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  1. Hey everyone! I have a set of Cobra Forged Tec/Forged Tour Combo Set. The 3 & 4 are Forged Tec and the Forged Tour 5-PW. They are +.5" aka 7 iron measures 37.5" and 2* up except the 3 iron which is at cobra standard lie. The 3 & 4 iron lofts have been weakened to match the loft of the forged tours. The clubs were used for about 20 rounds so are still in great shape as seen by the images. They also have midsize z-cord grips. These are great clubs but I got fit into different shafts recently. Also, there is a great back story to these for whoever ends up taking them home.
  2. Tried this one out and just wasn't the one for me. Good shape with a midsize tour wrap grip. No tipping and measures 44" from tip to end of grip. Has a cobra adapter. SOLD
  3. Moving soon so trying to thin out the heard of shirts I just don't wear. Both shirts are in good shape and have been worn maybe twice each. Master's shirt is a Medium that fits closer to a large. The Oakmont shirt is a Large. Both fit about the same. Masters - SOLD Oakmont - SOLD
  4. Looking to move out some old equipment so I have a Cobra F8+ head in really good condition today. Has a small scratch on the top behind the hosel that I tried to show in the image but is pretty much unnoticeable unless you know where to look. Does not have a head cover but will be very well protected when shipped. Sold
  5. The title says it all. A Cobra F9 Tour 13.5* Fairway Wood w/ Tour AD-DI 8X that measures 42.5" and used for about 20 rounds. Includes original head cover and can include a brand new midsize z-cord or lampkin crossline grip if you would like one. Asking $215
  6. A pair of gray and navy UA Showdown pants. Both are 34x34. The gray pair was worn 3 times and the navy pair was worn once. Not sure why the tags are different. They were both ordered at the same time. These are more of a straight cut and I prefer a taper so just not my style. Both $100 shipped Individually $55 shipped
  7. I got these as a gift but never wear them. Have other pairs I like more. These were worn maybe once or twice. Other than that they have stayed in their case. Comes with case and sleeve. Asking $150
  8. Both items are in good condition. If you need anymore photos please just let me know. Tried both and just couldn't beat out what I have already. M5 9* - there is a slight scratch on the side of the club. Show in images. Does not affect anything - SOLD Graphite Design BB6x - Has Taylormade tip and measures 43.5". - SOLD
  9. Just some clothes that I have never used or rarely used and don't need. If you have any questions about anything just let me know! Will do deals if you are interested in more than one thing. Greyson shorts - SOLD (worn once) Size 34 Bonobos Lightweight pants - $30 (worn twice) Size 33x34 - Athletic fit Second close up picture is a better representation of the color Stitch shirts - ALL SOLD (all have never been worn) All are size Medium
  10. I ordered these up wanting to test out some new shafts and they just were not the ones for me. The 54 was hit around a dozen times, 50 around 5 times, and the 60 3 times. All come with C-taper 120s shafts and lamkin crossline cord grips with 1 extra wrap of tape under them. All 3 are cobra standard length. The 50 is standard lie and 54/60 are both 1 degree flat. All 3 - $315 shipped $120 per club
  11. First up is an Evenflow White T-1100 X flex 3 wood shaft. This came directly from Cobra and was only used for 1 round before I had it pulled. SOLD Next up is a Speeder 757 x flex Driver shaft. Has a Taylormade TP adapter. It does need a new grip. Length is 43.75" - $60 OBO Finally I have a few Stitch head covers that a friend from Stitch gave to me. Two driver head covers and two 3 wood head covers - SOLD
  12. I have a like new Wellputt mat that I no longer have use for. It is in great condition and has not gotten much use. It will come in the original box, which for some reason is the 13 ft mat box, that I got it in from Rock Bottom Golf. Comes with original training book and srixon golf balls. Looking for $100 OBO
  13. I have 2 wedges that I put Nippon 115 wedge shafts in and did not like them, so instead of buying new shafts again I am just getting new wedges. The first is a Taylormade Milled Grind 54* SB 11. It measures 35.75" and has a brand new MCC Plus 4 midsize grip. The second is a Ping Glide 2.0 58* SS 10. It also measure 35.75" and also has a brand new MCC Plus 4 midsize grip. As I said both has Nippon 115 wedge shafts in them that were professional installed. Both have been used, but have life left in them! The 54 has lead tape on it to get the swing weight up to D5. Asking $50 a piece or $90 for
  14. I love this drive but just recently found one that helps keep my ball flight down a little more. It is a 9* head that is turned down to 8* and has a brand new MCC plus 4 midsize grip. I will also include a heavier ping weight that will get the SW up to D4. The current weight that it has in it with the MCC grip has it playing at a D1. The driver is 45" and includes a stitch head cover. Asking $155 OBO
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