision?
  5. Been playing this stupid game since the late 1980’s & I’ve played with all kinds of golfers. My observations generally speaking are: 70’s shooter: let’s skip this, not relevant here. 80’s shooter: - Almost never hooks or slices - Almost never tops or chunks - Misses are very slight. No wild misses. - Can scramble to avoid doubles or worse. Bogey is typically the worst score. Doubles are result of bad luck (bad bounce, plugged in a bunker, bad yardage, unfamiliarity with the hole, etc). Rarely has to take a penalty stroke. - Loses 0-1 balls per round 90’s shooter: - Will hook or slice a couple of times per round - Will top or chunk a couple of times - Misses are more offline, but generally hits the ball solid - Average scrambler. One bad shot can add 2-3 strokes on top of the score (blades bunker shot, OB, penalties, etc). Takes 2-4 penalty strokes per round. - Loses 2-4 balls per round 100’s shooter: - Often mishits the ball, has no idea where the ball will go - Poor scrambler, cannot turn 3 shots into 2 - Takes 5+ penalty shots per round - Compounds mistakes frequently Reason for me posting this is to give you a general “roadmap” for breaking 90. Once you can break 90 often, the 84 will be a piece of cake (saving 5 strokes with good luck/bounces, some holed putts, etc)
  6. Thanks. Not knowing the layout, it seems short but tight. Am I right? More trouble from the tee, on approach shots, around the greens or all of the above? 126 slope suggests med/high difficulty for non scratch players. Knowing where trouble lurks & playing conservatively to minimize the damage can often save a few strokes a round. I find myself re-reading Ray Floyd’s book often to remind me of those strategies.
  7. I’m sure you mentioned this before but what is the course rating & slope for your home course & normal tees you play from?
  8. That must be the worst rental set I’ve ever seen. I always rent vs bringing my clubs & they’ve always been decent Callaway’s or other “pro line” set.
  9. Any Basileus shaft. Danielle Kang had one for the longest time in her M4 driver.
  10. I’m very much a value based consumer when it comes to golf equipment, therefore most of my purchases are either used or NOS (last year’s models). That scratches my ho-ing itch without emptying my bank account.
  11. I hear that all the time: don’t have swing thoughts on the course while playing. BUT… then how do you bring your range game to the course and when? If you’re just focusing on target while playing, then what good are swing changes in the first place? So my philosophy (granted I don’t have any PGA Tour wins to back this up) is to implement swing changes immediately on the course & accept your score, unless you’re playing for a $15M FedEx Cup grand prize. Really who cares about score during a swing change? If you don’t try out swing changes on the course, you’re just delaying the learning curve.
  12. Congrats on the 90. Yeah I have a hard time comparing your scores at your regular par 60 course to a par 72, so this is a good data point. We all know “x over” at an easy course won’t be the same “x over” at a harder course. Course handicap seems to underestimate for higher index players IMO.
  13. Trust the process. First become a bogey golfer. Hover around 90. Your 84 will come again once you can shoot close to 90 more regularly. That being said, playing for bogey on every hole, IMHO, is a poor strategy. Don’t go for hero shots to save par, but try for par when you’re in position off the tee.
  14. Maxfli Tour are matte white. I found them to scuff easily. I prefer the glossy white of other brands myself.
  15. Thanks for sharing pics & the process. Those look amazing!
  16. Did a driving range shaft shootout today. Head was Ping G400 LST 10*. Shafts tested: - Tensei CK White 60 S (incumbent) - Aldila NV 55 R - Evenflow RipTide CB 50 5.5 - HZRDUS Black Smoke 60 5.5 - RIP Phenom 50 S All felt good, produced decent shots. 1st runner-up: RipTide CB 50 Winner: HZRDUS Black Smoke 60 YMMV.
  17. 45-52-58-64 here 64 rarely gets used but having 3W instead as my 14th club tempts me too much to hit a low percentage shot that might cost me 1-2 strokes. Whereas a 64 might save me a shot on occasion.
  18. I enjoy the process of self fitting. I have some basic launch monitor numbers so I’m able to narrow down my shaft options. Outdoor testing is so much more valuable than indoor fittings. Plus my swing is ever evolving so what didn’t quite work a few swing changes ago might work wonders with my swing du jour.
  19. The Magnum 44 is high spin, mid launch, correct? Is it ballooning on you? What is your typical driver AoA?
  20. The Mint LD’s I bought from lostgolfballs seemed brand new. I didn’t notice any weird performance characteristics when I put them in play compared to other low spin premium balls.
  21. Good advice above. Only thing I will add is every putt breaks hard towards the canyon. Best leave is below the hole.
  22. For those who complain that the inland holes at Pebble are disappointing, what would you like to see? I mean all 18 can’t physically be ocean holes unless you want to start in Monterey, hug the coast, and end in Cambria/Morro Bay…
  23. Wait… 8 year old clubs are considered old school now?? I still have full sets of black oxide 545’s, 745’s & 945’s in my garage.
  24. Real golf should contain some variety. Not all par 3’s are the same length. Challenging but fair. Bailout areas as options. Chance to use each club in your bag, but not tricked up where your only option is mid iron off the tee & a longer approach to the green.
  25. Average price on a decent course here is close to $100 on weekends. No way am I quitting after 9!!
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