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  1. Not sure anyone has mentioned this yet, but... Bryson games the most upright clubs a pro has ever played. Perhaps this gave him an advantage out of the rough. Combined with his amazing—and amazingly consistent—carry numbers, this may indeed have granted him an advantage over the field. As far as likability goes, I find Bryson fascinating. He doesn't have that magnetic charisma (Magic Johnson), the "reliable assassin" gene (Michael Jordan), or the hero story (Tiger), but he has certainly brought some freshness to a game that's often criticized as
  2. Here's how this works: All prices include shipping to CONUS No trades! If you find a better deal, PM me a link, and I'll match the price! (You won't) LFG! •••••••••• •••••••••• Callaway Apex Hybrid Headcover Do you really need a description for this? You know, it's that thing you take off and then throw in the basket on the back of the cart so your club can get dinged all to hell as you do cart stunts for the 'gram $14 $12 for the illusion of protection •••••••••• TM 2014 MC 3-P with KBS Tour 120S FR
  3. This is a fantastic day for the WRX community. Well done, guys! Thank you for making this move.
  4. I was thinking about going with this exact setup with my extra set of CMB heads. You still gaming the PX LZ's instead? (Kicking myself for getting rid of mine...)
  5. Is that the fatter grip or the slimmer grip on the double wide? (OEM options are the skinny yellow grip or the fat yellow one; this one looks like you moved a grip off a Toulon over to the Odyssey, and I can't tell what size it is)
  6. You have to add a price, or else your ad will be taken down. (And what's the risk? It's not like this is some unicorn worth $550, lol)
  7. I NEVER sell wedges as sets. Here's why: • Getting one loft/grind combination is hard enough • Getting TWO is a unicorn I'm into moving stock—not sitting on it—so I always list each wedge individually. I also think the point about "I don't want some dinged up thing" is ridiculous. Look at the pictures. If you can't determine whether or not a wedge is in the condition you seek, then you shouldn't be buying one. I listed a callaway jaws 5 md5 54 brand new in plastic and an 60c thats been used 2 rounds for $220 and silence lol. Break these up, and you'll sell both.
  8. Compared to the rest of my clubs, I treat my wedges like garbage. I take divots. I rip ball after ball out of sandy, dirty lies with cr*ppy, dinged-up range balls. I throw my lob wedge when it misbehaves. Therefore, I want to pay the LEAST for these clubs because I know I'll be ruining them the fastest. And if you're a 3-wedge guy like me, you'll spend $500 on a fresh new set that fits your preferred specs. I'll be honest—I don't want to spend $500 on wedges in 5 YEARS, let alone every season. So whenever I want a new wedge, I find myself shopping for deals like an absolute madman. $55-$65 is
  9. The Fusion is the goat. Please keep sleeping on it (for whatever reason you like, such as popularity) so I can keep snatching up great heads for < $100.
  10. Well don't hold back. I'm selling everything listed in this ad (except maybe that headcover—nobody wants the Toe Up stench near their clubs, even if it means a killer magnetic closure that will actually fit in your bag and never malfunction).
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