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  1. So which wedge shafts are you going with to keep the spin down?
  2. We've all heard Rory say he can't draw the modern drivers as well any more. I hit a draw my whole life and still hit a draw with every club except driver which is cut/slice. This is not an unknown concept, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone explain why that is. What's the science behind this? I have a 430cc SLDR 9* that I actually have set to two clicks lower ie a few degrees open and I can turn that over. Every other driver I have had that are more recent, it's the fade....M1, M2, M3, SIM, SIM2....all fades. I swap out the head, put the SLDR on the same shaft with the same SW, again, a couple degrees open, and it's a nice draw and even some hooks. Can anyone explain?
  3. Hello friends: Two TaylorMade driver heads for sale today. First is a Tour Issue M1 430cc head 9.5*. I do not know specs but I weighed the head and it’s 194g. Very clean crown as the pics show. A could of small nicks on the underside of the toe that you can’t see from address. Headcover included but no tool. $180 shipped Next is a SIM2 9.0 head that has seen very little use and is in amazing shape. Head weighs 196g. No headcover or tool. $360 shipped No trades.
  4. Is the length on the santa fe 35"?
  5. First is a Ping 425 Max 9* driver head. The head is in great shape, weighs 202g and headcover is included. $old Next is a Ping 425 LST 9* driver head. The head is in great shape, weighs 203g and headcover is included. $old Also for sale is a Ping G425 15g driver weight. $20 shipped Next is a TaylorMade p790 UDI 2 driving iron with a project x hzrdus black 85g 6.0 shaft. The clubs plays 40". $old. Next is an Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball putter 34" Headcover included. $Sold. Next is a set of Dynamic Gold x100 shafts 4-p with Navy/Platinum Multicompound grips. Shaft bands have seen better days. The grips have see a season's worth of play. Uninstalled lengths below. $110 shipped: 4: 37.125 5: 36.625 6: 36.125 7: 35.625 8: 35.125 9: 34.625 pw: 34.25 Next is a set of Dynamic Gold x100 shafts that played soft stepped 1x in 3-pw, so they were originally 2-9: No shaft bands but you can verify these are x100 by the tip to the first step. Grips Golf Pride 2G standard with a couple extra wraps that have season over a season. Uninstalled lengths below. $old! 3: 37.875 4: 37.375 5: 36.875 6: 36.375 7: 35.875 8: 35.375 9: 34.875 pw: 34.625 Lastly is Srixon combo set of 785 4-9 and a 965 pw. These clubs have been gamed on and off for a few season. Please see the nick on the 4 iron from playing it as it lies. $400 shipped.
  6. Hello friends...looking for a trade rather than sale on this. Here is an amazing shape Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 34”. I just need more flow so I’d love to trade for a Select Newport 1.5 or 2.5 in 33-34” in black mist or silver mist. I could also be interested in studio style or studio stainless modelsbut not studio select or anything more recent than Select. Looking for very good shape. No headcover included. If I have to put a price, $300.
  7. Hello friends...a few items up for sale today. First is a TSi3 9* driver head that has been used for about a month. Crown is perfect. Driver is great shape. A few tee marks as you can see on the face. Headcover was not used and is mint. $old! Next is a Titleist 917F3 13.5* 3 wood head. Crown is mint on this one as well. F2 model just works better for me. Did not use the headcover on this one either and is mint. $100 shipped. Next are a couple of shafts. First is a Diamana DF 60TX. The shaft has not been tipped and measures 43 3/8" uninstalled without adapter. Excellent shape. $old. Next is the legendary Kuro Kage Dual Core XT 60TX. I'm not sure if the shaft has been tipped but would happily measure if you have a tip to graphic. The shaft measures 43.5" with a Titleist driver adapter. $125 shipped. Last is the Kuro Kage Dual Core XT 70TX with a Titleist fairway wood adapter. Again, not sure if the shaft has been tipped and it measures 42 5/8" uninstalled. $old. No trades at this time.
  8. We have the: Pro White TX Pro White 1K TX AV White TX AV White Proto 2.0 TX 'As I understand, the 1K and 2.0 are supposed to be more stable versions, but has anyone tested all four side by side to observe feel, launch, spin, dispersion, other? Not sure if anyone would have this, but would love to see a bend profile chart with all four.
  9. I’ve had very good numbers with the patriot 7x. Feels great as well. I was just hitting it last night on gc2 side by side against a kkdcxt 60tx. Yes, there is a weight difference in the shafts, but kkdcxt a fairly low spin shaft. Ball speed was the same, 163.9 for patriot vs 163.4 for KK. Launch was lower with the Patriot, 11.8 vs 13.1. Spin lower with patriot, 2060 vs 2360. Carry longer with patriot 284 vs 280. As noted it’s essentially the same stiffness in the handle as black and pretty much right between top stiffness between blue and black for a comparable flex, 7x. I threw in Ventus as well. Grants they are different profiles, from a measured stiffness perspective, patriot 7x and Ventus black 7x show similar numbers.
  10. A couple of items today. Not looking for any trades. First is a set of Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 4-9 iron in great shape. Uninstalled lengths below. Please notice the 5 iron is 0.75” longer than the 6 iron rather than the standard 0.5”. $135 shipped 4: 37.25” 5: 36.75” 6: 36.00” 7: 35.50” 8: 35.00” 9: 34.75” Next is a set of KBS Tour V 125S+ tour spec. These are the real deal tour spec versions of the Tour V shaft in great shape. The set is 4-pw. I will also throw in the uncut 3 iron shaft. Uninstalled lengths below. $160 shipped 4: 37.25” 5: 36.75” 6: 36.25” 7: 35.75” 8: 35.25” 9: 34.75” Pw: 34.50” Two used but not abused cobra adapters, one with a screw. Selling as a pair. $20 shipped Last but not least Ping G410 LST 9* driver in great shape with Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 6x. It plays 45.75” and swingweight is D4. Headcover is included but no tool. Head $old. Shaft only $125
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