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  1. Looking for this in pretty good shape, head only or if you have a low/low profile 75-85g x shaft.
  2. Looking for project x 6.5 iron shafts .355 tip in 4-pw. Need to play standard length (38” 5 iron)
  3. Looking for both a Ventus velocore blue and black, both 7s with a Titleist driver adapter playing around 45”.
  4. Looking for Titleist 915f/913f 5-wood head in pretty good shape.
  5. Is Shane Lowry’s caddie himself from the future?
  6. Hello friends. Sad to say but I need a little more loft and must pass this GOAT on to someone that will get the most out of it. It’s the rare 8.5* 2016 tour issue M2 head. Not sure of the specs but another 2016 TI M2 head in which I do know the specs and it’s 9.8* actual loft. This head clearly has less loft. On GC2 with same same shaft and std settings I see 1.3* lower launch and 200 rpm less spin than the 9.8* head if that helps. Amazing shape for its age. white on the crown is clean as you can see. The head weighs 199g. No headcover or tool. $300 $275 shipped Next is a Fujikur
  7. 2016 tour issue m2 days are over. Looking for very good condition 8* or 9* TSi3 or 8*TSI2 either head only or shafted in the 70-80g low/mid launch and low spin profile.
  8. So which wedge shafts are you going with to keep the spin down?
  9. We've all heard Rory say he can't draw the modern drivers as well any more. I hit a draw my whole life and still hit a draw with every club except driver which is cut/slice. This is not an unknown concept, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone explain why that is. What's the science behind this? I have a 430cc SLDR 9* that I actually have set to two clicks lower ie a few degrees open and I can turn that over. Every other driver I have had that are more recent, it's the fade....M1, M2, M3, SIM, SIM2....all fades. I swap out the head, put the SLDR on the same shaft with the same SW, again, a
  10. Hello friends: Two TaylorMade driver heads for sale today. First is a Tour Issue M1 430cc head 9.5*. I do not know specs but I weighed the head and it’s 194g. Very clean crown as the pics show. A could of small nicks on the underside of the toe that you can’t see from address. Headcover included but no tool. $180 shipped Next is a SIM2 9.0 head that has seen very little use and is in amazing shape. Head weighs 196g. No headcover or tool. $360 shipped No trades.
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