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  1. I read something like this as well that his delivery naturally leads to low launch/spin so this helps with that.
  2. It is crazy to think what it could be with that swing, driving prowess and already proven ability to get it done on the biggest stage. Is it the TM clubs? The ball? Changes physically? Marriages/family? Did it come too easy initially and he got complacent? It’s not like he hasn’t played great golf at points and he has consistently stayed in the top rankings, but what could it be? The last 6 years from 26 to almost 32 should have been his absolute prime. I’m a big Rory fan but really can’t put my finger on it.
  3. I've done a ton of shaft testing with irons in recent months after I bought a srixon fitting cart off the bay. I've been shocked to see how similar the numbers are on gc2 with shafts that are all supposed to have different profiles, x100, s400, px 6.0, 6.5, ctaper 125, modus 125, 130 and 120, kbs tour v s+. Ball speed, launch, spin, apex, dispersion, almost the same with all. It just got me wondering if I'm missing something and should be looking in a different class. After watching a some of the true temper videos on different shafts and how important tempo is, I started thinking how is tempo
  4. I can’t disagree with this. I bought a set and tested them against x100 in srixon 785 fitting head. I more just wanted to see how stiff these were. I was shocked at how smooth they felt, basically felt similar to x100. I’m certainly not an overly high speed player....driver ss around 112. Ball speed, launch and spin very virtually identical as well. Given the same numbers and feel, being 42 and playing it safe to have the softer shaft if I want to take something off, I went with x100 but still was very surprised at how manageable these were.
  5. Hello friends....looking for one of the following Kuro Kage fairway wood shafts with a Titleist fairway adapter for 915/917. XT XD DC XT (not the standard DC) prefer 80g tx but may also consider 70g tx
  6. Interesting question that I've evaluated a lot in recent years. I started thinking about tee clubs as I need different tools for different flights. After hitting it right to left (draw with a hook miss) with the driver, through equipment adjustments and swing changes I've begun to hit a fade with the driver...to the point that I can't turn it over reliably so I never try....it's a fade club. Needing a turn it over club but still something relatively not that far behind driver, strong 3w made its way into the bag. This then led to 17* hybrid and 21* hybrid, and both with old school motore spee
  7. Hello friends. A few items today. First up is a sim driver head 10.5* of loft in very good shape. No tool or head cover. $280 shipped. Next is a Fujikura Ventus black 6x with velocore with a TaylorMade adapter. Shaft is untipped and measures 43.5” uninstalled. $old Next is two Ping G410 Lst driver weights. One is 12 grams one is 20 grams. both $old no trades at this time.
  8. Looking for this driver length shaft with either a taylormade adapter, titleist driver adapter or no adapter. Who has????
  9. Do you know what the sim max head weighs? Thanks.
  10. Who’s getting rid of theirs in decent shape? I play a driver a little shorter so heavier head than stock preferred. Not looking for max or max d
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