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  1. What are the specific lengths of the Monacos? One looks to be notably shorter than the rest. Also, 7 shafts should cover P-4, but you've mentioned a 3i in the ad...
  2. Gorgeous pictures! You in Cali? That is some seriously lush grass.
  3. Yet more proof the G Box is the hottest possible item you can sell on the BST
  4. Bro, if you are selling Adams MB2s, your listing will get 2x the traffic if you put MB2s in the title ??
  5. Not sure anyone has mentioned this yet, but... Bryson games the most upright clubs a pro has ever played. Perhaps this gave him an advantage out of the rough. Combined with his amazing—and amazingly consistent—carry numbers, this may indeed have granted him an advantage over the field. As far as likability goes, I find Bryson fascinating. He doesn't have that magnetic charisma (Magic Johnson), the "reliable assassin" gene (Michael Jordan), or the hero story (Tiger), but he has certainly brought some freshness to a game that's often criticized as "stale." In my view, the "Broadway play" of golf is better for having a character like Bryson in it.
  6. Here's how this works: All prices include shipping to CONUS No trades! If you find a better deal, PM me a link, and I'll match the price! (You won't) LFG! ? •••••••••• •••••••••• TM 2014 MC 3-P with KBS Tour 120S ? FROST ALERT! ? A few heads only have light shop wear and are waiting for you to pop the cherry and ding em up like you just don't care Standard length, loft, and lie KBS Tour S shafts throughout the set TM Tour Velvet grips on 3 and 4i, Green/gray NDMC in very good condition on 5-P The 3i is a poor man's UDI, but you ain't heard that from me... Why did the guy before me not use the 9 iron? I have no idea. But now you get a clean one. $OLD to make your buddies wonder why they spent $1099 on Epic Flash Fire SIM Max Plus irons •••••••••• Datrek Go-lite Pro Stand Bag with 14-way, full-length dividers MGS's "2016 Stand Bag of the Year" 14-way top with full-length dividers will keep your clubs quiet Perfect number of pockets + pocket placement Zipper pulls are very slightly oxidized but still work fine (a lil WD-40 will spruce em up nicely) Cool features include an insulated drink pouch, rain hood, glove velcro thingy, and well-placed handles Remember—shipping is included in this low price! $OLD to re-capitalize my storage closet and send the stock market soaring •••••••••• SkyTrak Armour Case THICC—this is the sturdiest protective case for SkyTrak on the market Includes all screws, washers, and independently adjustable "feet" for precise leveling Pay half the price of retail and skip the taxes ?? $OLD for sh*nk insurance •••••••••• SkyTrak FMJ Case The FMJ case is more famous but slightly less sturdy than the Armour Includes all screws, washers, and independently adjustable "feet" for precise leveling Save a ton of money off retail and spend the leftovers on frozen margaritas (but add a Grand Marnier floater for maximum winning) $OLD to force my SkyTrak to embrace the freeballin' lifestyle •••••••••• Titleist Vokey SM5 56º/10º (S-grind) with DG X100 35.5" long, 56º loft (standard), 64º lie (standard) S-grind has 10º of bounce DG X100 shaft has no label but is in great condition Lamkin Crossline cord grip in very good condition Slightly rusty wear spots from sitting around, but this thing hasn't even had a midlife crisis yet Big gouge on the toe (off the grooves) happened because I'll try recovery shots from anywhere Perhaps the above line is true, or perhaps I just often hit approach shots to horrible positions ?? $OLD to add my shame to your game •••••••••• Titleist Vokey SM5 60º/8º (M-grind) with DG X100 35.25" long, 60º loft (standard), 64º lie (standard) M-grind has 8º of bounce DG X100 shaft has no label but is in great condition Lamkin Crossline cord grip in very good condition Very nice condition for its age with no browning or unsightly dings on the face $OLD to get this thing off my bench and into your starting lineup •••••••••• Callaway Apex Hybrid Headcover Do you really need a description for this? You know, it's that thing you take off and then throw in the basket on the back of the cart so your club can get dinged all to hell as you do cart stunts for the 'gram $OLD for the illusion of protection •••••••••• Questions? PM me! Thanks for lookin' ?? pin 9/16
  7. This is a fantastic day for the WRX community. Well done, guys! Thank you for making this move.
  8. I was thinking about going with this exact setup with my extra set of CMB heads. You still gaming the PX LZ's instead? (Kicking myself for getting rid of mine...)
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