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  1. I have said before that the straightness of a ball has more to do with the dimple design than the cover. I think the e12 is a very straight ball but not because the cover is surlyn. It replaced the tru feel for me at lower elevations because I hit my drives longer with it vs the tru feel.
  2. Don’t know if this was the course used when Jones had his perfect round of golf or the other 18 but watching this week makes his 66 that much more impressive. Never had to chip all day. I have come within one chip of that feat on one of my favorite course but missed out on the 18 th hole. Pretty rare.
  3. Go back and watch the tape. Faldo and Norman take nearly 7 minutes to hit their shots. Faldo switched between a wood and and iron multiple times.
  4. For me 1997 is a good line in the sand due to the smaller driver heads, less efficient balls, less efficient graphite shafts, and the fact the even high end golf had a fear factor which technology now has mostly erased. In ‘96 Norman and Faldo had the great decision to make in the 13th fairway at AGNC on their second shots. Now that shot is almost an afterthought unless your are in the needles. Tiger hit the ball in the middle of the face with his irons more than anyone so any tech that helped the iron misses hurt his advantage. The better graphite shafts and forgiving heads also hurt h
  5. CW seems to have an advantage when everyone else in the field is playing a course they rarely see. It seems to magnify his approach shot advantage and minimize his putting limits. He won this tourney with great iron play on a course that only rewarded length if you kept it out of the crop height rough. And his par saving putting was fantastic. He has addressed many of his weaknesses and like Rahm and Koepka keeps bringing it in big events. The next decade should be fun to watch in the majors.
  6. Match play is so different from stroke play that in some ways the standings can work against identifying your best players. But with more picks this year the captain will be held even more responsible for the result. the European team always finds a way to feel like an underdog. Just like BK always finds a way to play with a chip on his shoulder in majors. If I had to fill the spots I would pick the guys who were the best putters available. It should be fun.
  7. I agree on the e12. For me it has been a wonderful ball, especially in the wind.
  8. So I checked one stat out to verify what many here have believed all along, the tour encourages more aggressive play now than it did with the pre-computer tech equipment now available. Not saying it is good or bad but Bubba's idea that length is hated just doesn't seem to be valid. I looked up the average number of holes per eagle on tour going back as far as their public records. In the 80's it was on the order of 400-330 holes per eagle. The last 3 seasons it has been under 200 holes per eagle. So the fans used to see an eagles once every 18-22 rounds, now one every 11 rounds. Lots of r
  9. Storm319 is right. The titleist professional was the ball at the 99 Ryder cup. It was a wound ball with a more durable cover than balata. The next Ryder cup everyone had switched to the pro v.
  10. I always recommend people look at the 99 Ryder cup when it is shown. That was the last one where almost everyone used balata. Phil on the first hole, a 440 yd dog leg left hits driver and leaves 180 yds. He hits 4 iron from there. But if you watch his swings he is swinging in slow motion vs now. why? Because the fear of the balata curving into another zip code. Everything then was fear based because of the spinny golf ball. Now the tech has removed the fear. The result is bomb and gouge.
  11. Phil may be a good example on this subject. Because he did transform his body so he could maintain his club head speed. But just by maintaining his speed he gained distance with the newer tech which includes the track man devices. He also switched to the longest allowed driver length for the PGA. In my personal case I have not transformed my body unless you count my “covid” belly yet gained 10 to 15 yards with my driver by changing shafts.
  12. Bubba thinks golf course designers are mad at him. What does he want golf courses to be? A place where the longer you hit it the easier the game becomes? Well, thanks to modern engineering that is exactly what the game has become. The ball goes straighter and is more predictable than ever, the driver heads and shafts maximize distance while controlling dispersion. That has trickled down to the fairway, hybrids and irons. Yet these guys are mainly playing courses most weeks that are 1000 yards shorter relative to the guys who played in the days of wood, steel shafts and balatas. I say the
  13. I attended the '08 open and was plus 3 at the time. I thought my over under was 80, but if I hit only 3 fairways like BD there is no way I break 80. Some of the lies you get in the rough a regular player has never experienced. The course yesterday had something like 5 or 6 par 4's over 500 yards. So no, a 4 hcp player still struggled to shoot 44 on the back nine there. It is a really tough golf course.
  14. For awhile now I record and ff at the first speed for most of the coverage. I can follow every shot and putt. Only watch regular speed if there is something I want to see again. My wife wanted the sound on the last few holes. That was more than enough. The drones added a new dimension to the course vs previous viewings. Commentary is predictable and adds little. I get more from the post game on GC where they summarize the stats. The course setup allowed a bunched leader board of the front but once players had to hit into the wind on 11 and 12 the field started to separate. Gre
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