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  1. Anyone looking to part with their good condition Toulon San Diego in 33-34”?
  2. Looking for one in good shape.
  3. Any notable points on the bunkers? Very soft sand? Firm with little sand?
  4. Hi folks…heading to streamsong in about a month. Yes, I’m probably over analyzing but anyone have any recommendations on which equipment would be best for the course conditions specifically for around the greens and which wedge bounces/grinds may be best. Of course there could be various types of lies but are fairways around greens pretty tight and firm which may not be best for high bounce? Is bunker sand super fluffy, firm with little sand or somewhere in the middle. Is the rough thick that may benefit from more bounce? Thanks!
  5. But now how many of us will go pay extra to have this better looking version?
  6. Looking for head only preferably.
  7. Agreed. I'm planning to build a very black/gray custom option but now I'm thinking to just pick up a basic option here first to try, then if I like the performance, then spend on the custom option.
  8. Sounds very similar to the version I'm building!
  9. Trying to build on mystealth and for Diamana DF with the upcharge, there doesn't seem to be a TX version. Is the expectation to +$350 for the "X" version of Diamana DF rather than the "TX" ie the not real deal version?
  10. I was able to pick up a 60tx. It's very stable but also feels outstanding. Bullet fades all day.
  11. It's been well documented that more modern drivers have become harder to turn over. It's not impossible to draw but many players are finding it more difficult and need to hit 3w on holes they have to turn it over. Many have discussed this, Rory being one of the more notable. I've found this problem myself. I hit every club in my bag right to left (draw) besides my 2016 M2 driver which I hit left to right. I have also owned at different points M3/ M3 440/ M5/SIM/SIM2 (none have beaten M2 - story for another day), but couldn't turn any of them over either unless I do something extreme like really close my stance. I go back and throw in a 430 SLDR, same shaft, same SW, same swing and even set to lower (open) and then natural flight is a draw. I have an old Titleist 905s...I hit a draw with that driver as well. Maybe TM is trying address that.
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