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  1. She is the best analyst in sports IMO. Her concise diction and critical insights won’t be matched again while being one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.
  2. My wife and I saw that flop shot in person yesterday. As amazing as it was he had another on the par 5 7th hole that was a mini flop to get up and down for a birdie. His ability to gauge the effort needed and control the height of the shot is hard to fathom. The one on 12 was at about 50 yards over an olive tree, around a palm tree, over the 16th tee box and a greenside bunker with about 25 feet of green to work with. I didn't see either him or his brother pace it off- maybe they allow range finders but I didn't see that in use either. On 16 he hit a 54 yard pitch to 2 feet for birdie. I know they all practice these shots but when you see them in person the pros really hit some hard to believe efforts when the tourney is being decided.
  3. George Archer was asked after he won the masters if he was the best putter in the world because of his prowess that week at Augusta. He said he was only the 3rd best at his club. I agree putting is similar to free throw shooting in many ways. You develop a technique and ritual thru practice so you can repeat it under pressure but there is more to being a top basketball player than free throws just like there is more to golf than great putting.
  4. I agree with the confirmation bias. It works the other way too. Guys convince themselves a lower cost ball can’t be good. having played surlyn since 2015 and scored better with that kind of ball, then offering it to my friends who play pro v balls, they inevitably won’t play it. I also agree with the idea you should decide on one ball for awhile whatever it is and practice your short game with that ball, not range balls. I am amazed how many guys play urethane but warm up chipping range balls. They are the exact opposite characteristics around the greens.
  5. The quality control of various brands can be a concern but I don’t think it is something the consumer will ever get useful information on. However if a player thinks it matters then it matters because golf is such a confidence game. Just like the putting on the edge of a dimple that Bryson spoke about. what I have found is certain players are titleist guys no matter what. Other guys don’t care and chase balls on sale. I tend to pick a ball with a lower compression because I like how they feel then try to find one that behaves consistently around the greens for me. But the scorecard is the real test and i likely will never score as well as I did with the gamer soft which was a house brand from Dick’s. what I do is keep a ball as long as possible if I score well with it. If I have a bad 9 holes I will switch in case the ball is a lemon. I have had good luck with that approach.
  6. i thought it was common knowledge that Langer was one of the slowest golfers out there. Even Billy Ray mentioned that he is on the clock a lot. The reality is the governing bodies don't enforce the pace rules the way they do other rules. Either the rules are poorly written or they don't enforce them. How else do you get such slow rounds?
  7. For years analysts said the long putter wouldn’t turn a bad putter into a great one. Well yesterday the crew pointed out Langer leads their tour in one of the putting categories. In answer to the question if you move him back to average as a putter on that tour he doesn’t win at all. What he has done is amazing. Sadly as a golf fan the fact that he can play so slow and never be penalized and putt the way he does within the rules says more about the governing bodies willingness to have rules that are clear, concise and enforced equitably.
  8. The governing bodies got out engineered over 30 years ago and now are parsing regulations to go back to the future. This approach will lead to a deadened ball down the road after the groove debacle, anchoring and the max driver length.. So the local rule or conditions of competition will be their preferred method to skew the skill sets at the highest level back to where they want them, all while appeasing manufacturers for the everyday players. They realize they have loads the war, they just want to win a few battles going forward so they can claim some relevance.
  9. There was a ball maker a few years back that had 4 flat spots in the caver so if you put the ball down you could align the flat sot for the strike on a putt. Sadly the rest of the ball didn’t perform that well.
  10. played the e12 contact in my final mens club event of the bermuda season yesterday-so pretty firm greens- never had to fix a ball mark. The ball was consistent all day, releasing 15-20 feet, chipping as well was very consistent. The result was a bogey free 66 on a par 72 and 2 skins. great ball!
  11. Years ago callaway had a “red” version and a “blue” version of one of their balls. For whatever reason they had pretty sharp hex dimple edges and I was convinced it hurt me on short putts; so much so I stopped using them. in the same way when you had to leave the pin in during covid I was fine until I started missing short putts so I couldn’t wait to take the pin out on putts inside 10 feet. the point is if you think it matters then it matters. my solution to many of these issues is to buy another putter… I am on a good streak currently with a 10 dollar component confidence putter. This putter head was in my garage for 2 years waiting to be discovered. Golf and especially putting is a mystery.
  12. If tv viewership was indicative of participation all kinds of people would be playing football. Golf on tv is a show, rounds played at a course are participation. The two are not directly related. I still meet people who will only watch tv golf if Tiger is playing.
  13. Billy Mayfair comes to mind. Another really good ball striker who would have won more if he could putt just average. As for our world I have kept my stats for over 20 years and you have to hit a lot of greens to consistently score well. The really good rounds are when you do both. You can't shoot in the 60's very often if you aren't hitting at least 13 gir and having less than 30 putts. Check out the LPGA stats - they are the same way but the top players hit even more greens.
  14. I think this shows the difference between golf and other sports. In other team sports the fans are WAY more demonstrable in their feelings towards the away team. For all the talk about the RC being so great for these guys to play on a team a lot of them are taken aback when they actually experience it.
  15. update on the soft fli. 5 full rounds, 2 in the Valley of the Sun, 3 at altitude 5000 ft. -13 during that stretch with a bogey free 67 in the middle of it. 69 of 80 gir, only 4 total bogeys. Had a stretch of 46 holes without a bogey during which I was -11. Reminds me of the tru feel but a little more shapeable side to side. Very durable. Went back and bought 2 doz for 35. Today was a real tell- poor with my irons most of the day hit only 9 greens and short sided myself a lot; didn't matter, had 24 putts and shot three under 68, 4 birdies and a bogey. Very happy with this ball so far.
  16. Laura Davies had some good insight on the team stuff in solheim cups. She said the players were asked who they did not want to play with first so the captain can use that to help with pairings. A smart leader with one question gets huge insight into the player and the team. I bet stricken did something similar. After all he got to pick half the team.
  17. The US team usually has plenty of players to pick from. That is why guys like NA get to watch like the rest of us. PR does not have a good reputation and is likely a polarizing figure to a lot of his peers, so he gets to watch too.
  18. i think it is all relative. On the greens those guys play, reading books, practice rounds etc. it is more gamesmanship than anything. And all the guys that took offence used it to motivate them to winning. Years ago CHIII gave Tiger a 3 footer in Tucson and the announcers went nuts. After CHIII won they asked him about it and he said he didn't want to piss Tiger off. He is right. These are the top dogs of their sport putting on perfect surfaces. The ring of friendship should be wider not smaller than our crappy outings with our buddies.
  19. rory tried to get longer last year due to BD, well documented.
  20. Regarding giving short putts, maybe if your opponent has won a major you shouldn’t piss him off by making him putt a kick in. JT, Bryson, and Lowry all used it to fuel their fire and they all won their match. And do you really want to win a hole because a gust of wind made a 2 ft putt miss?
  21. Cantlay may be right from stat point of view but when you look at the matches that are decided on 18 for the US in Solheim and Ryder Cups the US does not win their share. That is more than randomness. Again and again the US relies on players based on how they play stroke play events. Europe relies on guys who can win MATCH PLAY matches. They are different things - just ask MONTY and POULTER.
  22. I agree on the PGA of America just chasing the dollars. Remember the PGA of America controls the cup in the US. The European Tour controls the cup in Europe. They pick sites that give them them best chance to win. The US picks sites that give them the best chance to make money.
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