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  1. i should have qualified that statement about the driver saying it applies to the highly skilled player. The driver will always be harder for some to hit.
  2. I am one of those guys who has what I consider an inflated hdcp because I primarily play easier tracks and my two mens club events are on the same courses all the times. That being said there are some advantages to scoring on courses pros play in tourney conditions. The course conditions are usually very consistent and well conditioned. The speed of the greens are usually very similar from hole to hole. The bunkers are consistent, etc. So scoring shots on and around the green allow a skilled player to save shots. Obviously you still need to execute but consistent conditions allow you to take some of the guess work out. To me the fact that Lowe handled the weather so well says more about his game than whether Lake Nona was harder or easier than he is used to playing.
  3. In one generation the driver went from being the most challenging club to hit to the least challenging club to hit.
  4. I watched the DP tourney this week and Monty is right except when the wind blows. Then you have to hit real golf shots and not all the players can do that as well as one might think. Wind is the last defense for the modern guys. A lot has to do with the fact that they play courses too short for the length they hit the ball. Using the 36 times the length you hit your 5 iron rule I should play a course that is maybe 6200 yards but the pros should be playing over 8000 yards and they never do that. If you want to know what it is like to play a course too short for your length move up 1000 yards and hot driver all day and you will see you have wedges over half the time just like they do. That's why guys like Hatton believe every par 5 should be reachable.
  5. So far I like the weakening option as the maltby irons have pretty strong lofts. Next is the ball position issue. I am left eye dominant but play righty and tend to play everything too far forward including putts. That has always been a problem. Lastly the exercise…. as a true wrxer never sweat when you can buy more equipment to solve a problem!
  6. my shafts were kbs 90's in regular flex. for me it isn't the good swings that are the issue but the marginal ones. Graphite may be around the corner....
  7. Munichop here The last few years as I have aged and lost swing speed I have also noticed more issues when fatting my shots. As a result I have been trying to find an iron that offers forgiveness for my too steep swing and also gives me some workability. So far it seems I have to choose one or the other. I have tried various adams irons, titleist 804s and 704s,mx 23's, a maltby component, etc. The irons don't have to be forged as I play with low compression balls and vibration inserts in the shafts so that widens the options. I thought the maltby STi2's were going to work after last weekend when I had a bogey free 66 on saturday and hit 17 gir for a t first 68 in my old man's league on Sunday. But I chunked my way around with them yesterday on a course with soft turf and was left guessing again. Anybody know the unicorn club I am seeking?
  8. I was pleasantly surprised by Notah during the RC coverage that he called out Phil and Tiger and Furyk for their poor RC records and felt like the new generation didn't have the stink of getting beat by Europe so often. He will say a few things as an analyst that few others will. Once, when on a show with Chamblee he talked about how the equipment removed fear from the game for the best players in the world which he thought was not good for the game because without fear you can't have courage. I think he still has a measured tone overall. I like that he has an active presence in the junior ranks. As for this past event that course has to have wind to challenge those players. It was essentially a putting contest with whales.
  9. Played this ball yesterday again and was very happy with it. The 50 yard shot with this ball was surprisingly consistent for me the last 2 rounds which is one area the 2 piece balls sometimes suffer. Will hopefully settle on an iron set soon. This version of the ss is much improved over the early ones I played with a few years back.
  10. With the cooler weather here I tried the supersoft yesterday in my last mens club tourney of the year. I haven’t tried them in the last few years because the earlier versions felt too springy for me around the greens and I couldn’t control pitches well. The current version fixed that and I birdied the final two holes to win by one shot. The higher launch helped my driver carry distance and stopping irons on what were relatively firm greens. I used pro shop credit to get a dozen of them after the round. Good cold weather ball. A big improvement from earlier versions for me.
  11. She is the best analyst in sports IMO. Her concise diction and critical insights won’t be matched again while being one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.
  12. My wife and I saw that flop shot in person yesterday. As amazing as it was he had another on the par 5 7th hole that was a mini flop to get up and down for a birdie. His ability to gauge the effort needed and control the height of the shot is hard to fathom. The one on 12 was at about 50 yards over an olive tree, around a palm tree, over the 16th tee box and a greenside bunker with about 25 feet of green to work with. I didn't see either him or his brother pace it off- maybe they allow range finders but I didn't see that in use either. On 16 he hit a 54 yard pitch to 2 feet for birdie. I know they all practice these shots but when you see them in person the pros really hit some hard to believe efforts when the tourney is being decided.
  13. George Archer was asked after he won the masters if he was the best putter in the world because of his prowess that week at Augusta. He said he was only the 3rd best at his club. I agree putting is similar to free throw shooting in many ways. You develop a technique and ritual thru practice so you can repeat it under pressure but there is more to being a top basketball player than free throws just like there is more to golf than great putting.
  14. I agree with the confirmation bias. It works the other way too. Guys convince themselves a lower cost ball can’t be good. having played surlyn since 2015 and scored better with that kind of ball, then offering it to my friends who play pro v balls, they inevitably won’t play it. I also agree with the idea you should decide on one ball for awhile whatever it is and practice your short game with that ball, not range balls. I am amazed how many guys play urethane but warm up chipping range balls. They are the exact opposite characteristics around the greens.
  15. The quality control of various brands can be a concern but I don’t think it is something the consumer will ever get useful information on. However if a player thinks it matters then it matters because golf is such a confidence game. Just like the putting on the edge of a dimple that Bryson spoke about. what I have found is certain players are titleist guys no matter what. Other guys don’t care and chase balls on sale. I tend to pick a ball with a lower compression because I like how they feel then try to find one that behaves consistently around the greens for me. But the scorecard is the real test and i likely will never score as well as I did with the gamer soft which was a house brand from Dick’s. what I do is keep a ball as long as possible if I score well with it. If I have a bad 9 holes I will switch in case the ball is a lemon. I have had good luck with that approach.
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