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  1. I find it hard to believe you're either too lazy to look it up yourself or your search skills are so bad you can't find the answer. So which is it?
  2. OP, try to put your best foot forward in your next posting as this thread has missed its mark and is toe-ing the line toward the inappropriate. "Did you hear about the man without legs who lives at the foot of Mount Everest? When people meet him, they just find Himalayan there."
  3. So let me get this straight, you 'dropped' the shaft while reaching for it and it snaps? The same shaft you just swung at 100mph snaps when dropped? This doesn't pass the smell test to me.
  4. Las Campanas Golf Club Santa Fe, NM 5hcp 2020 Mavrik Rogue White 130MSI stiff I was fitted for the driver. TSI3 Yes, of course!
  5. Do a search as there are many threads on the Ventus. Also, look in the equipment forum and not here.
  6. Get yourself a grinder and go to town!
  7. Not only do I believe it, I condone it as he spoke of nothing but facts sir. You remind me of Roy Rogers horse, but I can't seem to remember its name...
  8. The balls on Callaway to not send you a new Mavrik for your troubles!! And I know how ya feel there sport, I dropped my Apple iphone 4s the other day and the damn screen broke! What a POS Apple makes, but the worse part is how they won't send me a new 12 Pro as compensation and a solution to my VERY pressing issue, my raging narcissism.
  9. Why would you take the risk of buying from a seller that you know has sold fakes in the past? They could be real, they are probably fakes, why risk your money when there are so many other sellers that are legit?
  10. Here's a thought GGE, don't sell something you don't have in your inventory. Seems as though most issues stemmed from selling items JT didn't have in stock, then lying/ignoring regarding the shipping. And for anyone defending this guy, just because you had a successful transaction (I bought 2 shafts from him) doesn't mean he wasn't a con artist.
  11. Checked out the 'bay ad and I must say, he wins the award for worst ad pics this month! How can anyone really look at that ad and think to themselves "yea, I nailed those photos."
  12. Very interested in this thread. Can anyone compare the Blue Velocore to the Rogue White 130MSI? How will they differ?
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