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  1. I would play these immediately even though I have no business playing these.
  2. Didn’t Sergio have a special one off sim last year? Rory didn’t drive it this year like he did in the past. Yes he’s undergoing swing changes but could it be the driver? I think DJ couldn’t get comfortable either. Rory did mention having a tough time turning it over. Maybe they made him a special one off d-type head to go back to his draw but without it saying d-type?
  3. Hi Folks...thoughts on real or not on these golf pride tour wrap 2g?
  4. Hi folks...a few items today, not looking for any trade unless you have a 2016 tour issue m2 8.5-9.0* in very good shape. First item is a brand new never used Scotty Cameron phantom x 5. The putter is 35”. $395 shipped Next is a Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 7x driver shaft with a Titleist adapter. The shaft is untipped and plays 45” in a TSi3. $old Next is a Titleist TSi3 8* driver head that was used for exactly one round and one indoor range session on the launch monitor. This is mint. This comes with the -2g (6 grams) and the +4g (12 grams) but not the standard weight. Headcover was unused and still in plastic. No tool included. $old
  5. Hi folks...looking for a Titleist 915fd or a 917f3 13.5* 3 wood head in pretty good shape.
  6. Mizuno mp4 and don’t ever look back. I’ve had many different blades in the last 30 years. They’re at the top of my list.
  7. Looking for a TSi3 head in very good shape in either of these lofts. Who's looking to get rid of theirs?
  8. I definitely think path is a huge factor. My AOA with a driver is typically 5* up which has been very good for high launch low spin, but also gets the path going left which does not allow for a draw. The problem I have is I hit draw with a left miss with every other club (and with driver until a few years ago), so I mentally struggle with aiming down the left side of the fairway and hitting a cut. The other issue is my home course has ob or woods left on every par 4/5 on the front and 5 of the 7 par 4/5s on the back. Most of them, the trouble is only 10 yards or less left of the fairway. On all of those holes, you just have another hole on the right that you can play from. To to aim left down the ob line especially with a history of having a left miss like I do, makes it challenging to be confident in playing a fade. I guess with a left path, if you can rotate the face hard enough, you can still get a ball that flies left (and maybe if you aim right) it may mistakenly appear to be a draw, but with the modern CG points made earlier, that is much harder to do. I guess if one really wants to hit a draw with a driver, they really need to either not hit as up on it so the path is not as left or if they want to hit up on it still for better launch/spin dynamics, that player then needs to really get the path moving significantly in to out.
  9. Anyone looking to get rid of their TSi4 9* head?
  10. Looking for anyone the following heads in good shape: 2016 M1 460 8.5* 2016 M2 8.5* 2017 M1 440 or 460 8.5*
  11. Hello friends...a couple items for sale: First is a Sim 2 driver head 8* in excellent condition as you can see. The headcover was not gamed. $old! Next is a Ventus Black Velocore 7s driver shaft with a TaylorMade adapter. The shaft is in excellent shape as well. The shaft is tipped 0.5” and measures 44.5” uninstalled. $250 shipped. No trades at this time.
  12. Hi all. Looking for an 8* or 9* TSI2 driver head in very good shape.
  13. Looking for an TSi2 8* head but would consider 9* for the right deal. Looking for very good shape.
  14. Please delete. Wrong forum by accident
  15. Looking for an TSi2 8* head but would consider 9* for the right deal. Looking for very good shape. Thanks
  16. Does anyone else hate being paired with strangers? Does anyone dislike this to the point they would rather not play? I’m not self conscious about the game as I’m not that terrible, typically so 2-4 cap during the year. I found recently on vacation my wife and we got paired. I really realized I would rather just not play. I have my typical weekend games at my club with guys I know and that’s fine, but when I play somewhere new, I just want to play alone or with people I know. I don’t want to be paired with someone new because it’s all small talk...where are you from? what do you do? are you married? It’s almost like a job interview. I’d rather just not deal. I’ve played enough golf in my life that the incremental round just isn’t worth having that experience. Anyone else just rather now play?
  17. Hahah I have no idea what it is. The only thing I can guess is my natural iron ball flight is a draw with my miss being a hook, but the hook/draw seems to be less severe with the mizzy. Maybe it’s the lower offset?
  18. I have a few sets of irons. This year I rotated between two, Srixon 785 and mizuno mp4, same shafts, length, lie, sw, etc. I played 38 rounds on my home course, about equal rounds with each set. In all rounds on my home course with the mizzy my average index is 4.9. With 785, it’s 7.5. I also hit two more greens per round with the mizzy. I thought maybe it was due to coincidentally driving better in the rounds with the mizzy, but I actually hit 5 fairways per round with both. Yes, driving accuracy needs work. Putts per round were also about the same. Clearly the mizzy are better statistically for whatever reason. However, I keep going back to the 785 because I tell myself I have no business playing blades if there are all these tour pros that don’t. I go to the 785, shoot 80 or worse, get pissed, go back to the mizzy, shoot 75/76, tell myself that’s better but blades are for tiger, rory and adam, go back to the 785, rinse and repeat.
  19. Yes this distance is great which is why I would love to be able to find the setup to make it playable. I like that I hit it right to left since I hit driver left to right so I have options for different shape tee shots, but in it's current form, it's not simply a draw but more a 40 yard hook which isn't playable.
  20. Hello friends...I've been testing a SIM2 Rocket 13.5 as almost a mini driver/2-wood off the tee play. However, I've found it to be very hook biased, very hook. For reference, I have a 915f 15* set to A1 with a Diamana 80x untipped that I hit pretty straight. It's been in the bag for 6 years and I love it but looking for something just a little longer so have been experimenting with SIM2 Rocket. I started with Diamana DF 80TX and hooked the crap out of it. I even lowered the loft ie open the face all the way to lower, still the same. I've often read the Motore Speeder VC tour spec line is great shaft to mitigate the hook. I have had good success with the 8.8x VC tour specs shafts eliminating the hook in my hybrids, so I picked up a Motore Speeder 8.2x VC tour spec here. It's also tipped 0.75", so a pretty stout shaft. For reference, I'm no long-drive champ...driver ball speed typically mid-160mph, so if anything, this shaft should be too stout for me. Nevertheless, testing it the last couple of days, hitting very strong hooks with this setup, even lofting it down fully which should open the face 4*. I don't hit hooks like this with any other club. My driver ball flight is a fade with miss being right. Hybrid iron flight is slight draw with a miss left, but nothing close to what I've seen with this. My question is....have others found this SIM2 Rocket head to be hooked bias. What have others found?
  21. Hello friends...has anyone tried using an M2 driver weight in a Sim2 driver (front weight) or Sim2 fairway weight? I took the weight out of the sim2 fairway, it looked like the size thread of the m2 driver weight which I have some extras, so I screwed in the m2 weight and it seemed to fit. If it fits, any reason it wouldn't work or would cause damage when hit?
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