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  1. What steel are you comparing/have? Steel isn't as stiff as many graphite shafts and you likely need a heavy graphite that fits your profile. MMT 80x could be ideal shift from steel played at 44.5. That profile is similar to steel but tighter. The lighter 70 and 60 in x and tx are to big a jump from steel imo. Good luck
  2. Agreed with above. Modus 130 from px is easiest transition with both having firm handles vs softer dg butt. I'm currently in SPB hs and nippons are still on my mind and in house. Testing tour v 125 next - Phil's tour irons shaft next vs SPB hs
  3. Wow, great comparison! It's like same but different. Visually which do you prefer? I like the zx but it's close....
  4. Ok shape or better, for shaft project I'm getting #s on. Prefer a set like 785 etc but very flexible
  5. I'm already below priced there and I eat shipping, unfortunately I can't go below trade in values. If you look around at all I thin I'm really fair priced and the combo is great
  6. Callaway Mav sub zero 15deg head only. Love this head, fast ballspeed and forgiving but spin was too low for my chosen shaft. (Forgive the lead tap residue, ill clean it) Sold Callaway X forged Utility 18deg with nippon modus 105x tipped 1 inch. Tipping brought spin down a bit but still true to flex unlike graphite shaft. Sold
  7. I just tested an MMT 60tx (70g) against my ventus 7x black. I've also hit the MMT 70x and will touch on that also. I'm a 0 cap heavy loader from the top 120ss currently play ventus 7x First off, the 70mmt X from cally in my epic LS was a little soft for me. Great shaft for up to 115 if smooth but untipped it felt a little loose for me. Ventus 7x is the straightest shaft I've yet tested. Mic drop straight, never question if it dates chick's straight and strong. The only thing I've found is it flies a tad lower than I want. Enter the mmt 60tx, very tight with a firm handle which is a must for me. What I like about it is the overall profile is much stiffer than the 70x and the flight was almost 20 ft higher peak than the ventus 7x black. Spin with the ventus was 2180 and 2330 with the 60tx mmt. Not as much roll but I like my yards in the air. 11 more carry yards with MMT and it kept up with heavy swings as well. Not as straight as ventus but definitely NOT wild at all. This is a must try shaft for faster guys looking for a tight shaft with a little mid flight air time
  8. Hmm, 1 round? What didn't you like about them that's a very specific set up
  9. Ventus black 7x. Made my strength a steroid boosted cheat code.
  10. I see, so softer like nippon for an x and midflight. Ok, considering
  11. What are shafts compared to? Iron specs stnd?
  12. SOME SPEC REQUESTS the mamba is legendary if you find the threads on here. Also doesn't disappoint for performance - 66g 2.8t and .335 The Phen'd is very similar to the mamba but 75g 2.9t and .335 A little higher flight and not quite as firm in the butt although both are classified as low low
  13. Aldila Black mamba 60tx driver shaft in great shape 43.25 with Callaway tip played just under 45. Low spin rare Lazer maker - SOLD Aldila Phened prototype 70 tx. Low spin Low launch fantastic proto of the blk mamba played 45.25 in my Mizuno - SOLD New pull from Cally LS mitsubishi MMT 70x plays 45.5 - SOLD 2 brand new pull 2021 PX UTILITY specified shafts. Not many out there. Pulled from New 21deg cally utility irons 38.5in. 50 shipped each 80 for pair Ask any questions. Only trade interests are heavy x or stiffer fairway shafts and please ask any questions
  14. Heads only interest here, those shafts are...personal preference..
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