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  1. TaylorMade Community username - metamurph Current driver model / specs - Taylormade SLDR/S, 10, Neutral, Speeder 65 S, GolfPride MCC4+ Align, plus 1 wrap Current handicap - 10 RH or LH - LH
  2. I generally prefer a strong 3 (13*) to me it is based on what can you get in the air, what you are using it for: off the tee, off the deck, how you want to gap, do you carry D/3w/5w, then where the set starts, 3w/H irons... again gap, shot types, I have a few changeable pieces depending on the course
  3. My vote is a little biased in that if you don't have LH...it can't be best, at least not for me.
  4. Let alone 2017 golf hasn't started for a majority of golfers -- and "tested" means...you gave it a whack in the shop? Spent an hour getting fitted? Watched a lot of YouTube? I have an based on this: Epic SZ is best.... and what does "best" mean? At least we know that it is an "opinion" poll.
  5. Come on guys, Rick needs a chance to hit some sweet Miura's even though I would have put them in the last category against the other forged player clubs.
  6. I have used Aldila shafts in a prior driver and liked them quite a bit. I am prepping to move to a new driver and have been leaning because of experince in my hybrids to the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage but I believe these are the direct competitors, I want a low spin, low torque shaft. I play the KK in 80gm Hy/Stiff and would probably best go into the 60gm Stiff Rogue. Would love this Made in the USA awesomeness keeping it long and straight off the tee.
  7. In a post below answer the following:[list] [*]What city/state are you located? Redmond, WA [*]Current handicap - 16 [*]Driver swing speed -- 100 [*]Have you participated in testing for GolfWRX before? No but I have tested for Titleist [*]What's your current 'gamer' ball? Z-Star or Pro V1x with the occasional Nike Platinum [*]Have you played a Srixon golf ball in the past? yes: Q-Star, Z-Star and Z-Star XV [*]Do you agree to participate in an ongoing discussion and post your review/feedback of Srixon Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV? Yes [/list] If I get them in Feb, I can definitely get a few ro
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