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  1. Wow. Good for you guys. Too many clubs are loaded with sandbagging and cheating golf hoes. I hate my club and its MGA. Divas.
  2. This is golfwrx.... we always buy the newest... always
  3. I play competition and am scratch and 50% of my practice is from scoring distances. I practice 40 - 130 yards allll the time. Then putting and some greenside stuff and then finally I hit enough full swings to stay loose and on plane. Too many full swings and they start going sideways. Besides practice, nothing makes me hit good wedge shots than a new set of wedges. If you chunk them then get some mid bounce vokeys w/ standard grinds - nothing fancy 50F 8*/54S 10*/58S 10*. Good luck.
  4. After two rough seasons following years as a + handicap I put the club away this winter. I have zero expectations. I even put a net up in the garage this winter - zero swings. Its next stop is the curb.
  5. T-MB or the UDI I got the UDI in a Recoil after having one with a Project X and it is night and day. I have a short swing with enough speed but needed a different shaft than what they offered.
  6. This site used to be way better w/ much better content. Nothing new for days. Glitchy. I am a club junky and am basically burned out over the releases of the last few years.
  7. During season I have 30-40 min practice seasons a few times a week. I follow this exact order. However, if I pick up a hitch in my swing or putting stroke I will spend a little extra time simply working through the basics. I don't hit a massive amount of balls because each shot is like it happens on the course. I've been a scratch and tournament golfer my whole life so i'm just trying to keep the game operational. Only other thing is my stat tracking, on the course I carry a yardage book and keep very detailed notes about yardages and stats. This is also a form of preparation some people
  8. I have seen decent teaching pros just get too much into their own egos. They find swing concepts/methods that they believe in and push them on every student. When I see it I feel sort of bad because they are professionals that typically believe in their craft but some simply can't see themselves and what they are teaching from the eyes of the student. I respect all PGA pros. They have difficult jobs.
  9. Gotta keep your head still and even tempo and visualize the roll of the ball It is impossible to perfect the putting stroke so get your distances feeled out, make sure you line up and then make sure the putter face square at impact and gets the ball rollin on its line
  10. Gotta be honest. In all my life this is a new one. The only things different between left and right are where blisters form on your hands, and your glove hand doesn’t get tan and after walking 36 holes I always chaffed more on my right side. I never bulged out more on my left from golf. However, I played college D1 20 years ago where you still had to hit the center of the club face for the ball to go where you intended. Back then a mis-hit was a penalty. Nowadays I guess you just steroid jerk those balls all day off that left side. I wish you best of luck.
  11. You’re not an idiot. You are right where you belong. Everyone here has the same disease. Serenity now.
  12. You are fine. Not bad at all. Just need to be in golf shape and know what you’re doing. Late in the round the long irons will remind you what you’re swinging. If you’re a good weekend golfer and think you’re gonna stripe a 3i on the 17th 115% like you did on the 3td you might consider that hybrid or 5w.
  13. I play out of the mid-atlantic where every course is bent and wet. The tips at my course are 7200 which plays like 7500 yards with no roll. I play from 6900 which is second set which plays 7000 plus. However, I do play state AM quals and some USGA quals and I can confirm with exception of a few (USGA AM/Open quals) they won't play courses beyond a certain yardage so even in some of those events they aren't stretching the courses longer than what I have at my home course. I'd prefer to practice/play from where my tournaments are and thats about 7000. If the state golf associations set c
  14. That when Dave Stockton said his greatest putting secret was that he focused on putting the ball over a spot about an inch in front of the ball he was being literal. The light bulb went off when I found he was actually focusing on a spot just in front of the ball during his putting stroke. He didn't care how the putter face squared up at impact - he just cared that it did square up so he could roll over his target. I am guilty of trying to perfect my putting stroke/arc to ensure perfection at impact. However, all that matters is pace and that the putter face squares at impact - it doesn't
  15. Ehhh. Per the OP we are talking about public golf in Leesburg, VA and not Maryland, West Virginia, DC, Baltimore, New Jersey or any other pocket of the 5 state DC metro area. Outside of DC area including all the major counties clear up to Loudoun its gridlock and hell on earth. Maryland and the more rural areas are probably great. However, the greater Leesburg area is the worst area for golf in the entire galaxy. If you can find a public course still in business the round of golf will be the equivalent of spending 6 consecutive hours wandering Costco.
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