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  1. Have been playing poorly recently but watched these videos and went to the range today. Made a huge difference in strike, direction and aesthetics on camera. Definitely added a few yards as well.
  2. To be fair to him it was back in the early days of his channel when he would interrupt/talk over. He's taken the feedback on board and learned from it, can't say fairer from that. I think he does a good job of bringing information from lots of interesting instructors to the masses.
  3. Interesting videos and all makes sense. However I notice that all of the posts on Kwon's IG page show the golfer swinging a driver. Is this because it's the best way to learn the flow and pattern that he teaches? Or is he only teaching driver swing? Presumably the same principles he teaches applies to iron swing as well, but he only seems to have his students swinging driver
  4. So I know theses days we're supposed to use the bounce, and that's what all the best players in the world do, etc etc But anyone still using the more traditional hinge and hold? I've tried to use the bounce, and I've watched every clip and read every book and article on it. Sure I can hit some great shots but it's just not consistent enough for me. I can go to the practice green and not be able to hit two or three of the same shot in a row. First one will be high and soft, then it'll come out lower with more run, then a high soft one, then a mid trajectory. So hard to control distance when you don't know how it's going to come off the club. But if I get my hands ahead of the ball and drive the clubhead into the ground, I get great contact every time and more importantly it's a predictable trajectory and spin. Who else is with me? (apart from Phil!)
  5. Apologies if this has already been asked, I haven't had chance to read through the whole thread yet. Is this video useful for someone who gets a bit stuck under, with a pivot stall who hits blocks and hooks? Or is it more aimed at people with an over the top move who hit a slice? Thanks.
  6. First off, I know it's difficult to comment without a video, but I am hoping this is a simple fix. I'm playing great right now, probably the best I ever have - driving the ball great, hitting hybrid well, flushing my short irons - but I just have one problem... My mid-long irons, say 4-6 irons, are low hooks. Contact feels quite solid but they start straight, have a very low flight and hook left. I'm hoping the fact that I am hitting every other club in the bag really well means it's just something simple. I guess ball position would be an obvious candidate, maybe move it towards my lead foot? Possibly sliding towards target too much?
  7. Can anyone please confirm the following: - if you go for the monthly option can you cancel at any time or are you tied in for a year? Have read conflicting answers on this in the thread - is it correct that you get to upload your swing videos every 5 days and get feedback from a GG coach? Is this extra or included? How detailed is the feedback you get? Thanks
  8. Since working on this I've shot my two lowest scores. 72 last week and 70 today. If I could chip I would genuinely have shot 66 or 67 today.
  9. pusb365


    Anyone compare the TP5/x to Srixon Z Star XV?
  10. There is definitely something in this. Maybe not for everyone, but for some people with certain faults. It's working for me anyway. It felt like I was doing everything I shouldn't be - casting, flipping, rolling the wrists, all of that bad stuff - yet contact was great, direction and direction control were great. So I filmed myself and to my surprise I was not not doing any of those bad things. The befores on the left was me trying to hold the lag, get my hands on my left thigh etc while hitting foam balls at home last week. The afters on the right are trying to throw the club away on the range today (plus a little help from Monte who told me to extend more through impact)
  11. I went to the range today for the first time in a few months after courses/ranges opened up here again and tried this method. For 75% of the session it was great, I was hitting it straight and long, really good contact. Then I went out onto the grass range and seemed to lose it, I was chunking everything. But that first bit of the session was really encouraging, I'm looking forward to working on it again.
  12. pusb365

    Vokey SM8

    Looking to replace my Cally PM grind lob wedge It's 60 degrees with 10* bounce and I've decided I want a regular clubhead shape Unsure whether to go 10*S or 08*M
  13. Just watched the video on the op, along with a few other bits in here and the release reminds me of Bradley Hughes' teaching methods
  14. For the purpose of this thread so that we're all thinking of the same shot, let's assume it's a good lie in the fairway, no wind, and pin slap bang in the middle of the green. So many ways to play this shot, but how do you play it?
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