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  1. Yes, late spring / early fall are in my experience the best times of the year for course conditions in Westchester (and I assume this part of the country generally). The courses don't need as much water as they do in the middle of summer, and can play significantly firmer and faster as a result, without stressing the course in the same way that you'd need to in summer to achieve similar speeds.
  2. I don’t know the OP’s situation, but one that immediately comes to mind is: I’m in for 6. Opponent has a 3 foot putt. If it’s for a 4, I might figure there is no way he is 3 putting from 3 feet and just give him the putt. If it’s for a 5, there’s some chance he misses from 3 feet, and if he does miss (and presumably taps in his next putt) the hole will be halved, so I want to see him putt it.
  3. Peter Millar acquired G/Fore a couple of years ago, so you can buy with a clear conscience.
  4. Thanks for the comments on the price. I paid well over retail a month or so ago to get this instead of ordering a new one and waiting 3 months+ for it to be delivered. I priced it here based on the recently sold items on eBay. The eBay sold listings show these selling between $3K and $4K, and I picked a price that was a little below the average eBay sale price. It seems like this may not be the place to sell it for the current market price. I'll throw it up on eBay tonight and see what happens. I'd prefer not to deal with eBay, but that seems like the right move here. I
  5. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve followed the charging and battery care instructions and it has had significant charge still remaining after the few range sessions I’ve used it for. I’d just be guessing.
  6. It includes everything that is issued as standard from Flightscope plus a roll of stickers.
  7. Flightscope Mevo+ in excellent condition and perfect working order. Very limited use. I’ve used it a few times at the range and I’ve been very happy with the accuracy of the unit, but I’ve unfortunately not had as much time to use it as I had hoped. $3,250 shipped to CONUS only.
  8. Maybe there’s something wrong with your unit? I’ve had the occasional misread and shots where it hasn’t picked up the shot at all, but 90%+ of the shots I’ve hit have had results in line with what I would have expected.
  9. I took mine to a trackman range. It was shocking how close the numbers were. From what I’ve seen, the issues people have had with Mevo+ numbers have been indoors. I haven’t read through every post in this thread, but the impression I have is that there is a consensus that the outdoor numbers are very accurate. Why do you think the spin numbers are “bollocks”?
  10. This sounds awesome. I hadn't heard of it before, but it sounds like exactly what I would want a system like this to be. I'm interested in this type of data, and I tried the Arccos system but returned it after 1 round. The data was great, but the tags on the end of the club bothered me - not so much the obtrusiveness of the tags themselves, but the change in the balance of the club. I would have bet I wouldn't notice, but I did, and I didn't like the way it felt. I generally can remember every shot I hit during a round, so if this works approximately as advertised, it will be great
  11. You are tied in for a year whether you pay the whole amount up front or monthly. I think you can suspend access during the course of the year (e.g. during winter if you're not playing / practicing) but you'e signing up for 12 months when you commit.Yes, you can upload videos to be reviewed about once every 5 days. There isn't any additional charge for this. The feedback is usually a couple of minute video response letting you know what you should be working on or giving you additional feedback on the change you're trying to implement.
  12. The first part of your post is an over simplification of whether a member makes or loses the club money. If a club costs $6M to run and has 300 members, the average cost per member is $20K. Adding member #301 doesn’t necessarily cost the club an additional $20K. The break even point for member #301 is the incremental cost of having them join, which given the fixed cost inherent in any golf club is in all cases going to be less than the average cost spread across all members. When I was treasurer of my club, I performed an analysis that pegged our incremental cost of bringing in a new member
  13. Apparently non-sequiturs are also aplenty there.
  14. It’s cool you live somewhere that swimming falls into that vast majority. You probably don’t get a lot of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, rugby, cricket or soccer games there. Or maybe you just call them meets.
  15. The vast majority of sporting contests are referred to as games.
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