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  1. I have often wondered why the Mantis has not been brought back— Cobra also had a stand pencil bag around the same time
  2. 1/2 a club.... if your clubs have 4 degrees of gap.... 2/3 if they have are 3 degrees of gap
  3. They are on a 6hr 45 min cutting pace— if they start at 5... that seems like a problem- not your pace
  4. FWIW..Rory’s ball did not enter the hazard from the fairway side
  5. Some provided services are not needed or asked for -- the expected tipping that is expected to go along with these services is garbage imo.
  6. Chatted with him on a plane a couple years ago - very nice guy.I could see a sponsorship working for the over 50 crowd and products
  7. If I wanted nightlife with good golf, I would head to Scottsdale depending upon the time of year. Between Kiawah and Pinehurst, Pinehurst is the stronger pick
  8. IMO — For a lousy caddie, they should get the bag rate. No tip. ... you got screwed, and if the caddie feels screwed, he has himself to blame
  9. I have used Headgear.... very nice to work with
  10. For weekends-- or maybe just Saturdays. I would block the first 60 - 120 minutes for members who are willing to be put in a foursome arranged by the pro shop .. maybe handicaps help to determine the groups in general... ie keep 25s away from 2s. If you are willing to play with others at your club, you should not get shut out-- and I think it fosters new friendships at clubs... if you don't like it, take your shot via the computer at a tee time later with your group.
  11. Just a guess - they seem to run differently than most clubs
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