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  1. I believe the Tiger stamped ones donate a portion of the proceeds to his charity. And if memory serves me, Joe forgot balls when they went to Riviera, so they bought 4 dozen at the pro shop .
  2. I'll add some science, and I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Why would an upright lie cause the club to slice through the rough any better than an average lie club? The surface area, and thus resistance, is the same regardless of the lie. If anything, the closer the hosel gets to the face of the club the less room there is for the grass to travel between the hosel and face, causing a 'paddle' effect that would seem to actually increase resistance. It's my opinion his ability to handle rough better than his opponents is tied to the speed at which he goes through the rough. A faster club causes the grass to essentially liquify. Sounds absolutely crazy to type that btw.
  3. That chart is fantastic. Are they the only manufacturer to provide this data?
  4. Agreed. you guys are smoking crack if you think it goes for more than $2-3MM. $25MM, no chance in Hades.
  5. Send that baby off to BOS and it'll come back looking new.
  6. If you're on average a good striker of the ball, a combo with the muscle backs is a good choice. The size difference isn't that great in the lower irons, but as the clubs get longer the difference becomes more apparent. I choose to go with the 8-PW in mb as I felt the mb's became too 'small' for my eye above that. Pure shots with either will feel very similar, it's the missed ones that you really pay for by lost yardage on the mb's.
  7. kcsf

    MG2 TW edition!

    Got my first round in yesterday with my 56, and I can honestly say the wedge is the best I've owned. The flat leading edge really helps in catching the ball cleanly, and the grind flat out works for me. Super happy with it.
  8. kcsf

    MG2 TW edition!

    Couldn't help myself, 56* on the way.
  9. Agreed, and for better or worse it will require an equipment change that has been in the discussion for the past few years. Smaller driver head, uniform ball, whatever it is Bryson has shown that a change would be good for the game. I never agreed with Jack that the ball should be rolled back, but I do see the reasoning now. A player doesn't pick their own ball in any other sport, why is golf different?
  10. I'm not a fan of Bryson for all the accurate descriptions detailed above, but I do appreciate his desire to expand his game in any way possible. Bulking up and driving the ball a mile is only beneficial if he can keep it in relative play, and he's shown he can do exactly that. Respect. To me, he's a man in search of who he is and what he wants to become both as a golfer and a man. He's a bit lost and unfortunately is going through this on a massively public scale. I truly hope he comes out the other end in a place of peace and tranquility. This 'professor' stuff has got to stop though. He took a few classes in college that were tough. So did I and many of you, yet no one is calling us a professor. (Apologies to any real professors out there.)
  11. They were available when I wrote that Capt Obvious.
  12. I'd say it's an average scratch.
  13. I'm in, but having an issue with my screenshot. SHOPPING CARTPROCEED TO CHECKOUT KING SPEEDZONE Tour Length Driver was added to your shopping cart.PRODUCT PRICEQTYSUBTOTAL EMPTY CART UPDATE SHOPPING CART KING SPEEDZONE TOUR LENGTH DRIVERColor Matte Black / White Hand Right Loft 9.0 Shaft Flex Option Graphite Stiff Shaft Fujikura Ventus Blue 8 - Graphite Stiff Shaft Length 1.00” SHORT Grip Type Cobra Connect Grips Grip Golf Pride - Tour Velvet 360 Connect - Black - Midsize Grip Options +1 WRAP (1/64") $689.00$689.00 SUMMARY Estimate Shipping and TaxGRAND TOTAL$689.00SUBTOTAL$689.00SHIPPING$0.00 PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
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