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  1. I'd suggest changing your approach. Stop trying to break 80... try shooting 72 and analyse why 72 isnt happening. Once you know why, work on that/those reasons.
  2. Hit the 410 vs 400max, same shaft side by side on Trackman today. Final results similar, but how they got there was not. 410 club head speed was consistently 2mph faster, but smash factor was consistently .04 lower, producing very similar ball speeds to 400max. Clearly I need to work on my swing, as I'd love to take advantage of the extra club head speed, but until then, I'd be sticking with my max. Note: beyond the same shaft in max as 410, I had others and swing speed with max was consistent, so I'm fairly confident it's the head.
  3. Thanks, might need to go that route, but was wondering if there are any sub $50, just in case the performance part was more head based. Also interested in just learning more about what shafts have a similar profile (which isnt clear from my original request).
  4. Hello all, I'm looking to test my G400max side by side vs the g410 with the evenflow black 75 6.0 (as this was best feeling, performing shaft in the g410), so looking to put a tip on something similar in weight & profile. Thoughts on lower cost alternatives for a quick test? Thanks in advance.
  5. A few ideas to try, without changing swing.... Lower tee height Move ball forward in stance Increase shoulder tilt a bit
  6. While repositioning the grip multiple times to find a best position is not very practical for those without the home capability (where I believe everyone on wrx should be able to do this!), repositioning of your grip on the grip can provide different face angles. Suggest testing slight rotations of hands relative to grip and each other.
  7. I've heard the difference between the g400 lst and g400 is about 300rpm. In your case, without the tungsten weight, it's not a g400, but would think it would be in a similar ballpark.
  8. I chased the thought that heavier was better for a while, but through mere chance tried a putter in the 330g range and found better distance control. Through quite a bit of testing, found 340g work best for me (@ 34").
  9. Not sure what you are looking for different from the cs 7 Odyssey in the pic, but I went to a custom to get exactly what I wanted.
  10. There are the general rules, then what works best for each individual. I'd suggest trying different weight putters to see what difference it makes for you. As far a test putter, one with interchangable weights in the head and a counter core type grip should allow you to test different weight combinations without changing other variables. Find the combo of head and grip weight that works best for you, then it's all about practice.
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