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  1. Saw this today and had a good laugh. It's worth a minute to read the description and check out the crusty photos. Anyone wanna chip in 5 bucks with me? At 100k this is a good deal https://www.ebay.com/itm/GODPARTICLE-Golf-Putter-THE-WORLDS-MOST-POWERFUL-GOLF-PUTTER-/274448640879?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=274448640879&targetid=934800885776&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9051574&campaignid=10460107119&mkgroupid=106723176867&rlsatarget=aud-622524041678:pla-934800885776&abcId=2146001&merchanti
  2. Only trade bait would be old hickory clubs or headcovers
  3. Hate adjustable drivers? Me too. All of these older bonded drivers are in great shape. Cally FT TOUR 8.5 Ordered in like new shape from Cally Preowned. never hit it. 47" xstiff voodoo shaft $70+Calculated shipping 905T 9.5 Stock speeder stiff shaft. $50+shipping Cobra S3 6.5 degree. S300 tip trimmed to 45" $70 + shipping Mizuno Blue Rage 9 stock exsar shaft regular flex but plays closer to the weak stiff flex that manufacturers are peddling these days. $50+shipping Wishon 2 wood S2S white shaft Reg flex ~43.5" $75 + shipping
  4. Not sure if it's widespread or not but i did have another exotics driver fail somewhat dramatically.. I just didnt want some kid getting his teeth knocked out as he watches dad swing his new driver. I have a friend who's mom is a Karen by name. she's a wonderful lady. I really do hope all of this Karen business doesnt have her going by a middle name. If being strict on quality means I'm a Karen, i think i can live with that.? We need an army of Karens watching over Navy contracts to ensure the taxpayers don't get screwed on quality issues.
  5. I'd encourage you to give your exs 220 a good waggle before hitting any balls. Mine initially felt solid after properly using the provided torque wrench but 2 seconds of waggling repeatedly showed that there is some underlying issue with the hosel or adapter. I'm confident that had i hit a ball the head would have gone flying. On a related note, any good under the radar drivers out there for when i return this pos? I was really hoping it was going to be a great stick because i can't stand anything from the major manufacturers lately.
  6. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I talked a friend into getting into hickory. First swing with a new set and this happens. I believe the heads are cast SS and likely not super ductile but there must be been some internal cracking or flaw from adjustment? I know lots of folks haven't had an issue, I just wish it didn't happen to a guy just getting into Hickory.
  7. Used for only 27 holes before Covid. Need to sell, looking for 175$ Ordered from PGA SS for $229
  8. 4-aw Apex CF16 irons with 6.0 project x lz shafts and gp align grips (black, white, lime) 58, 64 pm grind wedges w/kbs shafts and white/black mcc grips. Apex ut 21 with project x 6.0 and align grip (black/white/lime) All clubs are in solid shape and the irons are particularly nice. Picked these up just prior to shelter in place order and need the funds more than the clubs. Looking for $450 for the lot + calculated shipping.
  9. Cast Hogan radials 3-pw to last longer and modern enough to play long courses but old school enough to play some persimmon rounds Sm2 56, 64 Nike pro combo di 18 Sq driver, 3wood Becu anser And for my extra few clubs I'd bring a set of powerbilt persimmon woods driver 2, 4 for reminiscing.
  10. Kuchar lost me as a fan. Sometimes when the fans yell Kuuuuuch it sounds like a boooo. Hopefully it will be now
  11. Hurricane golf is blowing out the bimatrix shafts. $30? The x stiff is 80 gram.
  12. CG 16 tour s300 standard LLL with 54* 60* RTX 2.0 wedges. Good Shape $175 Callaway Bobby jones blades. 3-SW. Only played 3 rounds. Scuff on PW sole. Memphis 10 shafts, old grips $150 1 Iron Golf Single length set. 36" stiff. 3-LW Good shape 1200 retail. Asking $300 Trade interests are a new driver / fairway woods
  13. I have accumulated some nice stuff over the last few years and just need to clean out and get down to a couple sets. Add $7 shipping for west of Mississippi Trade interests include Masters Tickets :) and looking for Driver and fairway wood combos. Pics at the bottom! Cleveland CG 16 tour iron set 4-pw, sw, lw (black pearl) S300 standard L/L/L Original grips. They are in good shape and honestly haven't seen the course all that much. I am selling them with 2 rtx 2.0 wedges 54* and 60*. The 60 high bounce option is the most forgiving combo i have ever hit for soft pitches around the green. as
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