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  1. Another quick question for everybody what is the weight of club head without adapter I put mine on a scale and it was only 198.4g and on PXG website it says it’s stock at 206, I got mine used and it was at playing at 46” so I’m wondering if that’s why it’s so light? In any case I need to order weight kit and get headweight up as I feel like that maybe why im not as consistent with contact point.
  2. I’m 6’ tall and I played 44” with old driver and 46” with new driver, I’m gripping down as much as I can as I find it helps my keep it in the fairway or at least in play, only reason I haven’t cut down shaft yet is I’m trying to figure out headweight and if I need to buy a kit (PXG), or if I just should switch out shaft. I think 45” would probably be best at my height/arm length.
  3. Another thought I’ve been having is that if I up weight of club head I should soften up the shaft a touch which I also wouldn’t be opposed to as I think 6.5 smoke green is just a bit to stiff but 6.0 would be to soft so I’m hoping to try that out this coming Thursday and Friday
  4. They do fly high but I’m also a high ball hitter so I can’t comment on if it’s heads or not, they are old color chart which I only know as mine are purple dot which I don’t believe they make anymore
  5. I played a ping Anser up until I got a new to me pxg and it was just as long out of the middle and only slightly less forgiving on miss hits, as far as irons I picked up ping IE1 irons which for some reason people seemed to not like but I have found them to be super nice and cheaper then a lot of models that are older. I think it all depends on what you are looking for most upgrading in stages is fine as long as you are willing to work with some gaps for short times. p.s. PM me if you want a ping Anser driver I have 2 heads and a ping stock stiff shaft and would love to sell one of them to clean out my golf space lol
  6. Tried step 1 thur and fri, was launching lower with lowered spin from eye test hit a few really long even when missing slightly high, I’m going to try adding some weight on heel and toe ports and see if that keeps it a bit straighter on side to side mishits, I’m gonna just add some lead tape to inside of weights for testing and if I like results I will be ordering a kit for permanent setup
  7. I didn’t even try hitting it in “standard” setting, I played both ping g25 and Anser drivers in the flat setting and shorter shafted so I knew I was gonna be going flatter, I’m 6ft tall but I have super long arms and play irons 1° flat as well so for me part of the reason I bought the driver is that it had the 2.5-3° flat settings
  8. I was keeping it in the back to give most forgiveness but I’ll give it a try up front and I’d like to order the weight kit and mess around with that idea maybe gain a bit more forgiveness on the side to side misses
  9. Maybe it’s time to buy even shorter tees lol way to many felt like pop-ups today, I shot my best round +11 (79) but with some of my drives being longer I feel like I could have gone even lower, I shouldn’t look a PR in the mouth but maybe that’s just golf and always wanting more haha
  10. So I just recently picked one of these up and I can’t find to much info on where the sweet spot is, playing it in flat +1° setting 12.5g in back and all other weights at 2.5g stock with HZRDUS green smoke shaft 6.5 and when I hit it well I’m getting 285+ total but it’s feeling like if I hit it higher on face it’s only going like 260, I’ve been teeing it quite a bit lower then old driver (ping Anser) which I already teed low compared to most people I’ve played with, any info would be great thanks
  11. I have nothing to add that’s helpful but I just picked up a Proto x with hzrdus smoke green 6.5 70g playing at 46” which coming from a 44” build in last driver feels like it’s a long drive build, I have been playing in flat “pxg” with 12.5G in heel 2.5G in rest of the ports, I think the shaft is a bit stiff for me as I’ve hit a few in the 290+ range but only if I’m super loose and swinging fast to many swings have felt like I’m swinging rebar, old driver was ping Anser at 44” with ahiná 70g s tipped 1/4” so it played stiff+ being as short as it was temped to pull it and stick it in a pxg adaptor and see if I can regain distance but add control
  12. Evenflow shaft is made by project x, but without knowing what model you have and weight/flex it would be hard for anyone here to give you advice
  13. I was just playing today and had a few drives in the 290-300 range with a ping anser 9.5° playing at 44” yes I did have to change the weight port from stock (2-3g) to a after market one that’s 8g and I have a bit of yarn to bring down the noise but I’m sure it’s still “lighter” in swingweight then it was stock but for me keeping them in play in worth more then 5-10 more yards
  14. Sadly I’m mostly short on 20ft or longer and yes I’m still missing inside of 6ft so I think it’s a combo of a lot of things, short game could always use more work as well but I’ve 3 putt from inside 10ft so I think at this point it may just be a confidence thing
  15. My thoughts exactly, I’m really leaning towards a ping as I’ve had 2 and really like the feel of them, g400 in some manner is prob what I’ll end up with as the g410 is still a bit more then I wanna spend
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