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  1. Figured it wouldn’t last long worked great for my 70$ tee time this morning
  2. > @krutoi said: > tried and it's not working > Using the app? Hotdeal? Single? Those seem to be the only requirements
  3. Promo code XFINITYFREE NO limit on value, works for booking one person. I booked the same hotdeal as my buddy. They’ll probably kill this soon so hurry up and book. Find something expensive! Must use app
  4. > @tannyhoban said: > So your main misses are with driver and you are changing irons? Maybe walk us through the thought process. > @"North Butte" said: > If the length, lie, weight and shaft flex of your current irons suit you then just find a set with similar specs that you like the looks of and demo them. If you don't hit them well, try a different set. > > Sounds like your current irons don't have any particular issues other than you'd like to get something new and different. That doesn't require a fitting, just some shopping. Which is fun! Yes really I just want
  5. Alright guys thanks definitely want something I can progress with.
  6. Considering upgrading clubs from my current iron set of Calloway XRs which I’ve had for 4 years. Been slowing trending down and hovering around a 14hc right now my man misses being with my driver. Hit my buddy’s ap2s and anothers ap3s on the range today and had pretty good success with the ap3s. Really I just want to upgrade because I can’t stand the look/offset of the clubs but want to stay with something forgiving. What are the most popular sets right now? Love the look of i700, ap3/2 and the p790. Also at this handicap is it worth getting fitted?
  7. Is there a promo code for this? not seeing it. thanks
  8. Recently moved to Fort Lauderdale. Looking for a junior membership somewhere nearby. Don’t need anything super fancy, but a good range is preferred. I also like to walk if it’s not too hot. Prefer private but I think the area will be too expensive.
  9. Playing Plantation Friday for the first time I'll give a update. Played jaracada east on my trip last month and enjoyed it alot. Very nice course and probably the best fairways and greens, but thought the holes weren't that exciting. I think Osprey is more fun with Deer Creek about even. Carolina is also in good shape for the price.
  10. Apparently you can cause someone at the top of this page posted a sale of 6 dozen balls that he used the code on. I thought it was for one item but guess it works for more! Yeah I saw his, and bought pants and a sweater. Glad I used this code last night
  11. For those that still have the code, you can use it for more than one item
  12. Got mine in “very good” condition today. Pretty sure it’s brand new.
  13. dicks has the discount again for me
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