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  1. I too would like to see Romo in a golf broadcast. Might be really good seeing him follow a featured group.
  2. Came here searching with the same problem, and I think this is definitely going to help me. Thanks. *Edited to add video URL.
  3. I'm 33 and have been using one for most of my rounds for about the last three years. I enjoy walking the course very much, but chronic back pain just doesn't allow me to carry and still be functional the following evening and day. My push cart is the CaddyTek that sells for around $80 on Amazon, or it did back when I bought it. When it finally wears out, I think I will go for something that really folds down small. The only gripe I have about my push cart is that it just doesn't get quite small enough to not be a nuisance in my small suv.
  4. Wow! How awesome and caught on tape. I'm still waiting for one after playing on and off for twenty years!
  5. Two putters left. Closing ad this evening, and moving them to eBay as I have other stuff I need to list in classifieds.
  6. All prices include shipping within the lower 48. I'm not interested in international shipping. We can discuss a price for shipping to Hawaii or Alaska in a pm. I will not include a rating on the items. Hopefully the pictures are able to relay their condition. With that said, I will say that all items are most certainly used and some gamed quite heavily. If you need more photos of an item I will be glad to take more at my convenience. PayPal or the Cash App from Square are acceptable forms of payment. All prices are OBRO. Aside from a rough measurement of putter length I have no actu
  7. I watched last night and really enjoyed the format. That "Knockout" hole is pretty neat considering how short it is. Not a format I'd want to see every week, but once a year is good.
  8. Did you prep the surface, or just apply directly over the original finish? Is it just the lighting or is the carbon fiber also sprayed with the matte paint? Looks nice, I like matte finishes.
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