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  1. I finally made it out to Mecca Bandon for the first time last week. It was a VERY last-minute quick-trip (I booked my room and tee times about 3 hours before I arrived - lol). I drove in on Tuesday and had a couple hours to check-in, hit the practice center, and grab a bite to eat before playing the Preserve as my "warm-up round". I love a good short course, and this was BY FAR the best par-3 track I've ever played. I'm not saying I'd take a road-trip JUST to play the short course again, but if I were driving down to Cali for some other reason, I'd almost certainly make a detour for it. On Wed
  2. I just went to the site and saw the matte black version. I don't need a new putter shaft. I don't even really want a new putter shaft. I sincerely hope that it sells out before my poor impulse control gets the better of me, cause otherwise I'm buying one. Seriously though; What's the opinion of some people who were already strong putters. I genuinely feel like putting is the best part of my game. A 3-putt is rare for me, and basically never inside 35 feet or so. I average 30-32 putts per round and truly can't remember the last time I had 36. That's not to say I'm a great putter, b
  3. I'm personally MUCH more interested in what lidar can do to improve green reading apps. I've played around with it just for a moment, and it accurately maps surfaces instantly. Theoretically, it's sophisticated enough that you should be able to stand behind your ball, and get a nearly instant putting line in AR. Whoever makes it could even add a feature where you film a couple of putts on the practice green beforehand to calibrate the stimp that day. Obviously it would never be allowed outside of casual rounds, but as a training tool it could be invaluable. As to utilizing it as a
  4. So, with the addition of a Lidar sensor on the new iPhone 12 Pro, how long till we see devs utilizing it for golf apps? The most obvious use would be as a fairly advanced green reading tool. The AR apps that are out now should be kicked into high-gear, right? I don't know much about the technical specs, but with the combo of higher resolution camera, faster processor, and lidar, could we finally see some sort of half-way decent launch monitor app? I'm overdue for a phone upgrade anyway, so I was already planning on buying one, but the idea of shiny new golf apps has me somewhat excited.
  5. I've had my S1 on for a year now. I love it, but I am disappointed that the plastic bit a the top cracked on both sides on mine, and the weight system won't stay in without me wrapping some tape around it. I'm gonna buy another one pretty soon, but with the season coming to an end, I'm not in any rush. It's an awesome grip though, so if you're on the fence about trying one, I say go for it.
  6. I bought some matte black Volviks a couple of years ago. I knew they'd be silly, and I really only bought them to mess with people. Still, I figured I should at least give them a chance, so I played a 9-hole par-3 course using only a black ball. They. Are. IMPOSSIBLE. To See. You'd think you would be able to see it in the air... Nope. As soon as it leaves the club-face, it's gone. On the 7th hole, I missed a green by about 6 feet, in the rough. The grass wasn't even that deep, and I was fairly certain of where it had landed. When I walked up there it was unfindable. I went over every patch of
  7. I've had the S1 on my gamer since last September. I love it and plan to buy another one when it comes time to replace mine. There are only two things keeping it from being totally perfect. First, I wish it was just a tiny bit firmer. It feels nice, but it's so soft that it occasionally feels like it's twisting. When I eventually replace it, I will ask the installer to use more tape on the next one, which may be all it really needs. We'll see... Second, the plastic at the ends is kinda flimsy and the butt end of mine cracked as soon as I screwed in the SAW weights for the first time. The c
  8. I finally made the switch to Arccos in December. I've only been able to log nine rounds since then, but it's painfully obvious how much time I wasted with GameGolf. If they are finally out of business... Good riddance.
  9. I have a Machine M2 and a zero offset flow neck that sets up nearly identical to center-shafted. If you adjust the weight towards the toe, it has the hang you're looking for. I might be down to sell it, so PM me if you want. https://i.imgur.com/bGKv8eL.jpg
  10. Sort of... My gamer is a carbon Machine M20 with a black oxide finish. I also have a stainless Machine M2. I adjusted the weight of the M2 head to perfectly match the M20 head, and I bring it with me whenever I play. If I get to the course and they've sanded the greens, I simply swap out the heads. It takes about 30 seconds, and I don't care how nerdy I look doing it. I spent a lot on my M20 and I fully intend to keep it looking like new. I've probably only had to swap the heads 6 or 7 time in the last 2 1/2 years, but I like that I have the option to do so.
  11. NoCaution

    Putting Mat

    I'm all-in on PuttOut products! I've had the OG PuttOut since it was released 4 years ago, the Mat since it was released, and I finally pulled the trigger on the mirror last week. I also have a second PuttOut hole to keep in my bag. I firmly believe that the PuttOut is the best training aid money can buy. Side note... Every time this question comes up, I like to share my favorite drill: Start at the 6-foot mark and try to make a "perfect putt" (for those not in the know, it's when the ball hits the ramp with perfect speed and stops in the hole half-way up). Then, you simply try to hit perf
  12. I LOVE my Machine putters and the prospect of the company getting up and running again thrills me. I've acquired two putters from eBay, some extra parts from someone here, and a "custom" M20 a couple of years ago through Travis. The custom job was a NIGHTMARE, and all I wanted was for the finish to be re-done. They didn't have to adjust it, add sightlines or anything, and it still took nearly 3-months to get _most_ of what I paid for (after I was quoted two weeks). I never received the correct weights or hardware, and I finally gave up trying to get it all. A full year after, I made a comme
  13. I'm at 18+ months with my P790s, and I have zero interest in switching. I suppose if I woke up tomorrow with unlimited money in the bank, I'd probably just buy a newer set of my exact irons. Not like I need them though; Mine have held up great though 60+ rounds.
  14. Sooooo.... GG sent a reply to my email from Monday. My message to them specifically called out the fact that a third of my tags were broken/dead, along with numerous other issues, including the missing round. Their response to my many complaints?... "We had a server issue... It should be working now." LOL - They totally ignored the fact that I said my tags were dead, or that GPS was getting more spotty by the day, or that their website has gone down completely a bunch of times recently. No offer to make anything right. No suggestions on how to recover the missing data. Not even an effort to so
  15. Whelp, it finally happened. The proverbial last straw finally dropped. I'm officially DONE with Game Golf. If you look back at my previous posts, you'll see that I went through the same hell everyone did setting this stupid thing up, before actually getting it to work OK for a while. Over the last 30 rounds and nearly 8 months of using GG Pro, I've watched the performance of both the product and the company slowly dwindle to almost totally useless levels. A solid third of my tags have stopped working completely, the website has gone down repeatedly, GPS has become so spotty that I end up d
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