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  1. > @"Raving Shanker" said: > I don't know. I just want to say this is something I wonder about also - the pure economics of how the tour works. The 100th ranked LPGA player only earns about $100k in a year. If they had to pay for their own equipment, hotels and accommodation their annual expenditure would be over that amount. Exactly. I read a article once where a tour player said it cost him around $300,000 per year to play the tour . Travel , caddies , coaches etc . So how do these low end level girls survive . Even if they make $200,000 in earnings that puts them in the negative .
  2. Question I have is what do you think these girls make in endorsements. Half of them look like walking billboards with sponsors all over them . I know it varies but let’s say for sake of conversation a really high end player and a girl who fights to keep her card . What do you all think they are earning in sponsorship money??
  3. I know top 10 symetra players go lpga . And next 20 go straight ro lpga finals wat about the rest of the players ?? How many retain a symetra tour card?? And i assume all get to skip first stage seeing it goes in during there season ? Thank
  4. Will the Tour players who are not playing in the actual pro am be om grounds practicing?? Bringing my son And nephew jusy wanna make sure they will get a glimpse of all there favorite Players ??
  5. Any1 have a non stupid answer for me ?? Thinking bout goinf the pro am wen the tour comes to town but wanted to c how the day usually plays out
  6. Hey guys wondering how does pro am Wednesday work. I know only bout 50 guys play in the pro am . How are rhe players selected ?? I am sure its mostly the top dogs right? Also wat do the other players do . R the practice facilities open to them ? Can they play the course later in the day ?
  7. Anyone else find tbis new group of young stars very Boring and cookie cutter . A bunch of kids who seem entitled and show hardly any enthusiasm when they win or anger when they play poorly. Groomed thru the junior golf programs its like they feel entitled to win and its expected. I miss the firey nature of tiger . Fist pumping when he made a huge putt or slamming clubs when he played bad . At least he looked engaged . Payne stewart, corey pavin a couple more of my all time favorites these guys had the fire Sorry but JT, koepka , rory , jordan just dont do it for me and honestly i have wa
  8. 74-77 missed match play by 6 shots . First time i missed match play in 4 years . O well Got a big member member coming up , plus us Am qualifying. So ill use these rounds as building Blocks for those 2 events which are both this month
  9. 74 today . Hit it ok short game was horrible 3 off the cut to make match play . prob Gonna have to get red tomorrow or its gonna be see you next year . Smh
  10. U can find any1 handicap if u know there name and state . How they gor yur email is another story
  11. State am starts tomm. In on a exemption from making the rd of 16 last year . I havent played 10 times yet this year working way to much . 55-60 hour weeks . I own my own business and usually playing and practice is no problem at all . But tbis year we are extremely short handed and have been since march . ( bad timing for a golfer in boston) Played july 4th and before that had not played in 3 wks This could be a long 2 days lol Any1 have this problem ?? U have a big event coming up and no time to play leading into it ?? How did u play??
  12. Ok guys now rhat we have seen these 2 at there best and seen them both struggle lately i ask the question who will end up with the better career . ??
  13. And do they have a specil temporary status like the tour ?? If a young player with no status gets in a couple tourneys plays well can they obtain limited status to keep playing To try And earn a Card ??
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