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  1. Looking for one that doesn’t look dragged across the pavement, ha ha. Most definitely needs the long grey spider grip. Pm me with pictures and price please. Thank you!
  2. Just saw it at GG and was rolling the 1w beautifully. I had to look it up and found this thread. Great write up. Really had me star struck with how great it felt for a $150 putter. Looking for coupons right now to purchase.
  3. Replaced with an M3 3 wood with the standard stiff Tensei blue. I had the original RBZ (green) 3 wood with an x stiff off the van shaft and man, biggest regret of my life. The RBZ stage 2 has been awesome to me, but wanted to give the M3 a go after hitting It so well on vacation (rental). On the monitor I actually hit the RBZ further, but the m3 was more accurate.
  4. not too sure about the font, but had the tour models a few years ago and they are crisp and give a great feeling off the face. Carbon heads, just all around stellar clubs in my opinion.
  5. Hey guys! A couple things to lighten the herd, NO TRADES PLEASE. UNITED Sbb1 3-P. $SOLD Shipped Purchased these last week thinking USPS lost my package coming from Great Britain... lo and behold a month and a half later the Mizzie's show up the SAME day these do. No rounds from my end, guy said he used them sparsely (said he couldn't hit a blade), so still pretty nice and shiny. S300's (no shaft bands), iguana grips. RBZ 3 WOOD Tour $40 shipped This has been my saving grace, green in 2 FINDER. Matrix Stiff flex, Cut down 2 inches, lead tape added to counter balance. No headcover.
  6. Boris the blade, that’s a dope photo for the iron reference. Ha ha. I’m sure you bend the irons, they are soft so I don’t see why not. the Sbb1’s are beautiful. I had the tour and regret selling them. Now I really want the satin but can’t find them. Crazy what a bargain they are.
  7. All are OBRO, and found exactly what I was looking for, probably a long shot, but looking for Ballistic MB’s 4 or 5 thru P. First up is my biggest regret. I just cannot putt with a blade, as much as I've tried. 1) Bastain Milled Blade @ 34.5 in with a Ping grip, no headcover. Sold OBO Shipped Putter is in great condition, minus a little brush and rust marks that I did my best to capture. Beautiful putter that gives off an excellent click. 2) Spider X Chalk @ 34 in with a TM Pistol grip and prior year Spider X Headcover $SOLD OBO Shipped Putter looks new, slapped the pistol grip on a c
  8. Hey guys, shaft is the standard Fuji Pro 6s (67 grams). There is a little Mark by the hosel. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, as well as the scratches across the bottom. Here’s some extra pics I took.
  9. Hey Guys, First time seller, Club ho since joining. Clearing out my bad decisions to get ready for next year. No Trades please. Need to fund the fitting that'll promise wistful grandeur. All prices are Best Reasonable Offer. - P7TW : Played one round. DG S400's, Lamkin Crosslines, and the TW Box. Played 1 round, slight marks from bag chatter, tried to capture as best as I could. $SOLD - M5 10.5 Driver : Fuji Pro 2.0 Stiff shaft. Scratches on bottom from a thoughtless mistake. Crown and face are mint. Head cover included. $SOLD - Odyssey R Line 34" (Tour issue extend
  10. Thanks for the post! I am about to sell mine and didn’t know if The guy Who sold it to me was for real about it being Tour issue. I really like it but wanted to give a blade one more go. Thanks again!
  11. Bought a Rogue with the perfect shaft. Only had one range session and noticed a crack towards the bottom of the face that I can skim my nail through. Well, back to Edwin Watts... sucks because I really thought that this driver was going to be in the bag for a while.
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