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  1. I live in the Mid-atlantic aka Virginia and spring golf is sort of spotty. Gonna try to keep this short. By the end of the season my bag is typically set and I am playing to a solid 1-4. However, once spring rolls around I start the new season playing like garbage so I buy some new gear. For example, changing putters or adding a hybrid or adding a 5 wood or even an iron set, etc. But then by the time I have 10-15 rounds in or so and start playing a few times a week my game starts to pick up and I realize the changes I made to compensate for my early season rust were bad decisions. So I end up changing up gear again mid-season in some cases. Does anyone else suffer from the early season rusty gear worms?
  2. I use the Ping Crossover 4i Utility which is awesome.
  3. Everyone is chasing speed. Rory always has something going on. Maybe he just needs a weekend watching Harry Potter movies.
  4. TSi3 was winner b/c of looks, feel, speed, low spin and shaft option. Tested Epic Speed, Radspeed and G425. They were all good but didn't care for looks. The Epic Speed was closest with distance but not being adjustable was deal breaker. Radspeed was shortest. G425 was pretty good.
  5. I paid/ordered a stock set of MCs through Globalgolf in Sept and received first week of January. I waited 4 months and missed tail end of season. No idea on reason for delay except TM probably prioritizes certain retailers over others. I only have some simulator sessions in as waiting on snow to melt. Long irons feel rough when I miss the ball. I chalk it up to rust. However, I played an old set of MP-33s while waiting on these and those long irons felt better - probably because my familiarity with them. I can hit long irons so I am not too worried about it but I am already thinking of ordering 4-6 770. I will not be ordering clubs from Globalgolf again.
  6. 1) white paint in grooves of irons/wedges 2) underlined 9 irons
  7. Zipcore wedges are great. You can't go wrong. I concur with going mid-bounce. 6* is low. You won't notice difference between current 8* bounce and 10* around greens. However, it should be better out of bunker.
  8. The decision on the top of the bag must be made with consideration to the bottom of the bag. Which is weaker? For me, I am confident in my wedge game and am covered 125 to 40. My problem is 200-230. I am currently a 3 handicap and still play the back tees at my home courses (36 holes) that easily play 7000+. Throw in some wind, some missed tee balls, a few long par threes and I am looking at 200-230 multiple times in a round. So, last year I played UDI 2 iron and 4-PW. This year I am playing 2hy, 3hy and 4-PW which covers 200-230 with more consistency.
  9. Wow. Good for you guys. Too many clubs are loaded with sandbagging and cheating golf hoes. I hate my club and its MGA. Divas.
  10. This is golfwrx.... we always buy the newest... always
  11. I play competition and am scratch and 50% of my practice is from scoring distances. I practice 40 - 130 yards allll the time. Then putting and some greenside stuff and then finally I hit enough full swings to stay loose and on plane. Too many full swings and they start going sideways. Besides practice, nothing makes me hit good wedge shots than a new set of wedges. If you chunk them then get some mid bounce vokeys w/ standard grinds - nothing fancy 50F 8*/54S 10*/58S 10*. Good luck.
  12. After two rough seasons following years as a + handicap I put the club away this winter. I have zero expectations. I even put a net up in the garage this winter - zero swings. Its next stop is the curb.
  13. T-MB or the UDI I got the UDI in a Recoil after having one with a Project X and it is night and day. I have a short swing with enough speed but needed a different shaft than what they offered.
  14. This site used to be way better w/ much better content. Nothing new for days. Glitchy. I am a club junky and am basically burned out over the releases of the last few years.
  15. During season I have 30-40 min practice seasons a few times a week. I follow this exact order. However, if I pick up a hitch in my swing or putting stroke I will spend a little extra time simply working through the basics. I don't hit a massive amount of balls because each shot is like it happens on the course. I've been a scratch and tournament golfer my whole life so i'm just trying to keep the game operational. Only other thing is my stat tracking, on the course I carry a yardage book and keep very detailed notes about yardages and stats. This is also a form of preparation some people don't practice. 1) Putting - take one ball out and work my way around the green - putting everything out 2) Pitching - we have short game area so I hit probably 25 balls between 40-80 yards from different areas and different lies 3) Range - work my way up from some 3/4 wedges to full 8 irons, 6 irons and a couple 4 irons followed by a 4-5 drivers/fairway woods
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