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  1. I think this is the direction I was ultimately going to end up taking, but there was that little voice saying that I could totally handle the X without a problem.
  2. Been debating this in my head for a couple days and thought I'd ask here so I can give myself a break from it (boredom is killing me). I was fitted for a Tour AD XC S flex for my driver. I'm on an eternal quest for a 3 wood, and part of that quest is finding the perfect shaft. I found a decent deal for a Tour AD BB, but it's a 7X, as opposed to S. I was wondering if I could get away with using it untipped in my 3 wood, or if I'll end up regretting not getting it in S flex instead. Driver SS is 106, and my miss is typically left (either a voluptuous draw, o
  3. Just bought an 8*, so I don't need this one any longer. Head only, no cover. There's a couple of scratches on the top line from accidentally knocking it with another club. Also two very small nicks out near the toe. None of these are very visible at address. Good condition otherwise. Price is $old obo. Includes shipping. PM with any offers or questions.
  4. Selling my Rapsodo MLM. I bought this lightly used a couple weeks ago because Rapsodo's website stated there would be an android app by years end. There's still no android app, so I've decided to move on and get a Flightscope Mevo instead. Comes with the charging cable and original packaging. Only trade interest is for the aforementioned Flightscope Mevo. Price is $315 shipped.
  5. Update: I got in touch with them. They didn't have the 52 I ordered, but they had a 50. Not a big deal since that fit my gaps better. They arrived today. I ordered them in "good" condition, and I have to admit, they were much better than I expected.
  6. I ordered 3 MD5 Raw wedges on Friday and just got an email today saying that one of the clubs was inventoried incorrectly and isn't available. Apparently there isn't a "suitable" replacement, either. The email said to call them, but it was sent 20 minutes after they closed. I'm a little disappointed to say the least
  7. Looking to sell my Studio Stock 8. In overall very good condition with just a tiny bit of wear out on the toe from the headcover. Cut to 33", but is currently ungripped (I have the original grip) so it can be extended easily. It was originally 34". Comes with a headcover. Price is $200 shipped OBO. Please add $5 if you live on the east or west coasts. No trades.
  8. Selling a couple more items. Prices include shipping and are OBO. I have plenty of photos if you need additional, I just uploaded a handful. Cash is preferred, but I may be willing to trade toward a Gapr Lo, M5 3 wood head, or an M6 Driver head. I previously had just short of 300 positive feedback here. Please PM with offers or questions. Original Apex MB 7 - PW heads. Still a ton of life left in these. Only used on the course, avoiding our sandy range. $140 712U 3 and 4 heads. 4 has more face wear, 3 has sole dings. Still one of the best driving irons
  9. > @benrd5420 said: > Any interest in a driver trade for a Cobra F9 (white) with the weight set and a Tensei Orange stiff shaft? > I'm pretty dead set on an M6. Thanks though!
  10. Wanting to switch up the bag some. Prices are OBO. I had close to 300 positive feedback transactions, with no negatives prior to the changeover. Trade interests are an M6 9° driver (HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 a plus), M5 3 wood (also a plus with HZDRUS Smoke), a Gapr Lo 2 or 3 S flex KBS 80, or a set of Modus 120 S shafts. Please PM with questions or offers. Prices include shipping and fees. 1) Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9° w/ Tensei Blue S. Used for about 10 rounds and a couple of range sessions. Shaft doesn't have a grip currently. The shaft in the picture is an S+, which I'm keeping. The
  11. Selling my Birdie Ball putting green. Bought it for myself a couple years ago, but haven't used it much. Measures 4 x 10 (1/2 thick), and I believe it's the fastest model (I can't remember for sure). Comes with all of the accessories pictured. Local pickup in the Kansas City metro, unless you're willing to pay the arm and leg UPS will likely charge to ship it. Looking for $old
  12. Not much more than what the title says. Shipping cost included. Prices are OBO. No trades, please. First is the EvenFlow Blue 75 driver shaft from my Rogue SZ. Stiff flex, 44.5" with the adaptor. Maybe took 15 swings with it. $80 Next is my 64° PM Grind head. Bought it used, used it 2 or 3 times. $45 Last, but not least is my J33r 460 9.5° head. In great shape for its age. Looks like there are a couple of epoxy fingerprints on it, and one high ball mark, but really nice otherwise. Original head cover included. $45
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