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  1. I tried one on a hybrid any moisture will cause an issue.. Great feel but performance was meh.
  2. Be sure to check shoulder alignment.. knees and feet can be aligned but if your shoulders aren’t aligned to target that can cause issues.. you can get away with it on shorter clubs but longer clubs the misses will be more apparent
  3. Did you have any timing issues due to the 20 gram decrease??
  4. I was in the same situation.. I switched out the shaft on my 6 iron for steel fiber and played for a few months to really put it to the test. Worked great and now getting the rest of my irons switched. One thing to keep in mind dropping down more than 10 gram in shaft weight could cause issues with your swing. That’s what aerotech rep told me when I called and asked about shaft weights.. ymmv
  5. It works but you have to be patient and go slow intially..
  6. I am going through this problem as well and for me it was the fact that I was lifting instead of turning in the backswing..
  7. I have been to two of clinics and it was money well spent and j genuinely had fun. I took lots of notes and I often watch some of the videos that I took when things go off the rails for me. The most informative part for me was watching others swing and trying to diagnose issues/faults. My only regret is I haven’t done the playing lesson. I hope this helps
  8. I have been there a few times.. what worked for me was going out to play golf without worrying about score and have fun. I stopped playing golf swing on the course and went out and hit golf shots. Finding an instructor is really difficult, so don’t beat yourself up too bad.
  9. I think you have to make a trip up to DE to play Baywood Greens.. it’s a very very nice course and my favorite in that area. As far as hotels I don’t think it will be too crowded in October to stay near the boardwalk.
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