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  1. I just moved to South Charlotte late this summer and like you have been looking for a place to join. I have been playing a lot of public golf and have played a handful of private clubs. I have looking at a lot of the options that you are debating. I was able to play Firethorne but was really not impressed for the price. I considered Palisades and was able to play there once. Like you, I enjoy walking and that is a course that would be very tough to walk. At this point I'm planning to join Rock Hill Country Club next spring. Dues around 220 per month and no initiation for the young professional
  2. Just received my order of the Old Navy Go Dry pants that I ordered this weekend (finally restocked some sizes). Got all four colors and the fit was consistent except in one pair the cut was noticeably different. I will be returning those. They are a slightly slimmer fit that I was expecting but I will keep them for the price. Material is nice and comparable to Lulu. Will be testing them out at Pinehurst at the end of the month.
  3. For those that have them, does Kari usually send tracking info? Waiting on a shipment update on mine. Also which carrier for USA delivery?
  4. Good to know, thanks. Leaning toward sticking with the tp5x then
  5. It felt light to me when I rolled it today.. I’m guessing it’s because I game a superstroke, but I hated the grip. I’m sure many prefer that grip though
  6. Dormie is top notch.. played a few years ago before I realized what a great golf course is suppose to be. Still my favorite
  7. Has anyone gamed one of the s-line putters from artisan. They are more your run of the mill putter from them will less customization. Much cheaper than going with the fully customized one. Just wanted to get feedback if anyone has. I was looking at the 0119s model
  8. Good info! Happy to see that most clubs have a young professional membership option. Also noticed someone commented about non advertised deals such as “dues only” that might be happening at some of the clubs. Obviously not the top courses on the list but they are out of my price range anyway
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a good test from the back tees and conditions seemed to be pretty good (just judging based on the drone video they had on their website)
  10. Placed 2 orders on Sunday, still waiting on tracking or order to arrive. Glad to hear everything has been as advertised for everyone. Looking forward to mine!
  11. Looking for some more recent feedback on this topic.. Any info on some of the more reasonable clubs would be appreciated
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