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  1. Yes, length down the shaft to the sole of the head and end of grip is just over 35".
  2. Hello everyone, still flying high after Phil the Thrill's win last weekend! All prices are shipped ConUS, insured, through USPS. Expect delays as I believe all shippers are still behind. Feel free to DM with any questions. Unreasonable offers will not be responded to. I tried to love the Autoflex, but it's just not a good match for my crap swing. When I was slow and smooth, the dispersion and length was an improvement over my current driver, but I can't seem to remember that each time I play, so here it is. Butt trimmed to play at the length shown. Sleeve will be included (not in
  3. Have you seen what they're going for lately?!?! Nutso $$ https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-toyota-celica-4/
  4. Ah, gotcha. For a minute I thought you might've bought 2 sets! Best looking iron ever made. I miss my Miura's.
  5. Exactly what I did and I can't seem to miss the middle of the face now. I've only hit it at the range, but putting it in play tomorrow for my skins match. There's really something to this damn shaft. Less effort, more distance. I don't understand it, but I love it so far. 505x, playing at 45.5', switching between Maverick and Epic Max LS until one shows itself to be superior.
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